When archbishop of San Salvador was brutally gunned down during Monday mass on March 24, 1980 the response from the Pope and American bishops was a big yawn. Suddenly ,supposedly the biggest defender of justice and human rights of the poor, Roman Catholic Church stood silent. Why this silence? Why Church did nothing to support and protect one of their own, a high-ranking official?

This story begins in 1962 when pope John XXIII called upon bishops from all over the world for the congregation of VATICAN II counsel to deal with devastating blow to the Church after active collaboration with the Nazi Germany in the extermination of European Jews as well as millions of Catholics under pope Pious XII a personal friend of A. Hitler, was publicly revealed.

What made things worse, the Church actively supported former Nazis war criminals in their successful escape from justice in the years after the WWII. The Church within 15 years after war lost about 50% of parishioners in the Western Europe and was practically bankrupt since its individual, institutional and governmental donation base almost completely collapsed.

The objective of pope John XXIII was modernizing the Church institutions in order to attract young people as well as spread evangelical message of Christ all over Africa and parts of Asia. But underneath, the council served a purpose of removing the compromised elites from structures of the Church bureaucracy and replacing them with new breed of enthusiastic young priests, “soldiers” of the Church, similar to Jesuits who were used by the pope after Council of Trent to fight Lutheran reformation.

The Pope, under tremendous objections from many bishops and cardinals attending, insisted that council breaks with almost two millennia old strict tradition of conducting mass in Latin only, by allowing masses in vernacular languages, meaning native language of parishioners, which was instrumental in his plan of reaching out to  the masses of working poor and destitute unversed in Latin.

The Pope’s plan was to alleviate their appalling social conditions all over the world with his army of priests proclaiming ideals of liberation from exploitation, servitude and slavery i.e. Evangely of Labor, later called a Liberation Theology. On such solid foundations pope John XXIII intended to build renewed Church of the people not cathedrals leaving behind feudal attitudes and calcified bureaucracy of Vatican. One of those young priests soldiers of the “Pope of the People” was initially reluctant Oscar Romero.

With his Liberation Theology pope John XXIII, by promoting the elements of progressive social agenda into the realm of the Church, met enormous malevolence of all world regimes that oppressed the working people regardless of their religion or ideology and brought swift retaliation from the US, threatening Vatican’s vital commercial interests in the US and throughout the world.

Little did he know that his plan became not merely an attempt to reform but the existential threat to the entrenched interests of Church elites, cardinals of Roman Curia, Opus Dei rogue and mysterious Catholic Church prelature exclusively under pope’s jurisdiction, catholic dominated Masonic lodge P2 and the Institute for Religious Works a.k.a Vatican Bank to name few, that for a long time politically and economically benefited from the exploitation of working people, dealings with abhorring regimes, financial markets’ speculation and money laundering, gambling and other criminal activities involving mafia, prostitution, drugs and human trafficking.

Pope John XXIII did not see to completion of his plans. He died on 3 June 1963, probably poisoned by his own servants and just after his death, efforts to stop the implementation of his policies commenced. While some reforms continued during the Paul VI papacy, new program of engagement into the social problems of the working class Catholics all over the world has been selectively suspended or canceled.

The new pope, Paul VI still had to face the same issue of the Church insolvency, which became critical, and instead of concentrating on the increasing Church going through evangelical works, as his predecessor, he focused on the threat of immediate financial collapse and eventually turned to the head of Vatican Bank, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

It is worth to note that performing any “modern” banking services on sovereign territory of Vatican is punished by death since such activity, including lending for interest is against teachings of Jesus Christ. Ironically the same principle was introduced in the Soviet Union where all loans were zero interest loans by the law.

Archbishop Paul Marcinkus proposed reactivation of old connections with the world financial elites stemming from pre-WWII money laundering activities, but on much bigger scale, taking advantage of new volatility of the markets after US abandoned the gold standard. This time Vatican Bank, against its charter was to engage in the big time market speculations, but obviously not directly but through banking intermediaries. One of such intermediaries was a tiny Italian bank. Banco Ambrosiano of Milan.

Within months this micro bank dedicated to the financing renovation of churches and religious statues, grew at least twenty fold opening subsidiaries in Luxemburg and Caribbean, places with no tax or banking regulation where they engaged in the extremely risky US market operations using Vatican Bank money. May be it was the initial success of the operations or complete financial illiteracy of the Pope or both but such reckless unimpeded activity continued for years, while pope Paul VI was not aware of the enormous financial liability that such a speculation might have and later did built.

Despite the efforts of the head of Vatican Bank to conceal utter failures of his own machinations using the Banco Ambrosiano as a cover, in mid 1970-ies the US and later Italian financial regulators became concerned about the insolvency of extremely over-leveraged Banco Ambrosiano and dangerous consequences of its connection to the Vatican finances and began to investigate its head at that time, Roberto Calvi.

Meanwhile, Wall Street bankers kept lending to clearly insolvent bank, relying on the implicit backing by the Vatican’s treasury, Church’s real estate, gold and art. The US while being supportive of the Vatican role in political covert operations in the Eastern Europe, were very concerned about Church’s financial stability, situation caused, as they asserted, by the fraud perpetrated by Marcinkus and Calvi under the protection of pope Paul VI.

They offered more financial support if the major fraud operations cease and particular reforms implemented including practically abolishing entrenched Vatican bureaucracy referred to in the famous Kafka’s “Trial”. That meant total war on the calcified Vatican structures of power, that no bishop dared to wage including the pope himself.

The opposition was so strong that even after pope Paul VI was “deposed” by “natural” causes, most of the cardinals refused to accept the initial US supported candidate nomination and elected pope John Paul I. New pope called for the returning to the basics, ban visible attributes of the Church opulence, reject illicit, illegal activities, admit historical wrongdoings, reconcile with other faiths through ecumenical process but most of all rejected the financial speculation as means of procuring the Church income. Instead, the Pope demanded investing in faithful in the effort to win the support of millions of new young Catholics and to establish donations as once again major source of revenues for the Church.

In just over 33 days after taking reign, perfectly ok pope suddenly died, to make room for new man of the Washington consensus and CIA, Karol Wojtyla, pope John Paul II, former soldier priest of the pope John XXIII, completely sold out to the Wall Street oligarchy and devoted anti-communist.

As expected first thing he did was protect the Wall Street cronies within the Vatican walls from prosecution in defrauding finances of the Church, following by public repudiation of the theology of Liberation in Latin America engulfed in leftist revolutionary struggle. Whereas young priests from Asia and eastern Europe supporting social justice and freedoms were nurtured and promoted, Latin American priests supporting social justice and freedoms were held back and penalized by the Vatican hierarchy which even tolerated pedophilia of the priests, cardinals and bishops as long as they voiced strong anticommunist sentiments.

The peak of hypocrisy was reached when in 1979 new pope John Paul II, himself supporter of the John XXIII political crusade for liberation of the eastern Europe, scolded young Latin American priests and warned them against social and political engagement in the affairs of their countries located in the so-called American backyard.

Archbishop Romero could not heed this warning, not after his plea to the Pope to take stand against violence and the US sponsored terrorism, that killed so many priests and lay Catholics in Central America, was met by deadly silence.

Few months before his death, Archbishop Oscar Romero after last warning from Pope John Paul II to denounce the support for poor Salvadoran Catholics right to dignified life, upon his visit in the Vatican, knew well that Vatican guarantee of his personal safety has been rescinded and that Salvadorian government-supported paramilitary had free hand to kill him anytime. The Pope just sat and watched.

Even after death of Archbishop Romero, in the act of betrayal of the ideals of his mentor pope John XXIII, John Paul II de facto CIA agent in charge of Church’s spy network in the Eastern Europe, demanded immediate withdrawal of any Church support for the political social, reforms in Latin America while openly advocated and illegally financially supported similar reforms in the Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, even his contribution to the political collapse but first of all to tragic economical collapse of the eastern bloc, including massive theft of national treasury by western banks in his own country, did not help the Vatican finances at all, and since then Church is teetering on a verge of financial collapse by thin threads of its Wall Street puppet masters demanding interest payments.

This is just one story that reveals true image of the Roman Catholic Church as two millennia old institution hold together by murder, opulence, gluttony, hypocrisy, lies, and false hope of the noble cause, cynical charity and spite for the poor and needy. And it is not getting better.

The Church, the oldest existing death and propaganda corporation, after generations of men and women, cruel teenagers, pedophiles, atheists, murderers and torturers of children, gangsters, banksters, oligarchs, Jews and friends of Hitler as popes, was few years ago taken over by another proto-fascist Wall Street hack, Pope Francis.

His sole role now is to repossess real property (palaces, churches), leased land, death industry assets, funeral companies, cemeteries, historic art, Jewish holocaust gold, investments in world mafias, human trafficking, church collections, CIA shell companies, cash extorted from tourists and pilgrims, etc. pledged by the Church authorities during least last 70 years as collateral, so the House of Cardinals could continue to indulge itself in the gluttonous practices, grandiose ceremonies and pagan-like auctioning of the sainthood that would make Jesus Christ turn in his grave if he was in one. The mountain of lies, strait theft and despicable manipulations of the exploited peoples’ last hope, by the Roman Catholic Church, can only be topped by their profound mockery and hate directed toward the true believers in God.

The Catholic Church founded over two thousand years ago, on the premise of Good News, moral order and dedication to elevate suffering of the poor, turned into doomsday machine devouring the poor and weak peoples, cultures, societies, growing on their bodies like a cancer, solely to hang on to absolute power and gold coin from the ancient Jewish temple paid by indulgences allowing wealthy elites to commit future crimes all with “God’s” blessing. Sadly other religion institutions are not far behind.

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  1. I don’t see any other comments. Am I the first which would be remarkable after such a controversial post? I’m 75. I was a Franciscan monk from age 18 to 30 and a Catholic priest from age 26 to 30. I left that because of restricted dogmas and sexuality. After a worldly hiatus of some ten years I joined a new age religion where I was initiated and ordained a priest again. I left that at about age 60 because of perceived power, money and sex corruptions. I developed my own religion, philosophy, psychology, etc. which I share at

    Your allegations about the Catholic church are stunning. I have a feeling they are likely true but I lack evidence. I’ve heard these kind of accusations over the years. I’ve thought in terms of “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” But following the multitude of commenters and bloggers on the subject seemed to lead nowhere. The allegation about Pope Francis is particularly incredible given my background as a Franciscan priest. If true, it’s a 9/11 in the religious sphere. I’d like to know how this Jesuit Franciscan acted relative to liberation theology. That would be telling.

    Thanks for doing what you’re doing. I intend to read all your posts to get a sense of your overall worldview. -Dennis Leary

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    • Just food for thought about any notions that Pope Francis not being a Wall Street Pope.

      An excerpt from The Bloomberg:

      The Feb. 13 briefing, says Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, was the first time the Consistory of Cardinals had ever received such a detailed look at the books. Equally groundbreaking, the presenters included lay experts (Wall Street conmen as proven in 2008. j.c.) , not just clergy. And some of them spoke in English, the language of commerce, not in one of the Vatican’s two recognized tongues: Italian and Latin.

      and more..

      Big Four audit firms such as KPMG and Ernst & Young, a new Vatican finance ministry, and an increasingly global workforce.

      Just to clarify, KPMG and Ernst & Young, were those who certified that everything in the US banking system is OK just one year before worldwide collapse.

      It is instructive to read the whole Bloomberg post to realize the financial revolution or rather
      cataclysm of the foundations of the Church teachings about the money changers, practically handing over the management of the so-called Vatican bank to the Wall Street hands, we are witnessing now and what I hinted in my post. Focusing on the Greek bailout we are blind to another bailout by the Wall Street, a Vatican bailout is in works under the guise of the Vatican financial reforms on as we speak.

      For over 2000 years the Institute for Religious Works and its predecessors later called the Vatican Bank was not a bank for a good reason but now it is. And it was only possible by directly including the Church treasury as a collateral for the bailout fund just like in Greece. I would not say it would be that far fetch, if The Pieta ended up in some corporate lobby and pilgrims prayed to the fake.

      It is disruptive innovation Pope Francis style.

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      • Thanks. I read the links. “Wall Street Pope” sums it up. Jesus summed it up when he called money-changers white-washed supulchers, clean on the outside but filled with dead men’s bones on the inside. I feel sad but grateful for the gift of truth.


  2. how do you get more data on this revealing matter.
    John Kennedy, a catholic, was killed to protect the Israel nuclear plants, Nixon before Kennedy was a bond lawyer, but was brandished and his attorney general jailed, while Johnson was as described in the book “A Texan looks at Johnson, by the governor of Texas, John Connelly. it seems everywhere crime in the form of authoritative high level finance has commandeered multi-national control of the nation state system? Are these relevant to your story?. What are the parallel events going on in other nation states? looks to me like your story needs collaboration from people all around the world. Also you need a date vs event vs name table.


  3. Its strange how an enlightened ‘church’ has absolutely no clue, NONE, that Christ, the disciples and all the prophets were killed for exposing these depraved, vile men and breaking their ‘laws’ – both preacher and politician alike. Instead of following Christ they have digressed to supporting a “two” Corinthians, pussy grabbing sexual predator who says “I don’t need forgiveness b/c I don’t make mistakes” …or people like him and worse.

    A ‘Christian Congress’ being good stewards of a ‘Christian Nation’ are budgetless, functioning in Betrayal, drowning in collusion, $20Trillion in debt and climbing hard, treacherously allied with the Grand Dragons of head-choppin suicidal terrorists …arming, funding and training terrorist militias in Syria and Yemen with ‘tax-payers’ money so the Qataris can install a natural gas pipeine up the Euphrates, right through all the carnage, to Europe …tax-payer funded CIA operatives training them, tax-payer funded Sops targeting, drones, logistics …saturated in the blood of millions of middle east innocents …creating orphans and widows by the millions and enemies by the tens of millions to come here and kill us! They’re raping the public treasury creating the enemies, and again “fighting terrorism”. Its a winwin bofukinanza! on the public dime.

    They’re invested in the contractors and companies that are fueling this slow, ‘legal’ genocide …writing contracts to friends and family, campaign donation, sex, lobbying, career opportunities, etc.

    The more anguish, misery, despair, death and destruction, the richer they become. Death Merchants …and delusional preachers feed on the hate and fear, dooming the ‘church’ …while a complicit Pope and catholic church babbles criticism.

    Iran is next …using your kids and money b/c their precious headchoppers can’t do it alone, after Russia is forced to intervene …again.

    “Have no association with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

    Isaiah 1:23 Your leaders are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loves gifts, and follow after rewards: they deny justice to the fatherless, neither does the plight of the widow come to them. Isa 56:11 …they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter (district). Rom 16:18 …they serve their own belly; and by GOOD words and FAIR speeches deceive the minds of the simple. Jer 9:5 …they exhaust themselves in greed. Their habitation is in the midst of deceit… Prov 22:16 they oppress the poor to increase their riches, and they give to the rich… Psa 26:10 In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand (priority) is full of bribes. Psa 5:9 They flatter with their tongue. There is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is truly wicked; their throat is an open tomb. Psa 12:2 They speak vanity every one with his neighbor: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak. Amos 5:7 They turn justice to bitterness, and neglect whats right… 5:12 they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor from whats right. 2 Peter 2:18 they speak great swelling words of pride, they manipulate using the desires of the people, through much wantonness… 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption… Isa 59:14 judgment is turned away backward, and justice stands far off: for truth is fallen. 1Tim 6:5 Perverse men of corrupt minds, destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness… 2 Tim 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. 2 Peter 2:12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; 2:14 Having eyes full of adultery, and cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: a mind they have exercised with greedy practices; cursed men. Ezekiel 33:31 …they come to you as the people come …they hear your words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they show much love, but their heart goes after their greed.
    Jeremiah 9:3 they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth; they proceed from evil to evil, and they dont know Good …they deceive every one, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and exhaust themselves in greed. Their habitation is in the midst of deceit; because of deceit they refuse to know Good …their tongue is as an arrow shot out; it speaks deceit: he speaks peaceably to neighbors, but in his mind he lays their wait. Shall I not visit them for these things? says the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? …and there’s much more, but for time and space.

    Evil is real, not some primitive, dreamy, theological BS.


    • So, you are saying that the church went sour at some point? What makes you so sure it happened after the canonisation of the New Testament, and not before? Could it be that such profound wisdom could not be accumulated, assembled and attributed to anyone but an omnipotent god? Because someone told you it is authentic?

      I advise that one should dig a little deeper into the texts, while at the same time remaining honest with ones self.


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