There is a problem of violence in US society period. But there is a bigger problem of propagandizing fear of violence, through fake or biased academic or media reports which brainwash us daily. All the effort’s purposefully directed toward inducing mistrust and destroying American social fabric by playing class or race cards. All that whereas power elites, insidiously cover up and misdirect any attempts to find true instigators and promoters of violence that devastates our lives all to often. Instead, they spew over us lame “good guy, bad guy” kindergartner level narratives, we suppose to believe in.

So let’s fold all those dubious crime statistics reports, concocted over decades, in one and, what do we see Clarice? We see undeniable causation between level of violence in American society and social and economic policies of US government and power elites. Such, not so secret policies lead many times to natural and/or man-made disasters of incompetence, corruption or fraud, unjust wars, self-instigated terrorist threats, depressions/recessions booms/busts, all disaster capitalism black ops, fueled by sinister propaganda machine of American exceptionalism. But it is not new invention.

Already, in XVIII and XIX century in the USA, founding British aristocrats, oligarchs, slave traders  and plantation owners promoted violence and intimidation, against Indians, Chinese immigrants, Christian sects, American revolutionaries, political activists, abolitionists, black and color slaves, trade/guild unionists etc. instead of negotiations and compromise. In order to assert political control, government and industrial moguls of all sorts,  often fueled devastating urban gang wars.

During WWI, violence against German-Americans and pacifists/socialists/reds was driven by FBI provocations in cooperation with Jewish and Italian mafia and nationalist/sovereign people/militia movements like KKK, supported by E. Bernays propaganda. In WWII violence against Japanese/Germans/Italians was on the rise, civil liberties suspended and untrustworthy citizen we herded, like lambs into concentration camps under the law and propaganda. After war, violence and intimidation against Jews/intellectuals/Commies increased as was prearranged by E. Hoover in his “patriotic” mission against evil empire of the day. The true intentions of hysterical US power elites were inadvertently disclosed by Sen. Joe McCarthy in his insane drunkard’s rants during mockery of senate SPSI hearings.

Also hatred and violence against women in abortion/feminist debates, against gay/lesbian in morality debates, against scientists in technology/environmental debates, against black liberation movements and churches in racial and civil rights debates, against draftees/peace activists in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan war debates, against religious right/sovereign-people/militias movements  in constitutional debates, against workers in economic justice debates etc., were all inspired and fueled (often financed) by government/ruling elites, business/investment community and/or military interests in order to divide and rule their flock of unruly lambs.

This to name just few deliberate, propaganda driven stimulants of high violence levels in American society but it applies elsewhere as well. Sadly, all the reasons, those, well-meaning, politically/socially engaged people, deeply believed in, were made up by elitists’ propaganda, set to divide American society.

In the process, few foolish people robed of their humanity, who, under false, carefully crafted by security apparatus pretenses embraced violence, became sacrificial lambs on the altar of high morals of the system even before they realized that they were just pawns, useful idiots in the global political game.

But those, briefly mentioned above cases constitute only variable/periodic components stimulating violence in the US society or elsewhere. But what accounts for secular component, underlying current of violence almost unchanged for decades or centuries?

In simple terms, it is simmering injustice down deep within the society.  It’s fueling hidden, shameful communal/domestic violence, driven by social and economic propaganda of rampant individualism, replacing direct intimate human relations with ones negotiated by money, physical and/or mental power and egoistic gluttony.

The system of beliefs in law and justice, equality of chances for success, neutrality of government, freedom of choice, fairness of market system, value of independence, self-sufficiency via hard work etc., was constructed for one purpose alone to cover up,  under veil of propaganda, true face of economic, political social and  cultural repression and exploitation we all experience. A war of one human being against another human being, we suppose to fight till death, in very personal, intimate and lonely ways, as commanded by our rulers.

Overall, we really differ among ourselves only in ways how we respond to the same oppression. Either with misguided violence as expected from us, or by rejecting violence and temper our individual ambitions for sake of peace.

This tiny flame of daily injustice and oppression, constitutes the core and genesis of violence in every society.

This evil of rejecting selfless love, summarily dismissing critical moral imperative of unconditional respect for another human being, refusing to sacrifice for common cause, in other words discarding all our fundamental responsibilities toward other people, is being pushed upon us, by power elites, as a gospel of our “new morality”.

This new morality, that encourages us to lie, to exploit our kin or stranger, to employ threats and intimidation, to use violence on a whim, to satisfy our own individual greed, lust or to drive toward any goal, however, fake or ridiculous it is or to unconditionally submit ourselves to approved list of addictions etc., with other consideration or priorities rescinded.

All that while, conveniently, absolving us from any guilt or need for remorse. All these “new morality revelations” are intended to breed conflict among us, and preventing, undesirable by power elites, natural feelings of solidarity among human race to take hold.

We are living in the system that sets up conflicts among us and promotes violent solutions to peaceful problems, through glorifying  war, torture or government physical/mental dominance and submission. We are readily provided with tools and instructions how to exact it, as something “just and good” for us as individuals and for our nation. Moreover, massive effort of propaganda is directed toward building up our false hopes and then to crash our expectations of fairness and justice, aiming to provoke us to act in desirable ways as controlled flock of lambs.

Many of us are willing participants but majority of us are unwilling participants in this charade. We are mostly  unaware of vast scope of manipulation, we are subjected to, in order to use us as puns in a game of spawning conflict and promote economic exploitation. All under guise of so-called rational rules, customs, policies or commercial culture. Those unaware believers who suddenly realize that, the system, through devastating social and economic threats and corrupting incentives, demands that they act violently against others or even against their kin, often in desperation, as an act of rebellion reject violence against others and redirect it toward themselves in form of suicide, the act understood as the only way to hold on to their human dignity.

The violence and intimidation of any kind, disregard to our human dignity, at war, at home, at work, at school, on the street, by police or husband or stranger is a symptom of social illness induced by manipulation of society by ruling power on every level, a consequence of long unheard cry for peace, for love, for forgiveness and support among human beings.

Can we eliminate violence completely? Definitely not. But we could nearly eradicate it by rejecting system of political economy of intimidation and exploitation spawn conflicts, resulting in startling political, social and economic inequality among people.

We could try to reject dialectic of existentialism and individual struggle, and replacing it with cooperation and community support. We could reject propaganda lies about goodness and wisdom of government and private concentrated wealth as well as sanctity of oligarch class and embrace our sovereign, unalienable rights of citizenship . We could try to reject violence and intimidation in our private lives as a solution to anything and embrace sacrifice and compromise for good of many. We could reject lies, deception, greed or fear of another or new and embrace truth, simplicity and tolerance. We could try to reject money as a measure of any value and embrace our hard work as a measure of our commitment to family and community. We could try to reject mistrust and prejudice against others and embrace “brotherhood of men”. We could try to reject herd mentality and change from silent, terrified lamb waiting to be slaughtered to a dignified human being.

We all could embrace trust and openness, accept natural limits of our ambition and control, value of love and friendship, respect and dignity for ourselves and for others. We could embrace knowledge over ignorance. We could embrace courage over cowardice. We could embrace our humanity. It’s possible. The choice is ours.

2 thoughts on “VIOLENCE OF THE LAMBS

  1. People at this point in time are very damaged inside. We must allow people time to heal, time to process the new knowledge. And in the process, we must be able to tolerate and suffer through the healing process if others. Basically, to learn not to take things so personally, allowing people to explore the limits of their emotions and beliefs, while we sit back and take the punches. Healing takes time and great patience for everyone involved.

    But people must first realize there is a problem and exactly what that problem is, minus the learned lies. Then they must learn the art of forgiving one’s self. All before healing can take place.


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