RISE OF ELITES: A Postscript on the Matrix of Control. Part One.

The Matrix of Control (MOC) was posted on this blog in summer 2015 as a logical continuation of most of my previous essays that were dealing with false notions of social reality hidden under lies, deception and innuendoes, fantastic constructs of unbelievability, concealed behind fog of unreason furthered by Rousseauesque romanticism of totalitarian chaos, a fake notion of new existential determinism of our life paths.

The MOC essay posited another more ominous take on circulated/promoted social narratives about an organism of stratified society of control in later stage of development when ruling elite is already well established as a social construct i.e. its existence has been acknowledged or even somewhat legitimized within society at large.

However, it was not always that way, in early developmental stages prevalent types of human organization were varieties of incarnations of egalitarian societies where no ruling elite or no formal ruling elite was formed.

The MOC essay ignored an important issue of inception of ruling elites from within society at large:

The issue of emergence of the elite itself is more an issue related to the evolution of our human species and individual advancement processes as well as its conditionality regarding the social development, generally similar across all the higher order species and hence will not be discussed here where the focus is being placed on already developed society.

 The Postscript, Part One, particularly focuses on addressing this critical issue, to ask how and why elites are emerging and whether or not they are necessary or even advantageous for complex, non-linear development of overall society.

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DEMOCRACY: What’s that?

“The individual loses his substance by voluntarily bowing to an overpowering and distant oligarchy, while simultaneously“participating” in sham democracy.”

C. Wright Mills,”The Power Elite” (1956)


Believe or not I will try to tell you something you probably do not know or even never heard about; something what I call a real democracy.

What I am writing about is rarely talked or written anywhere, namely a theory of classical democracy in its core [not necessarily what was implemented as Greek democracy].

I will not focus just on how democracy is “manifested” as social system which already fills many fat books of nonsense but I will try instead to capture what it really is in its essence, as narrative that has been hopelessly skewed into what some call faux liberal democracy ploy which is not liberal nor democratic according to how ancient Greeks understood it.

So let’s return to the source of what democracy is just to provide sound reference for understanding of plurality of reincarnations of real political systems of power, we are actually living under, that misuse this nicely sounding label to excess, especially within periods of political [re]cycling of power, called “electoral campaigns” as propaganda teaches us.

But first please answer following simple questions:

1. Is voting necessary or needed in democracy?
2. Are elections required or necessary or even needed in democracy?
3. Does participation in election voting scheme increase enfranchisement of voter into a democratic process?

If your answered yes to any of those questions this essay is definitely for you. So let’s get on with that.

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