POLLS AND PROPAGANDA: Curious Case of Political Systems.

Most polls tell us nothing but how well or poorly global propaganda works. The same applies to polls about goodness or evil  of particular system of political economy.

The wise words of false dichotomy between socialism and capitalism were turned, by global propaganda machine, into meaningless newspeak causing complete confusion among populace. That’s what bothers me most.

Adam Smith saw it clearly that theoretical economic system, he described in his book, did not exist in England nor anywhere else at that time. Instead, mercantile, state sponsored/connected oligarchy rained supreme. From there state intervention only got worse.

Similarly, Rosa Luxemburg, theoretician of socialism, some 150 years later complained that what Lenin and his revolutionary social-democrats wanted to established was not a socialism at all. It must have been something to it because, she and her friend, also theoretician of socialism, Karl Liebknecht were denounced by their political “friends”, arrested by police and shut dead in Berlin in 1919.

So it looks like people really do not know what socialism or capitalism is since none of them were ever implemented within existing societies. So polling about non-existent systems is completely irrelevant and constitute a check, on effectiveness of laundry detergent in the process of global brainwashing.

Come to think about it, Lenin ideas were exactly up the alley of our central bank reds. He envisioned transition from political system of private tyranny delegated to the state into strait fusion of crooks and oligarch into fabric of the state, epitomized by abstract concept of supreme leader e.g. Soviet Union.

What was surprise that it turned out that historically highest growth rates were achieved by these nameless but uncannily similar economic systems in which more tyranny always translated into more growth. Even during WWII, with no free trade rules but economic blockades instead, world trade flourished and growth continued despite food, fuel rationing and severe limits of civil/human rights, individual economic activity, including coercion of financial and commodity markets. And it applied to US as well to Soviets.

After war if there was a race between east and west it was the race to the same end. More fusion between capital and the state. And sadly, we have to admit that Soviets were more then 30 years ahead of us. It was in early seventies of last century when central bank of USSR began unprecedented bailout of inefficient soviet industry, by means of what we would have called ZIR corporate bond buying spree under name of specific economic development decrees.

It turned out that soviet military- industrial complex, which wasted hundreds of billions of rubles on fantastic machines of doom (reminder: 1 dollar = 0.8 Rubel back then), was shockingly too big to fail. Nobody asked soviet people about this, like nobody asked us whether we like to pump 17 trillion dollars into fat throats of nowadays global oligarchs including MIC. Back then, narcissistic economists, in fear of losing their jobs or head, proclaimed that nothing wrong would happen and that this is unique soviet way to brighter future for everyone, for millennia of Soviet world supremacy to come. The 20 years later Soviet Union was no more.

I bet those economists who survived, change of costumes in 1990-ties, all have jobs in prime US banking institutions, preaching the same crap to the deaf choir of zombified Americans while country is being robed at scale no more unprecedented since it already happened almost at that same scale in last years of Soviet Union.

One interesting note at the end.

Very little known Philosphical History theory of “Convergence of Political Systems” was floating in the middle of last century seemingly indicating that political systems of USA and Soviets would eventually merge into something new but different from what it was before. Of course, it met devastating criticism from American as well as Soviet economists and philosophers, who called it utter non-sense adding that their respective systems will thrive in unchanged perfection for millennia, signifying the End of History.

Ironically, while, USSR is gone, here, we have practically, banking monopoly, industrial monopoly, communications monopoly, massive surveillance, synthetic candidates and farcical elections, fake choices, fake jobs, fake retirement, fake healthcare, exhausted resources, astronomic debt never to be repaid, eternal ZIRP for few, massive monopolistic propaganda, state lawlessness, no Habeas Corpus, militarized police force, foreign wars (Afganistan), torture, legal kidnapping, murder and unlimited detention for mysterious enemies of the system. Should I go on ? It sounds like Soviet Union to me, except for Kim Kardashian butt. They missed that.

I also think that, those pathetic philosophers also were wrong. The “Theory of Convergence” was a crap. The fact is that there was no converging, these systems were in their core identical all along, systems in which elites care only about their absolute power and other priorities, like fate of their slaves or citizens, are unconditionally rescinded. Only ideologies, meaning propaganda programming of our brain to love our tortures, were somewhat given local flavors. That’s all.

So, what it was that about socialism or capitalism, I forgot. May be its time to finally have one.

4 thoughts on “POLLS AND PROPAGANDA: Curious Case of Political Systems.

  1. Brother, my name is Georges Segundo, and i must say that you are a true genius.

    I finished reading you post on the true nature or Marx ideas, and that was one of the most revolutionary readings of my life, thanks to you, i totally changed my view of marx relevance, and this post of your is particularly eye-opening for someone who really wants to understand how this society really works.

    Thank you so much for you blessed work!

    God bless you ( if you believe in it ), and Hare Krishna!


    • That you for your kind words but I am not a genius, far from it. I am just regular person trying to work through my own doubts, insecurities, prejudices, stereotypes, clichés, fake knowledge I have been inundated with by propaganda of educational system that clashes with everyday reality of my life. In every post I am trying find within myself enough courage to tell things as I see them, through chaos and obfuscation of the social narratives of supposed common human experience.

      It is exhausting task, I must admit, when one let go of his/her own norms, conveniences of collegiality, culture, and let all imprinted in mind restrains dissolve to find some personal meaning and/or order of this seemingly chaotic world.

      My modest goal, in this blog, is to perhaps encourage the few others, disturbed by surreal truths, narratives about themselves, family or society at large, to find within themselves strength, yes, the strength and courage to make their own discoveries of reality of this world or maybe, just maybe change just a little.


  2. Welcome to self discovery of truth Joe. Your words give me hope. “I am just regular person trying to work through my own doubts, insecurities, prejudices, stereotypes, clichés, fake knowledge I have been inundated with by propaganda of educational system that clashes with everyday reality of my life. In every post I am trying find within myself enough courage to tell things as I see them, through chaos and obfuscation of the social narratives of supposed common human experience.”
    Now if you apply those words to Islam and study the Quran without bias in light of the historical context supplemented by the prophet Muhammad’s teachings I think you will find the truth you’ve been seeking. I haven’t done this but I believe in it. I’m too distracted by the shit in the world and the propaganda. But you from your statement I quoted above seem to be in the perfect place to find the truth. May Allah help and guide you to the Truth.


  3. It seems all the articles here are dictated, from voice to text. I rewrite them with corrections to grammar, missing words, punctuation and such. If you are interested.in seeing a sample, let me know. Personally, I think readers would benefit, and not be turned away at the first sign of a slip up, as some are.
    Or is this type of writing intentional? Maybe it is some kind of shorthand for speed readers. 🙂


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