We all like to hear romantic stories about victories of the simple people in the struggle for equality and civil rights against tyranny. Such stories are widely used for the noble indoctrination of our youth. Sadly, adults forget to tell young trusting minds that most of these stories are step down from the fantastic fairy tales into a fraud and pure fabrications.

This is how one of these stories begins: In amazing Neverland far, far away (Brooklyn) and long, long ago (1920) there was a tale about adult beverage, feminism and the universal suffrage. And it all began over wide and mysterious big pond.

In addition to the European technological dexterity of war, the exhausted US soldiers brought,from bloody fields of the WWI, something else . They brought back horrifying injuries, shell shock, social disease and the flu pandemic. But most of all they brought back hatred toward president Wilson for sending them to  die for the English aristocrats against his own electoral promises of 1916. But what’s more important, they brought home much dreaded revolutionary ideas that were spreading like a wildfire throughout Europe between 1917 and 1919.

Being aware of that, even before war, the Wilson’s Committee on Public Information (Propaganda Ministry) and FBI began to crack down on the revolutionary leftists, trade and labor unions and progressive social movements and later WWI veterans throughout the US. It was first known application of new, at that time, methods of the propaganda using, technologies of radio, movies, taxpayer-funded public speeches, combined with the repressive Espionage and Sedition Laws, to shape  public opinion and to engineer consent.

However, it was no enough, Wilson chose economic policy of suppression of the working people, by refusing to stimulate economy at least via money supply, (if not fiscally). The Wilson administration conspicuously idled, freshly minted in 1913, government tool designed specifically to finance the war and supposedly, able to smooth out natural economic downturn in its aftermath. The Federal Reserve did nothing and only contributed to severity of the crash and depression. The returning from Europe in 1919 war veterans, facing economic collapse and unemployment, turned away from the severely attacked, politically incapacitated labor unions and strayed in to the hands of newly revitalized US mafia (Italian, Jewish, Irish etc.) growing under the benevolence of the US law enforcement which desperately wanted to suppress the secular political radicalism on the left by propping up the mafia, tied to Catholic Church.

But even this was not enough and soon the Wilson’s ruling elite, stoop even lower, by enlisting wives, mothers and daughters of the working class families to stab their men in the back. The progressive feminists, prohibitionists and the universal suffrage movement activists, had been insidiously co-opted and corrupted to serve the oligarch rule as well.

As a result the righteous feminists turn into the female exhibitionist, cigarette puffing hard liquor drunkards, instigated by E. Bernays brilliant ad campaigns, which promoted domestic conflict under the guise of sharing domestic work, and “free smoking time” for wives, the marginal, substitute issues in the depths of depression. The “moral” prohibitionists who deteriorated from the reasonable movement of family values and drinking moderation via limiting the access and advertising into dogmatic lifestyle dictators insisting on utopian solutions rejected by 99% of the population but spewed massively through private and state propaganda machines. The synergy of these two above was to be provided by the universal suffrage movement, which supposed to provide a way for women to achieve all these “modern” concessions and rights through the ballot box, instead of simply talking to husbands in the kitchen.

So what these brave women demanded from their husbands. They wanted them to get a job and bring the money in midst of greatest depression back then. To take up domestic chores and not to engage in the “wasteful”, time-consuming teach-ins or “good for nothing”political activities. Women wanted to go out and take jobs. Most women however, were unaware that in such difficult economic times at that time, any outside work amounted to the hidden prostitution for any working female and hence women did not understand their husbands objections. As a result, many good relationships were broken and many men joined the mafia to compromise at home, abandoning any political ambitions, often turned against their former colleagues. All according to the plan developed by the ruling elites.

The women wanted men to stop drinking and come back home. Very noble demand. But where these men, actually went. They were in the social clubs, where the only alcohol was the low-grade cheap beer, and they spent their time networking, discussing jobs, wages and working conditions as well as political/economic issues often from the perspective of the radical left. Many were just attending literacy classes, learning to read. No women were allowed there, not to create distraction in the brotherhood.

So let see now, what these good women did with their first, brand new right to vote suddenly granted in 1920 after many decades of rejections. American wives, mothers and daughters, under the spell of rampant political and commercial propaganda about women’s “freedom and equality”, voted in mass against their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons, against the reason and moderation, against self-discipline and self-interest of the working people. They were manipulated to vote against any substantial political or economic reforms, which would truly improve the conditions of working families. They thought, they voted for better family but their vote was subverted.

By subverting the legitimate women concerns, the orthodox prohibitionists in tandem with shrewd elitist politicians escalated domestic conflicts, epidemic of prostitution, loose morals, culture of rampant individualism, devoid of humanity and compassion as well as cigarette and hard alcohol/drugs addictions among young men and women. They divided and destroyed countless families, and their lives while fueling prosperity for the mafia bosses and delusional stock market profiteers under the propaganda of roaring twenties. The E. Bernays inspired propaganda machine set on destruction of the moderate and radical left influences in the US society had been hailed as an unqualified success. However, after barely a decade, devastating reality of  the economic collapse asserted itself again. And then, all lived unhappily ever after.

A moral to this tale. When you grow up, never let the lies and propaganda to stand between you and your love one. Listen and learn instead. And never ever let anyone to price your moral values down to zero.

Cathy Come Home Now (Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights) ;




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