FAUX ELECTIONS: American Insanity of Fear.

Why army of electoral zombies, despite all undisputed evidences of political  capture and corruption of US political and electoral system corporate interests still likely will go through meaningless ritual of another rigged elections serving no other end but individual expression of absolute submission to the ruling power of oligarchy and their security and intelligence apparatus , a biennial sacrifice to the political Gods of this abhorrent US regime of war, exploitation and death.

They will keep voting for the same reason as millions of electoral zombies in every 20th century openly totalitarian regime, including Nazi Germany voted diligently and meaninglessly, always with so-called civic duty, patriotic propaganda twist to obfuscate brutality of the regimes and greed of establishment leadership.

Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, Mao, Kim etc., all of them, before chosen day of diligently organized elections, many having what would amount to a primary season, where all people’s grievances were expressed, told their people how important is to articulate their democratic aspirations by act of voting on national representatives who would implement their collective wisdom and will while instead they implemented a sham of democracy reduced to anointment of illustrious leader and his henchmen.

But still they voted, voted in millions in an ancient ritual of active submission of slave to powers via act of participation in ceremony of casting ballot, as symbolic sacrifice to raw power and opulence, a perverted form of communion of victims with their executioners.


While in every country answer is somewhat different, mostly due to ethnically, culturally, nationally diverse propaganda narratives, they share major elements with the US.

The overall answer to that question in the US is rampant opportunism, hypocrisy, cowardice and totalitarian culture of raw fear and submission to authority, as Chomsky posited over two decades ago, instilled in the population, and representing implicit recognition of fallacy of proudly proclaimed American freedoms and democracy where there is none, and tacit acknowledgement that this is inverted totalitarian regime we all are living under, combined with a deeply rooted fear that the regime will seek cruel revenge and painful punishment of those individuals who challenge its rule and do not submit to its hidden powers that nobody dares even to utter or admit while expecting, praying or begging for mercy of privilege by those who wholeheartedly submit to the rulers as Tocqueville and Mills posited independently analyzing American society in space of one century.

As they posited, when men want to rule without seeming to do so, .. because they cannot [openly] lay claim to the required legitimacy, they will rule invisibly and “benignly,” shielding themselves behind the rhetoric of popular rule.

Although “authority [in the US supposedly] formally resides ‘in the people,’ . . . the power of initiation is in fact held by small circles of men.”[In hands of behind the scenes ruling oligarchic elite]. This is not to be known. There is the risk that power becomes identified by its true colors. “That is why the standard strategy of manipulation is to make it appear that the people . . . ‘really made the decision’” (ibid., 317).

This is the idea behind allowing people or as Lippmann described them “meddlesome spectators” to go through in fact meaningless voting ritual.

[In the US we have,] .. to use Sheldon Wolin’s terminology, .. a “managed democracy,” political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control,” form of government that attempts to keep alive appearance of democracy while simultaneously defeating democracy’s primary purpose, self-government.

As quoted above both, Tocqueville and Mills, identified hidden menacing power structure of fused state and private tyranny [also called Deep State] and its rules of control that are hidden, subtle unutterable, unspoken about, power that denies itself as power under guise of false free choice and propaganda of democratic participation.

The mere existence or if necessary exertion of this hidden power is the key ingredient in fragmenting population, producing masses of “sheeple” who lack capacity of self-understanding or even recognizing that they are being directly controlled both individually and collectively, that acquire their irrational/self-defeating behavior within a political realm.

Such a behavior or habit is aimed solely to quell an urge, or addiction to escapism into certain politically induced motions instigated by dread of alienation and if needs be, a threat to their very physical survival as rejected, abandoned and ignored, [even by terrorized in fear family members themselves], and ultimately treated as menacing strangers to the society stripped of their humanity often targets of political or socioeconomically instigated intimidation and violence.

Voting is one of those motions engraved, instilled in any totalitarian culture also taught to all American newborns like a Bible of American political religion by their mothers petrified of loosing their households on a whim of oligarchy or illness and fearful, full of loathing fathers, frightened, consumed with a siege mentality, prone to violence and mistrust of other fellow human beings.

Most of Americans are politically “monkey” trained from their crib to the grave so they succumb to a totalitarian culture they are fed with. They are regurgitating fantastic tales, lies they have been told or shown, implied or imposed on them at home, at school, at work, in Church, on internet or MSM media, sports activities, government, military and elsewhere without a shred of deeper thought, as fundamental characteristic of totalitarian society of control where choice has been “happily” limited to a razor-thin slice of unreality.

Fearing wrath of hidden powers Americans are told to believe so they believe. They are told to vote so they vote. They are told to forget so they forget and so on. It applies to most of population with few exceptions of some free citizens who woke up from torpor and are leading morally and intellectually independent, self-determined lives as much as they can and suffering for it dearly from invisible hands of the ruling powers and their minions.

So why elevate charade of election and farce of electoral process to anything else but dead-end and betrayal of democracy and instead choose much more reasonable, clear, honest, free and independent way of political process, such as prolonged political fight, not for useless Congress oligarchic stooges or POTUS puppet figure but for truly democratic political and electoral format as necessary pre-condition for any serious engagement in any official political process. What it takes is little courage, nothing more.

For immediate future let’s forget political programs and platforms, all nothing but a cheap political tricks dishonestly peddled by the establishment, media and phony controlled opposition parties, however sensible or great they may sound or how desperately their implementation is needed, they are not going to happen via any kind of voting.

The only urgent fight immediately before us is the fight against this entire calcified hidden, oligarchic political regime itself, hopelessly undemocratic system in itself as Mills described in last century.

Without overthrowing this dreadful ancient Anglo-American regime of despotism and usurpation of people’s unalienable rights, everything else is meaningless, as it was proven unreformable for decades and centuries long struggle for change from within by its futile so far results.

The only possible change may come from outside when all current political puppets are sidelined and removed and banned from political realm permanently, all of them. While any real remedy for our social ills today and in the future may come solely from local community of sovereign people we create ourselves and/or contribute toward self-government regardless of national political structure.

One of things that electoral zombies crawling into polling booths are told to forget is US declaration of Independence, 1776 that states:

..But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Without throwing off this rigged and corrupted, dying political and electoral system, government policies will never be determined by power of ideas that benefit 99% regardless who is in Congress and W.H., since all of presidents, senators and congressmen are vetted by the US oligarchic class before they are allowed to “run”. And today is no different from yesterday or two centuries ago.

If you still think that these are radical ideas, consult recent study of scientists from Princeton University who concluded that US is an oligarchic state where 95% of people have no influence over the government and its policies whatsoever and that attempts to change that within the system have been utterly futile. As a scientifically proven fact, this is not democracy in any meaning of the word and sadly never has been.

Thank to philosophers of enlightenment we know why despite of mountains of evidences of oligarchic rule and sham of elections that ultimately led to oligarchy concocted economic collapse of 2008 , this reality cannot massively sink deep enough into US population psyche to inspire them to act in their own survival interest, and instead promotes false hopes, wishful thinking, and straight political begging.

David Hume wrote, “If reason is against man, he will soon turn against reason” into superstition and magical thinking, the only available and acceptable option within totalitarian culture like the American commercial culture.
The reason tells free citizen that refrainment from or active opposition to participating in an imperial government and oligarchic corporate system of death and destruction as US has become, is fundamental moral duty, not because it is popular, or profitable, or even immediately effective but because it is moral thing to do, right thing to do in name of human solidarity facing extinction via social, economic, political and environmental collapse.

While struggle against US and global oligarchic regime must continue, any free person with enough courage to recognize harsh political reality must rationally conclude that the act of voting in the current electoral system is nothing but morally corrupting tool that extorts from us approval for the meaningless political puppets of the calcified regime, in surrealistic act of utter futility aimed just to break us down, to break our sense of dignity, our individual will and freedom of self-determination since no true choice or real participation or opportunity to rule is ever being offered to us and never will.

Free Americans have to make their own choices and count their own votes, stay united in human solidarity and against all odds start to self-govern. They must leave this matrix of mental enslavement otherwise no change will ever be possible and sliding along path to ultimate calamity will continue and human casualties will mount.

PROCESS of self-governance that must be further developed, at this time is the only viable idea to express our political views and aspirations among people (that’s what’s important) that are absent from official establishment candidates’ phony political agendas and from the rigged ballots.

7 thoughts on “FAUX ELECTIONS: American Insanity of Fear.

  1. There should have been between young people in the US huge movement “We don’t vote for these clowns”
    organising feasts through through the whole country…. making the movement attractive for a new generation.
    But it’s too late now! if a were an American that’s what i would do…and Vogue la galère!

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  2. While this is true, there are more boxes to check other than the single one for POTUS. There are many issues on the ballot, and simply not voting is mindless as the “sheeple” you decry.


    • While you seem to ignore rational arguments in my post about the system preventing supposedly “good” elected people doing any good deeds for 99% and claim that there is somebody out there worth to vote for,
      ask yourself :

      Are you better off now than four years ago or eight years ago or two decades ago? if you are, by all means, vote for a hand that feeds you but this is not democracy, this is a feudal serfdom when you ignore establishment subversion of the US constitution and all the unalienable rights, devastation of millions American people without jobs and homes, indebted by the Wall Street just to feed oligarchic pigs of Wall Street and US imperial hubris with all that torture, murder paid by your taxpayer money. Go ahead knock yourself out.

      Over 130 millions proud Americans. eligible voters, refused to be cheering spectators of the political stage and already restrained themselves from legitimating the electoral farce with their signature and participation in nothing short of public blessing of a figures head anointed by the ruling elite. Remember if you vote, you are in minority of courtiers of the US regime and you joined those who because of corruptible power of money, do everything that they can to prevent any meaningful change for betterment of the majority of Americans, no matter what they utter.

      But hey, you are OK so don’t worry, until you are not and you will join the rest as millions of others, who thought like you did, until the pain reached them as well.

      If you are not better off and you want a change you can believe in, you must face reality, abandon irrational hope of Sisyphus and refuse to vote since our vote is being compromised, manipulated, stolen as numerous hard evidences indicate, and hence the only moral thing to do, a civic duty to perform is to refuse to participate in the sham, an political extortion racket, If not for any other reason but for preservation of our own dignity and dignity of other voters.

      We must restrain from voting for this important, purely technical reason since stolen vote renders expression of our sovereign will a futile, soul corrupting exercise of being forced to accept stolen election results again and again while helplessly witnessing the country slipping into an abyss.

      The “good people” potentially worth voting for are programatically eliminated from politics by the power of money and are corrupted by rich donors who buy their influence in matters that are profitable only for them and detrimental for the rest of citizen including those like you who may vote for them. Those who refuse to play this game of deceit are politically defeated by money interest or even jailed or killed.

      As a result Congress and State Houses are loaded with millionaires and billionaires who represent themselves and their rich corporate sponsors and cronies. That’s the fact that cannot be changed by voting in this current rigged electoral system. By voting you give those characters your vote to be used and abused at will often harming voters themselves. What I advocate by boycotting the elections is to withhold my vote and demand that elections are truly free and fair and devoid of destructive and corrupting influence of money because only then they may become a true expression of collective will of Americans.


      • Would not refusing to “vote” send a message that things are just fine the way they are or that we just don’t give a dam?
        By pretending to “vote” even when you know the system is rigged also sends a message when you refuse to vote for the corporate parties selected candidates & choose an alternative even though you also know that no matter how many of our votes that person might get, s/he will never be permitted to “win”, it sends a message that you know the ‘two’ main parties are plutocratic liers or we could simply just “vote” for the measures, questions & propositions & refuse to “vote” for any candidates, that sends the message of “none of the above”.
        Or you could just stay home & get totally ignored, at least a vote cast lets them know your still alive & cognizant.

        In any case, we are well down the road to collapse, too many of us, declining resources and a changing climate will be very very bad for us & the economy.

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      • @Sheilach2: I have given many reasons for not voting in this particular electoral system as it is in my post, mostly suppression of votes and suppression of access to ballots for votes and candidates that involves unfair laws, no effective access to media and money corruption etc.,.

        But there is one crucial argument not to show up at polls at all. By voting even selectively on issues/individuals voter legitimize entire elections in all dimensions even those results or candidates he/she considered corrupted.

        In fact as soon as voter shows his/her ID and is checked in, on the list of voters he/she legitimizes entire ballot regardless whether or not he/she votes for some candidates/issues and refused to vote for others or writes some others names in, elections are legitimized and voter is obliged to recognize the results no matter what since he/she signed into a voting compact that requires recognition of the official election results even is in voter mind and supporting evidences say elections were rigged and winner is illegitimate. Those who boycotted elections have no such obligation to formally recognize the results they deem rigged and outcome stolen and may say “not my president” or not in my name”.

        But even if you ignore the fact that results of elections are unreliable and do not reflect view of majority of Americans, and the political choice was suppressed there are many more reasons not to participate in the sham of elections one below tries to address common line of response which draws from false but widely proliferated in media, voters’ disenfranchising propaganda as they are being lazy or do not care. There is nothing further from the truth as numerous studies have proven.

        According to the reliable studies at least 90% of population is not doing OK or better in last three decades, assertions resulting from government economic agencies and studies from top American universities.

        60% of US eligible voters refused to vote for candidates that ran in the 2016 elections, almost all of them belong to 90% of those economically suffering. Most of those from top 10% voted because they found their interests represented well by the political duopoly.

        Those 60% of US eligible voters who are not doing well, they are economically suffering, that’s for sure This is irrefutable conclusion coming from an array of the rock solid economic studies I mentioned above.

        Those 60% of US eligible voters are very concerned about their deteriorating economic situation but none of the candidates was able to represent their interests, shared their views, understand their concerns or provided a platform that would have clearly and effectively addressed those issues and hence they had to act according to their conscientiousness and not corrupt their votes by voting for somebody their think would act against their vital interests and could potentially make their situation worse.

        That’s a basis on any free political choice including “none of the above”, the important and sovereign choice taken away from Americans at the ballots while such a choice is a common practice in many western democracies.


  3. I am glad you mentioned Tocqueville as he was spot on with such problems. He spoke of soft despotism, a tyranny of petty rule and regulations, designed to obfuscate the hidden corruption that has always existed at the heart of democratic politics (It is woven into the fabric of democracy). This is a bit of an irony, given that the original intention of the Founding Fathers was to design a system of government that was free (Mainly for the new and emerging bourgeoisie in the late 18th century). It is my understanding that Separation of Powers failed because the Founding Fathers had failed to design a system based on a Separation of Interests. Separating political power only dilutes direct governmental power. Thus. it is left to no recourse but to use indirect means, hence soft despotism. Officials still have an interest in serving personal ends, as all benefit from it. Thus, if one were to separate interests, perhaps having a bounty system which rewards those who discovers corruption, it may not be as endemic as it currently is.

    Perhaps the people are forced to be “asleep” because of the truth that the shepherds are as hopelessly enslaved as the sheep. In order to succeed in politics, business, or any other field (Even science and education), one must must be completely obedient to the dominant fads and fashions. In essence, the shepherds are enslaved to the sheep as much as the sheep are to the shepherds. There is no actual “leadership” in the traditional sense. Failure to conform means becoming outcast, or worse, being branded a heretic. The latter tends to occur when the dominate cult of an era, whether it is Christianity, science, or consumerism, declines and falters. The Spanish Inquisition and Witch Trials occurred when Christianity was beset by factional splits. As with any group, the members pull close together and target anyone who is not counted among their number. Then, they cannibalize themselves. The best case is always to isolate oneself as much as possible until the storm blows over.

    Modern philosophers and academics like to argue that the worst form of tyranny in history has always been the theocratic government. Yet, modern governments are much worse. Being a more advanced form of civilization, people must conform to the dominant faith (Or risk becoming a social outcast), laws of the state (Or risk being put in jail), and the regulations of the corporate structure (Or risk being poor). Thus, the modern individual is burdened by 3 levels of tyranny, which is much less than the 1 level as in theocracies.

    It is interesting. The rebels of the 18th century who opposed the tyrannical monarchs have in turn become more tyrannical than their predecessors. I suppose it is true about taking care when fighting monsters, lest you become one yourself…

    But I find hope in a simple fact: Their success is the origin of their demise. People commonly believe that this modern civilization is the most creative and healthy structure in history. Yet, as history shows with corporations, they all end up going bankrupt. Why? Corporations divert all resources to create a single product, thus draining and destroying the very foundation and environment that supports their dominance. This goes for resources as well as people, since they clearly treat people as the same (Economic law: As the quantity of a thing increases, its perceived value decreases. More people today=Less value of individual). They will exploit both until these resources can no longer be exploited and at that point, it will fall.

    Also, a final note. I was not going to vote this year, for reasons similar tot those you pointed out. However, I was pressured by my fellows (Family) into doing so. Therefore, I did so as they emotionally needed the reassurance of the act. Again, one must adapt and conform lest one becomes outcast. That is why self-isolation is often best, but as Tocqueville mentioned, to do so is to be half dead. Man is a social creatures and needs social contact. Its a bit of a catch-22, which I have not yet solved.

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