JAPAN: Miracle that wasn’t.

Everybody remembers Japanese economic miracle but no one remembers what was before that and it wasn’t pretty. Let’s look at Japan circa 1948, a complete collapse of economy and material supplies, huge heavy industry totally destroyed, all major cities in ruins, burned by  incendiary weapons, fields polluted by chemical agents, massive deaths from starvation, freezing and decease, including radiation sickness, rampant black market, a wave of suicides and murders, massive executions of Japanese soldiers or those accused of belonging to political/military elites, often on a whim of by after 15 minute mock military trials not unlike the Japanese or German military courts.

Massive exploitation of a weak, poor, especially children oppressed, abused, mutilated or killed,  children who duet to economic desperation and starvation, were particularly forced into straight/gay pedophiliac and/or sadomasochistic prostitution rings serving the Yankee soldiers, who in turn were not shy applying the same torture methods they were subjected to during the WWII, to Japanese civilians in the mad drive for revenge. The politically driven rebirth of the Japanese mafia (similarly to the Italian mafia in the US and Italy) added more to the already explosive mix.

Politically, in the face of utter defeat, a historic shift to the left have occurred toward more sympathies with the soviet style democracy mostly among young Japanese. In contrast to the propaganda, there was almost uniform rejection of the emperor’s authority among learned society from the political left (socialist) and right (nationalists) of the political spectrum. The utter horror, starvation and undesribable confusion and desperation of the Japanese people was at the extreme level similar to that in Germany in the mid 1940-ties.

So what’s happened? How and Why merely 10 years after the defeat and collapse the WWII aggressor nations such as Japan were well on their way to economic stardom.

The answer is simple. It was a detonation in 1949 of the first soviet nuclear weapon, following, in 1953 by detonation of the hydrogen bomb and in case of Japan, a shock of the communist victory in the China’s civil war as well as creation of the PRC by Mao after downright defeat of the US friendly nationalists. thse were those events that changed everything. At that moment the countries such as Japan,partially occupied Korea and Germany (later Austria) became the so-called BORDER STATES in the global, existential war between the US ruling elites and Soviet ruling elites, later called a Cold War, but back then it was as hot as it could be.

The status of the border state changed everything. Not only on the US side but on the Soviet side as well. From a mode of punishment and reparations the US switched to the mode of building up society, promoting economic justice, national solidarity, toning down degrading “japs” rhetoric as well as building military bases and other facilities in the occupied Japan, in the preparation for a new war. In the same mood of peace, occupied countries including Japan, quickly regained a facade of political independence, against previous agreements between WWII allies that stipulated five decades of the occupation until new generations, untainted by the fascist propaganda, are born and raised.

Such a change of policies created a Japanese propaganda of emphasized friendship with their bloody conqueror, peaceful anti-nuclear intentions as a illusion of Japanese independent politics nominally against whoever nuked them (the US was not mentioned).

The political decision was made to calm down an outrage and discontent among the society and as a result, massive US investments went in with no string attached and no immediate profit demand.

In order to mitigate a sudden political shift to the left in the population, massive welfare, pension, educational and job programs were initiated and deployed, ironically they mimicked exactly policies of the Soviet Union, sometime even went further than that. The former disgraced politicians, elites and bureaucrats, including the emperor himself, all actively engaged in the Japanese imperial aggression, even those responsible for the atrocities against US troops, were whitewashed and brought back as centrists, saviors, fathers of a new nation of Japan. Their task was to block a tremendous political influence and popular support for the soviet leaning Japanese communist/socialist parties as well as to curb any influence of the remaining loyal nationalists who rejected Japan’s peonage to the US.

The industrial/financial capital speculation was outlawed under the death penalty and Japan (as well as Germany and S. Korea later) assumed an pre-war economic system of the command and control, this time ran by the central banks, puppets of the US military establishment. Ironically, the system was almost identical to that ran in the US and Soviet Union during the war. No freedoms of any kind, were allowed, no free speech, no free market, no free institutions. Later, some illusions of the democratic process were promoted and propagandized but the reality remained the same until late 1980-ties.

Soon the leftist became the targets of political intimidation, not only for the security establishment but also for newly revitalized Japanese mafia, thousands strong murderers released from prisons by the US to do their dirty jobs, while avoiding any news headlines about direct political persecutions. The Japanese political left was promptly brutalized and mostly extra judicially exterminated, forcing its remains into the underground militancy which in the act of desperation sometimes resigned to a tactic of terror.

The US guaranteed the safety of the Japan international trade that was shut down after the war, a lifeline for the import starving Japan economy, an element of deliberate policy of keeping Japan economically strong and socially stable as a unsinkable US aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

Every cleric or economist in a moment of truth will tell you that there are no economic miracles or any other miracles and there were no miracles in Japan or other border states as well. The key to their apparent success was an exact recreation of their pre-war, autocratic, economic-industrial system directed this time not toward the war directly but mostly toward the sedating and corrupting their own societies through propaganda of rampant consumerism which was previously alien to the Japanese culture. There was no miracle, the Japanese people were just allowed to benefit from the US imperial plans to contain the Soviet Union.

As a result of these deliberate political decisions of the US government standard of living of the Japanese people skyrocketed, under about forty years of the fully state controlled markets and highly protectionist trade and capital flows where free marketers (speculators) were being shut or imprisoned.

However, the US attitude to Japan drastically changed just about when Soviet Union was collapsing. On the orders of US ruling elites starting from the late 1980-ties on, most of the economic wealth of Japanese people was being swallowed  by a fatty, gluttonous global banksters and then spewed a rotten and stinking remains on the globalization scene.

Massive program of job outsourcing, first to the US and later to Asia and China, devastated the working class and middle class in Japan. Previously non-existent unemployment skyrocketed, with consequences impossible to hide despite huge efforts to cover it up by manipulation of statistics. Unheard-off before, continuing tsunami waves of bankruptcies of the small and moderate businesses, a backbone of the Japanese economy was devastating while the dual use (civilian/military) corporate behemoths as well zombie banks, all insolvent due to the economic collapse were declared TBTF and fed by freshly printed money of multitude of the socially destructive QEs and ZIRP policies over last quarter of century aimed primarily to destabilize and destroy the Japanese “savings culture” and households’ long term economic outlook.

The Japanese are dying, literally. Country’s all industrially hollowed out, losing to China and to the world, exports collapsed, nothing left in Japan except for some specialty dual use tech which they desperately want to sell to the US military, even if it requires changing their peaceful constitution, making economic powerhouse China more angry, not surprisingly causing worsening of the already strained vital political and economic relations. Japan got in a such vulnerable position of the dependency on China’s raw materials that remaining industry is under the constant threat of extinction.

There are almost no new family formations in Japan. Population shrinks now and as retired people, a big chunk of population, die, Japan will face war-like demographic catastrophe threatening the survival of the Japanese nation in the medium term. The newly enacted immigration programs are just propaganda band-aids set to fail due to hermetic nature of  the Japanese society and culture.

The thing called Abenomics, not an economic program, but rather incoherent utterance of a mad man with fascist leanings, devised by the propaganda to cover up the fact of a continuation of hara-kiri or seppuku style suicidal policies ordered by the Washington elites, under false mantra of change, already caused massive unreported capital flight, rampant bankruptcies, massive un-repayable debt, deflation of the nominal prices, continuing for decades severe erosion of the purchasing power, massive jobs loss skyrocketing social problems with mental illness, alcoholism and drug use and unprecedented in Japan homelessness and wide-spread starvation of children and elderly. These policies, instead of stimulating, pauperize the population of traditional savers, who are being starved and robbed blind as we speak.

Any Japanese, believing in any kind of relief from 25 years of deliberate slump, initiated to destroy very successful post-war command and control Japanese economic system, via any type of the global oligarch driven program pushed by grandson of WWII  war criminal, must be insane.

What Japanese people will likely get by continuing self-destructive policies of the current regime is to brief round trip back to the future of fascism and Japanese Imperialism before China finally squashes it with all the dire consequences to the world politics.

After several years since the Fukushima NPP disaster, Japanese government practically infused with the TEPCO, a corporate TBTF monopolist giant, did nothing but lying to the Japanese people. The decommission of the Fukushima NPP planned for at least 38 years has not even started yet since they simply do not know what to do. All their attempts to mitigate a MINOR problem of removing highly radioactive water leakages utterly failed, while the MAJOR task ahead of them, removal of melted down nuclear fuel is not even on the agenda yet. The technology required to do that has not been even invented or developed yet.

Hundreds of thousand of people wanting to come back to the affected areas, are red taped, and harassed so they themselves give up their houses, properties and businesses, while they are not being told that, nuclear pollution at their sites is so deadly and the land is useless for perhaps thousands of years and that it’s economically not viable to do anything about it. The deadly effects are already coming to forth by the recent number of cases of cancer in the Fukushima prefecture jumping stunning 6000% from the levels before disaster while the government propaganda insists it is safe. The Fukushima earthquake and tsunami revealed horrible weakness of Japanese economy and highest level of the corruption including 10 year suppression of the vital information related to new, previously undiscovered earthquake hazards in the proximity to Fukushima NPP preventing appropriate mitigation, which could have saved thousands of lives in March 11, 2011.

The proof of the complete political and economic colonial style subservience of the Japanese government to the world oligarchs and the US is on display within a fake political system of democratic fallacy sprinkled with cheap theatrical productions, called elections, resulting in policies of the last 25 years viciously set against the fundamental interests of Japanese people. It proves one thing, that whole the scene of the mafia style political system in Japan is so corrupted that even voting trolls, courtiers of the bankster run system, see no difference between political parties, in such a madness driven kamikaze economy. If the Japanese imperial elites, do not wake up from their torpor and re-focus on supporting the young working families, in 100 years Japan will be no more to the delight of their neighbors. I wonder, if the current bankster government, as recommends to its citizen, will volunteer to commit a Harakiri in solidarity with the nation. But I doubt that. They will rather cash their American checks.

8 thoughts on “JAPAN: Miracle that wasn’t.

  1. Japan was the first Asian country to defeat a Western power (Russia) in 1904. Japan is a caged tiger that the world considers domesticated. Before the end of this century, with the right leadership, Japan will rise to new heights.


    • You do not give a full picture: Banks in City of London refused to give a penny of credit to Russia and instead supported massively Japan. Russia did not sustain the pressure and lost.

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      • The jewish bankers in Wall Street and London really hated the Russian Empire and the Czar, Jacob Schiff was the first foreigner who was awarded by a Japanese Emperor for his role in financing their War against Russia.

        Russia still is the enemy of the Anglo-Jewish Empire.


  2. Another great piece of true vision and geniality from your part, so good to understand that the famous “japanese miracle”, was nothing but an artificial construct, what automatically explains it´s 25 years long social, economic, and moral misery.

    Thank you so much!
    Hare Krishna!


  3. You are exactly right about the Fukushima fiasco. Inserting and removing the highly radioactive fuel rods is done by robots, because it is too “hot” for humans to be anywhere near. The rods slide neatly in and out.

    But now the rods are bent, softened, and partly melted. How are they going to get them out?

    Regarding Abe’s threats against China, today, 4th September, there’s a big demonstration and hunger vigil in front of Japanese Militant Abe’s place. No mention of it in Japanese news media. More details below:


  4. Scyths’ empirewent bust. Ptomlemaios empire,Alexander the Great empire, roman empire,all of them went bust,.one after another. Now it is time for Japanese to go bust. So what?


  5. The United States took advantage of the parlous state of the world’s shattered postwar economies to rapidly impose de facto global hegemony of its own built around its undisputed economic and military dominance. Naturally, US geostrategic imperatives, like those of its European forebears, required non-western and western countries alike to subordinate themselves to, and integrate their economies with, this new world order. And both communism and socialism stood in its way.

    Communism posed to America’s capitalist elites the same threat that it had to those of Europe (who generally tended to support the rise of fascism) and, with the defeat of Nazism, not only militarily but, more importantly, intellectually and ideologically as well, the right had lost much of its credibility and the capitalist system it espoused had been brought into serious question. The apparent moral and soft – a well as hard – power triumph of socialism and communism made it imperative that the USA defeat the political left by all means possible if it were to successfully re-impose capitalism and restore the recently defeated right, hellbent on restoring their traditional privaleges. The USA however couldn’t, for obvious reasons, do it in the manner Adolf Hitler had just tried and failed to do, and in no small part this was because of the existence of the Soviet Union, it’s armies now firmly ensconced in eastern and central Europe, stopping it and removing any hope of a resurgence of the right in Soviet occupied territory. Hence the USA allowing western Europe’s rightwing governments to adopt apparently leftwing economic and social policies for as long as the Soviet Union existed. Social democracy (not real socialism, much less communism) could, within limits, be tolerated as a way of regaining the moral highground until the final defeat of the Soviet Union and subsequent deligitimisation of socialism/communism by its apparent failure vis-à-vis capitalism/corporatism.

    Japan’s economy was and still is closely linked to the economies of the West. As they suffer, so does Japan. And the reasons for the recurrent multiple recessions that the industrial economies of the developed world are suffering from right now (including that of Japan) is due to the very nature of the capitalist system itself as much as by anything Japanese politicians or economists have done or not done. Another reason is the adoption (and failure) of neoliberalism by the West. However, by Japan reorienting its economy more towards Asian markets and integrating more fully with emerging Asia economies, Japan’s problems could be eased considerably and I think that this is what will happen over time.


  6. Everyone is a chess piece in this game to the Vatican, Banking magnates and Royal Families that pull all the strings. The ones that hold a majority of the world’s gold supply.

    The Japanese are but one example that are further ahead on this timeline of economic and social collapse.

    It’s amazing to see how truly cruel those in power are – destroying billions of lived through the ages without hesitation or remorse.


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