REGIME CHANGE: We Can Believe In

All the people who rightly criticize US and world politics, calling even for regime changes, have something in common. They all put forward sensible diagnosis of ills of current situation, call for profound change but all fail to point out ways how things should be different, succumbing to cognitive dissonance pandemic. Often proposing meaningless cosmetic changes or ideas more disastrous to themselves than those currently are being implemented, and by that fact, revealing true ignorance or propaganda induced confusion about fundamental causes of this melee.

In order to address fundamental causes of why power behaves as it does, we need first of all, to equate power of private tyranny with power of government. It is the same regime in its core. It uses extortion, coercion, intimidation and ultimately violence to back up whatever propaganda of its indispensability and legitimacy (called ideology) is spewed onto exploited population.

Some politicians representing mainstream political thought in nineteen century, got it right about small, local government (as well as small, local corporations) but now few remember why. One of fundamental reasons why one needs small, sovereign communities to self govern is that in such small community no one can accumulate enough power, wealth nor social influence to render the rest of the community incapable of effectively defending themselves and their interests against any tyrant to be.

So, why such communities are so rare or non-existent? Is it because they are utopian or impractical? No. I don’t think so. The problem is that such a communities are much more vulnerable to outside existential threats, which imply, against their principles, necessity for strong leader which may not emerge. Moreover, such communities are likely to be more unstable in relation to conditioned belief in so called “progress” of civilization. We all are victims of so called “march toward higher civilization” propaganda which’s taking us in direction further and further away from what we would call “just system of power” and closer and closer to one of impersonal tyrannical brave new worlds.

It is undisputed fact that all currently existing systems of power in the world, rely fundamentally on raw brutality veiled by mist of propaganda excretions such as, fake synonymies of patriotism and war, rule and law, crime and punishment, private interest and public good, corporations and jobs, education and believing, charity and profit, value and worthlessness, external threats and internal psychologies, etc. All of it is done in order to subdue their own societies and cultures, no matter what human and social cost to population. The only priority for any system of power is to maintain or expand existing powers, other priorities rescinded. In face of such facts no cosmetic adjustments to any autocratic or even system, we would call democratic or constitutional, will do.

What needs to be done is reversing process of accumulation of power and wealth, fundamental process that threatens democratic rule. Moreover, influence peddling institutions of propaganda to the level practically controllable by common people needs to be diminish as well. By default, we should not trust anyone in position of power, no matter from where such person came, or from what socio-economic background originated, whether rich or poor or middle class, or whatever critical function’s designated to fulfill, it should not matter at all. Neither religion nor any perceived superior morality nor extraordinary intelligence should be construed as of any value or any foundation for trusting any individual in position of institutionalized influence since no one is immune to devastating, corruptive influences of mere fact of holding power.

People, who are in charge of governing, should live precarious life of continuously answering skeptics and proving themselves to be in-tuned with all people’s needs and expectations or facing swift retaliation and removal from power. It should be taught to children that, in political process, no one in power is indispensable in any way. Whether due to his/her knowledge, experience, intelligence or connections or any supernatural powers (such as printing money) he/she may posses. Any attributes acquired while serving in position of power should be summarily dismissed as factors from any political evaluation processes of the rulers by citizen. Therefore, rulers, for sake of true equality, should not be treated in any way different then ordinary citizen, including no enhanced protection from physical harm, no shielding from any kind of financial or economic hardships, especially those who were assigned to prevent such hardships as their governmental duty.

To rule should mean, above all, to sacrifice for a nation and to have enough strength to face constant rejection and doubt. People who completed their service to society should be removed from government and condemn to solitary life while their entire families should be banned from assuming any kind of power for generations.

For true regime change, not just cruel political fakery, powerless, sovereign people, need to unite in permanent opposition against powerful usurpers, devoid of any legitimacy, not necessarily by vice of their character but solely by the fact of them holding to power, regardless of their predispositions, supposed intellectual “superiority” or “beauty” of their brow.

Only small humble governments could create condition for nations to satisfy all their peoples’ needs. However, no big or small governments in the world could ever create conditions for nations to satisfy all their peoples’ gluttony. It’s impossible, hence we have governments that satisfy gluttony of few, as we may clearly see around us.

Let’s stop believing in the system we got, and begin learning a new one. That’s all it takes to start.

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