CASSANDRA: Prophet of Mute.

Do you suffer from Cassandra curse? Many hundreds of thousands people on the globe can see what’s coming, not because they can predict future, that’s impossible, but because they remember the past and have courage see today as it is with all its brutal realism.

But why worry ahead of time. The problems could be dealt with when they come. Is not ignorance bliss? In fact vast majority of people take on optimistic outlook only because they frantically want to avoid dealing with problems that inevitably coming their way. But there is penalty to pay. The persistent refusal to face harsh reality of the moment in spite of its intention to calm and stabilize people lives in hostile society, inevitably leads, down the road anyway, to fear, panic and desperation but most of all, results in loss of human dignity or sometimes even sanity, trying to hold on to something that is already lost, not there anymore while there is nothing in the world can be done about it. But it’s never easy getting there.

It takes years of denial, unfounded hope, turning away from facts and direct warnings. Holding on to illusions and empty promises. Holding on to idealistic faith in family bonds or morality of people close to us, who we really know nothing about. Accepting false assurances from state, corporate world, religious authorities we are truly ignorant about. Believing in bold face propaganda of better future for all of us, cause it feels good. Sweeping under rug acute cases of reality breaking in and pushing through our desperately wide-shut eyes. Behaving like sheep trusting our shepherd, because it feels safer, at the gates of slaughterhouse.

Such, unconditionally trusting, and fearful people called optimistic, ironically, are building foundations of the rule of usurpers who in turn are source of their misery so unbearable that can only be denied.

The realists, outcasts of strictly controlled societies we live in, survive everyday bearing enormous existential pain, being unable to connect even with their own kin to tell them that reality is not as horrible as they imagine but it is made more horrible by tacit support of people who refuse to face it. Cassandra curse is about helplessness and hopelessness of realists among us who are being continuously tortured by seeing future coming but never be able to save people they love or care about, on the way to their providence.

The storm is coming and only chance to survive is to wake up from our torpor, rebuild close human, un-negotiated by power, money and propaganda, relationships based on love, compassion and sacrifice. It is our only contingency, when we find ourselves desperately in need of someone’s helping hand in our desperate land.

One thought on “CASSANDRA: Prophet of Mute.

  1. “Providence” is a prison for the mind. Can not be tasted, seen or touched. And people will fight to the death in order to remain within is confines.

    It is not their fault, but it is their obligation to themselves, their posterity, humanity and the good green earth, to free themselves from the chains of “Providence”.


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