There is very worrisome police program that is going on for years now but completely ignored by M.S.M., namely wide-spread civil forfeiture of assets of citizen not charged, nor convicted of any crime in relation to seized property or not. And what worst, is that apologists for civil forfeiture, insidiously insinuate that the bad guys have no constitutional rights.

Most outrageous cases involve administrative procedure of seizing people’s homes, for example, solely because their guest allegedly may have committed a qualified crime (mostly drug related) before, after or while visiting homeowners. No charges filed against guest or owners, or any type of trial necessary. What’s troubling, big part of the loot stays with those (police, other) agencies who took it. Those procedures, bordering on plain theft, prompted Canadian Ministry for Foreign Affairs to issue travel warning for Canadians in the US, urging them not to bring cash or any valuable properties to US nor to cooperate with police in any way that may reveal existence of any assets under care of traveler since properties of third-party are being seized as well. Such utter embarrassment already caused US Department of Justice to back down and withdraw support for the program but this in no way stops these seemingly illegal actions of so-called law enforcement agencies.

Such outrageous cases prompted me to have a closer look at legal foundations of civil forfeiture, specifically forfeiture of real property, and what I discover was even more shocking. In few simple words civil forfeiture of real property, legally is nothing but act of recalling privileges (called wrongly by propaganda as rights or laws) bestowed on American people as subjects of Anglo-American Empire.

Here is something for liberty/property worshiping, proud property-owning patriotic Americans to wake them out of their torpor namely that property laws currently existing in the US are old English laws of XVII century with slight modification by US government made in early XIX century.

In order to understand essence of the law first we have to define what means to be an owner of land. As a legal definition, owner means conveyee of privileges of tenancy on the land obtained from a Landlord (conveyor of privileges) who in return obliges conveyee (owner) to provide services to the Landlord in the form of military service or commodity obtained from cultivation of the land.

In no way Landlord cedes any sovereignty of the land, and can take it back anytime with or without stated reason (usually it was non-performance of duty). Later the privileges of conveyee (owner) were extended to privilege of inheritance of the limited privileges to tenancy on the land, and substituted services to Landlord for a fee paid in money, so-called leasing fee. For lands under English King’s appellate court jurisdiction, such a lease fee was called private property tax.

Subsequent laws regulated only procedures of inheritance or requiring land from “owner” back to Landlord. What those “owners” actually owned was not their land but a piece of paper recounting conveyee privilege, so-called “Land Title” containing description of the land, under appropriate court rules, dates names, fees or taxes etc. It was just a formalization of the agreement of land use, including clause about inheritance of the privilege to use the land.

The lands in pre-revolutionary America were appropriated in similar ways and all plantation “owners” were just conveyees of the privileges (to use the land) of conveyor, in that case English King, as only sovereign Landlord of the American colonial land who distributed, among his courtiers, not American land, but the “Title” to use American (freshly stolen from Indians) land on his behave. In early XIX century in the US, sovereign of the land (conveyor of the privileges) was changed from English king to the State i.e. each particular state belonging to the Union. At that moment State became sovereign of the American land and conveyor of all privileges relating to land use.

So here we have, with just cosmetic legal changes, the law of the land today.

This law is a foundation for imminent domain laws (reassigning of privileges to use land from one conveyee (old owner) to another conveyee (new owner) on terms set by sovereign (the State), civil forfeiture of the real estate (revoking the privilege to use land from conveyee (owner) by conveyor (the State) of these privileges, all as administrative procedures or very limited legal process. The property taxes we pay, are just landlord (the State) fees for land use and if we don’t pay them, sovereign landlord of our property (the State), revokes our rights to use the land, and forecloses on our land and real estate, meaning, assets fixed to the ground and located on the land, with or without legal system involved.

Under the same law abandoned properties return to the State. Pursuant to this law, seizure of property without legal framework is not allowed, but it is happening anyways since there is no legal seizure of property but just annulment of privileges of land use from owner who never had sovereign rights to the land. The only legal and very costly recourse against civil forfeiture is to prove that material reasons for particular civil forfeiture, as law enforcement arbitrarily defines it (suspicion of a certain crime), were completely absent. This recourse amounts to seemingly unconstitutional requirement of proving innocence in so-called civil proceeding against government agency with no trial by jury, while other side can make arbitrary claims and no proof is required.

The shocking, general conclusion from the above analysis is that we own nothing here in the US, and neither vast majority of people all over the world since almost all property laws stem from historic feudal arrangements.

Today, we own our land, as much as Russians owned it during days of Soviet Union, namely we don’t. We just have privilege to use it, if we are nice to the rulers. What’s happening now, economic political crises, social strive, and wars, all of it is just a propaganda smoke screen designed to hide from us dreadful fact that historical process has been initiated. The process of revoking all our privileges such as property, liberty, justice, privacy, economic and social and political freedoms and rights etc., we have been duped to believe are our unalienable rights as citizens of the republic.

More to come as Anglo-American Empire re-establishes itself, this time as medieval power where liberty and property is of none.

3 thoughts on “PROPERTY OF NONE

  1. The banks Are fraudsters They get their money the judgement and the house. The biggest fleecing of America and the people of this country has ever seen. In the next few years we will go down because of the banks and those who own them GREED. May God have mercy on their soul!


    • Unfortunately, there may not be a god in the sense you describe, which would make us doubly screwed. In fact, that god’s existence may be for the very purpose of giving people hope where there is actually none, to keep people from taking what is rightfully theirs. It’s a frightening realization, but one that must needs be considered..


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