Nine months ago the same people voted against and in recent elections for even worst austerity that in January 2015 was handed to them. Are they insane?

But there is an answer to this question from:

An excerpt:

The act of voting in the current political system is nothing but morally corrupting tool that extorts from us an approval for the meaningless political puppets of the calcified regime, in a surrealistic act of utter futility aimed just to break us down, to break our sense of dignity, our individual will and self-determination since no true choice is ever being offered to us.

And more prophetic answers of why Syriza “won” again with 50% less of votes than before from this page:

What Syriza accomplished so far was to seriously undermine if not destroyed the reminder of popular confidence in the European leftist movements while it is not itself true leftist party at all. It is a party of those former worshipers of EU with cushy jobs that have been pushed away from the trough, rejected by their fascist EU pals in their quest for greed and left behind to rot. What they wanted is to return to EU bosom to continue to suck her monstrous tits of gluttony. …

It is a beggar’s party having nothing to do with true left such as Greek communists that spilled blood for national independence and justice in Greece in 1948…

The Syriza violated their own manifesto hundreds of times … proving again and again that it is nothing but a fake political entity negotiating cash deal for their own leaders while collapsing their own country like many political parties in Greece before. …

… Syriza behaved and finally proved as controlled opposition steered from Soros headquarters and Brookings institution under quiet acceptance of ECB enthusiast of <good> Greek tragedy.

But there is even bigger, much bigger answer to what in the world is going on:



Again the elections are coming to Greece hence below I put out a template for the true political platform that could be incorporated into the election campaign of the political movements that want real change and to lead their nation out of EU slavery.

To the Greek people.

Reclaim you national treasure and cash producing property.

Drop the EU and euro for new drachma.

Default on all the debt immediately.

Put Greek (and EU when possible) oligarchs in jail.

Make pace with Turkey over Cyprus and with FYR Macedonia.

Drop sanctions against Russia and Iran and open up the Russian/Chinese food market for your products.

Entice Greek Diaspora with money, skills and international influence to come back home under tax incentives. Tax the Greek businesses operating in other countries.

Massively cut the military spending leave the NATO after bilateral peace treaties signed with you neighbors. Declare Greece a neutral state.

Let Russians and Chinese build brand new navy bases on few out of thousand of islands you have and now subsidize. And kick out the BH oracle and other US oligarchs while you’re at it.

Raise wages and pensions and eliminate income tax for low to medium wages, promote domestic production, impose tariffs and barriers for the trade and capital to suit your economic policies.

Make peace a centerpiece of your foreign policies within the unstable Balkan region.

After the south stream, join the silicon road from which collect the toll on everything EU and Germans need and enjoy your great culture, literature, philosophy, wine and plenty of R&R and let Germans sweat.

Emancipate your self from predatory financial system shut down all the banks and create new with no debt.

Make a stand against your EU slave masters, do not let them plunder your rich and beautiful country.

Drop old corrupted recalcitrant political structures; organize new Hellenistic movement, the first in the international movement of de-centralization and de-globalization of the world power. This only would guarantee success of the Greek reforms.

Quit imperial power project embrace your nation, embrace the future of your children.



The Syriza confronted with the morally irreconcilable situation heroically called upon the nation to make the ultimate decision about direction the government should take. But I am no talking about today’s announcement of Greek PM resignation but about events of last June.

Are you insane, Mr. Tsipras, thinking that a shred of credibility was left for you in the Greek hearts after their direct order to stand firm and to continue negotiations was betrayed? No Mr. Tsipras you have committed political suicide by ganging up cowardly, with your Euro fascist’s friends, German corporate banksters, self-professed traitors and political liars on the EU payroll and by contributing to the crime of further enslavement of your own people.

You even admitted yourself that the Eurogroup deal would not work as confirmed by the IMF that stayed away from the deal and may even call for the default anytime without massive debt write-offs. You should not have signed the deal that makes no sense at all, and fulfilling true statesman duty should’ve resigned instead. You are not a statesman Mr. Tsipras, you are an errand boy, sent by the EU grocery clerks to collect the German banksters bill that would bring the economic apocalypse to Greece and would execute deadly blow to the European leftist movement.

What’s worse is that Tsipras knows well what actually is going on.

Greece is going through the same process as the eastern European countries went through in early nineties and western countries in the late nineties. In fact all of the so-called troubled southern European countries were those that retained their socio-economic structure that worked well for a decade longer that in their northern peers.

The process involved re-appropriation of the wealth of a nation, that was being for decades distributed down to the population particularly in the so-called front states during the cold war, back into hands of European oligarchs, banking institutions and surviving aristocrats.

The EU Maastricht project that began in the late 1992 (after ECU) was instrumental to this transition, destroying the western social democratic structures of the state, such as in The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria. In early two thousands the resisting southern European countries where also overwhelmed by the EU imperial power after the military operations destroyed their mafias’ structures, ironically these were last vestiges of the sovereignty in those countries, using the same methods as Italian, Spanish and German fascist in used in early 1930-ties.

After taking over all the  European central banks and devising the insidious EU monetary transfers/subsidies that under guise of regionalism, economic solidarity and development, amounted to getting jobs to mostly German companies for ten times the price paid with borrowed money in the German banks after this same banks and financial interests picked up the national treasures and government owned cash producing assets on 1 cent to a euro.

The Greece, upon entering the eurozone without being qualified, has been enticed by low borrowing cost to have Olympics in 2004 for ten times the price built by the German engineers, in the process bankrupting Greek small and medium companies and laying of thousands of workers even before Olympic competition ended.

This same was with other wonderful (senseless) infrastructure projects that were actually destroying Greek economy instead of helping it, making German and Greek oligarchs and others filthy rich.

Ordinary people started borrowing just to make ends meet facing collapse of their income and increase of services driven inflation.

The social services that were not privatized and their cost not inflated, were running government subsidized deficits that piled up immensely in Greece and other southern countries, while taxes for oligarchs and corporations were all but eliminated (tax loopholes) and tariffs and fees dropped leading to the collapse of national budgets. All of those programmatic efforts of the European financial elite were made for the one reason alone. To declare otherwise empirically proven successful social-democratic state model a failure.

Please find below the list of German/EU loot, the only remaining Greece’s productive assets with positive cash flow, stolen or to be stolen from the Greek nation as a result of the latest “deal”:



Why would Schauble call for Grexit? Why would he call for actions that are seemingly against interests of German taxpayers? Why would he call for massive losses about 140 billions euro of German taxpayer money?

He doesn’t. If you listen carefully what he was saying, against MSM propaganda interpretation, he called for Grexit (temporarily ????? from monetary union) but not default on the debt to Germans. Outside the eurozone Germany would settle the debt with Greeks separately under bilateral rules and laws which gives much more flexibility and will not trigger the same demand from Portugal, Spain  or Italy since the deal would mean living eurozone which unfortunately  almost no one wants there for fear of economic retaliation.

The bottom line is that such a “fake”solution serves many purposes, none of them serve Greek people.

First put blame  and responsibility on Greeks on leaving eurozone by breaking the rules and covers up true perpetrators of  the odious debt that was incurred by German taxpayers fraudulently to rescue DB.

Second, it will give opportunity to officially, preemptively avoid default/German loss on Greek bonds that is imminent within months at the latest.

Third, strait default within eurozone  and loss of 140 billions of euros would open questions about conspiracy of procuring this debt in the first place and the end of Merkel/Schauble political careers or even put them in jail.

but what is means is breakage eurozone solidarity and unity and that’s why it is vehemently opposed by France, dangerous case of German imperial politics, missing for 70 years, outside EU realm.

Such sentiment is expressed by Daniel Stelter via Zero Hedge:

The proposal to Greece for a voluntary exit of the Euro made by the German finance ministry can be seen as the last attempt to stick to the 2010 strategy.

It would have incurred massive losses for German taxpayers but would have been sold domestically as the only way to prevent the worst outcome:Paying for all countries on a permanent basis. It would not have been in the upper right box anymore, but still been politically acceptable.



Why Greece was politically and economically crushed and humiliated well beyond pale of any acceptable civilized conduct?

Why such seemingly irrational intransigence of German Government to the point of raising serious American concerns regarding integrity of NATO if Greek society totally collapses?

There is only one plausible answer, CDU/CSU want to cover up their crimes perpetrated against German nation.

Merkel/Schauble  cannot allow Greek default on the German held bonds 140 billion euro since this would open up Pandora box of issues related to how in the world and why German government acquired worthless Greek bonds 2008-2010 from insolvent German banks including Deutsche Bank, in fact bailing it out.

Let’s get it straight Greeks never took loan from German government or sold them bonds.

German citizen would ask how much bribes took CDU/CSU, including their leaders and their corporate cronies to load German taxpayers with worthless bonds and propping up zombie banks.

These are crimes punishable in Germany with many years of prison. All of this show is to continue to extend and pretend to cover up politicians asses in Germany France, the Netherlands Finland etc., who did the same namely defrauded their nations for monetary and political gains.

As I repeat again and again Brussels and EU is a cesspool of gangsters , petty gangsters without Corleone finesse and wisdom.


Over two months ago I concluded that Syriza rhetoric and her deeds cannot be rationally reconciled and hence my confidence in new Greek government shattered. Syriza continuing claims and representations that it is financial and economic problem that could be negotiated without leaving Eurozone, against obvious reality of situation, was nothing but appalling attempt to deceive her own constituency.

This is not about economics, never was, it is all about EU (Germanic) state/corporate (fascist) conquest of Europe though economic, monetary and financial means instead of bombs which they tried already many times before in Europe and elsewhere.

To even start discussion we have to state the fact that this whole EU/EURO thing is run by Armani suit gangsters led by Liverwurst Queen and rolling Capo di tutti Capi who in concert with local Greek thugs have been looting Greece national treasures for decades and this is just current chapter of the playbook of exploitation.

It is disturbing that only few seem to truly want to write epilogue to the disgusting book of human suffering or propose viable alternative.

There were forces in Greece that challenged such corrupted state of affairs but were brutally suppressed by invasion of British Marines in support for pro-Hitler fascist regime embedded in, fused with recalcitrant oligarchic-theocratic Greek state in early 1940-ties. From there it only got worse.

So, things will be coming back as they were last December, except ordinary Greeks will suffer more than before. Namely EU continue extending and pretending that Greece is solvent and that she will implement so-called reform i.e. orders to dismantle the Greek state and continue with further impoverishment of society with NO HOPE FOR ECONOMIC STABILIZATION OR GROWTH.

This is nothing short of insanity, with success measured via propaganda constructs of “All’s Well in the Union” that no one in EU , except for Brussels technocrats was left to believe in.

There will be no reforms in Greece but slow motion crush and collapse of Greek society until next “Crisis” will demand more fiction and more insanity. The Greek state and society has extreme serious, internal issues that threaten their statehood that must be addressed but neither Greek politicians nor EU bureaucrats want to do anything about   them since their corrupted interests are dependent on greed, lies, deceit no matter how much suffering they bring to the population.

Greece is bankrupt for over 7 years at least and EU denial of this broadly known fact in a sign of collective psychopathology of calcified or rather mummified EU bureaucrats and banksters.

That aside, one must ask himself/herself why this turmoil and chaos now?

It is only regrettable that after clear mandate from Greek people to continue their stands Tsipras seems to interpret it as his personal mandate to do what he please and did last thing in the world he suppose to do first namely firing his FM and others, practically surrendering his initial negotiation position without a fight. I did not like Varoufakis and his flamboyant style but I appreciate his, although symbolic, challenge to the recalcitrant EU institutions and meetings resembling un-elected zombie officials’ reunification party inside the EU tomb, where concerns about world of living are all but rescinded and focusing on decomposing raw meat instead. It took courage to stand up against all these political weasels and the bankster friends.

I stopped to listen to Syriza academic tautologies devoid of anchor to political reality months ago. And the problem was and is first and foremost political. They thought they could stick to their guns but in fact they were giving circus away inch-by-inch all along. This is insult to intelligence to believe that it was going somewhere. It is clear dead-end of willful submission. And new FM with his fake Marxist credentials acquired in Oxford provided an arm with which Tsipras signed a cerograph that Varoufakis would rather cut off if forced to sign. That may be a simplest explanation why he was fired, not resigned, just read his blog.

Greek people have been conned again and the slow death warrant for Greek working people and future generations has been signed soon, and my test of true revolution, i.e. blood in the streets apparently was proven again right. So what Tsipras actually accomplished before he surrendered?

Syriza got nothing from fascist troika over these last 5 months. Nothing at all. So why they waited all this time and squandered $7 billion surplus and reserves, money that could have been used for transition and negotiation leverage but instead was used to pay this odious debt. The same fight, could have been fought in February from much stronger position without this turmoil. Why it wasn’t? Why banks were not nationalized on that Monday as it was in England in 2008 for Christ sake? Who’s interest was to weaken Syriza’s support among suffering population?

What Syriza accomplished so far is to seriously undermined if not destroyed the reminder of popular confidence in European leftist movements while it is not itself true leftist party at all. It is a party of those former worshipers of EU with cushy jobs that have been pushed away from the trough, rejected by their fascist EU pals in their quest for greed and left behind to rot. What they wanted is to return to EU bosom to continue to suck her monstrous tits of gluttony.

It is beggars party having nothing to do with true left such as Greek communists that spilled blood for national independence and justice in Greece in 1948. In this context there was nothing curious about all those inexplicable, strange or just stupid and naïve adolescent moves that denied what actually is going on namely steady progress of fascism in Europe and vicious class war with thousands of dead victims of economic extermination.

Just consider Greek GDP dropped 25% over last several years, economic effect liken to ongoing hot war, where bombs are falling from the sky.So far, they are dropping so-called metaphorical “neutron bombs” of mass destruction that kill slowly one by one, quietly disappearing form this world without immediate visible damage and producing tens of thousands economic refugees fleeing Greek war zone, a war crime in itself.

The last five months Syriza behaved and finally proved as controlled opposition steered from Soros headquarters and Broookings institution under quiet acceptance of ECB enthusiast of Greek tragedy.

Five months and Syriza government did not even established itself at all.

The facts.

  1. Government has no control over third biggest Army in EU, biggest Army per capita, no military cuts whatsoever, they even buying useless shit. from US as we speak and Syriza is voting for it in midst of disaster. And defense minister nominated by Tsipras was a rightwing nut. Why?
  2. Government has no control over police, no cuts in pay or benefits no prosecution of rampant civil right violations by police against leftist parties and groups.
  3. Government has no control over prosecutors and judges, only ONE investigation, related to theft of national treasure, of people connected to oligarchs and foreign banks was open while Syriza members made over thousand requests for investigations.
  4. Government has no control over banks. It’s obvious because of ECB but Syriza members requested thousands of reports on banking activities or requests to stop oligarch from repatriating their stolen wealth abroad, no response.
  5. Government has stolen retirement money and practically reneg on immediate election promises regarding increase of employment, while paying off so far troika gangsters against their own stated policies and election promises.
  6. Government did not nationalized state assets sold to foreign investors for peanuts as declared in their own stated policies that obtained parliament vote of confidence.
  7. Government did not use Russia leverage in NATO context, did not vetoed ridiculous sanctions just renewed against Russia under direct blackmail, and  political intimidation and/or another EUROMAIDAN in Athens from Vicki the “Death” Nudellmann. and did not warm up frozen relationship with Turkey, ignoring unprecedented Turkish support for democracy in Greece, as extremely strong bargaining chip in current geopolitical situation potentially weakening of NATO southern flank.

I stop here but it’s no all.

The Syriza violated their own manifesto hundreds of times during last several months proving again and again that it is nothing but a fake political entity negotiating cash deal for their own leaders while collapsing their own country like many political parties in Greece before. And that’s how Merkel sees it, angry that they refuse payoff so far and hence she pushes ridiculous political demands and instigate aggressive interference into Greek democratic process and internal affairs using methods liken to political terrorism of Munich 1938, blatantly illegal under EU treaty. You can’t make this up even US bullies are calling for sanity in this German aggression only because that they fear that Greeks could eventually switch sides and move into alliances with eastern countries braking up aggressive posture around Russia.

Tsipras achieved on thing though, he himself destroyed Syriza as political force and pulled with him into abyss remaining Greek parties that committed political hara-kiri trying to submit to German bankster perversions years ago.

As I said many times before no Greek blood on the street no revolution against EU totalitarianism disguised as choking brotherly love.

What Syriza did was  dancing around the facts or adopting ostrich politics, conducting pure political theater for benefit of raped Greek peasants.

Tsipras has  sold out Greek nation admitted that his promises while were beautiful  songs to Greeks’ ears were unrealistic considering the EU mafia he had to deal with. Now after surrender one thing left for him receive EU payoff for breaking young Greeks heart.

No Greek blood on the street no revolution against EU totalitarianism disguised as choking brotherly love.

But there were negotiating positions or alternatives that could have been taken and used as leverage. Natural gas and oil pipelines, silk road trade development, dropping IMF for AIIB loans and investment could have been significant alternative to EU economic ties..

Russia and China want navy bases in Mediterranean and would pay big bucks for them, also billions $ for Greece leaving NATO as well. The changing of military hardware of the same quality as the western would save Greeks countless billions in itself.

There is plenty of money Greeks can make if they open their eyes. Turkey already open and warmed up relations with Russia and China. Turks already had their Maidan and know what the west has in store do them, Greek type of slavery.

2 thoughts on “GREEK DEBT ODYSSEY

  1. My heartfelt gratitude for your informative and excellent post. With full solidarity and compassion for the Greek people I would like to offer my analysis on the topic. Turns out, what we observe in Greece today is part of a global process of Banks forcefully indebting, looting and privatising the entire planet, and if we consider the entire context, we find that Austerity is deliberate destruction of economy; and Debt and Privasitations constitute an ongoing financial crime and as such belong to the domain of criminality and lack of democratic legitimacy, rather than to the disciplines of economics and finance.

    Why is the deliberate destruction of all countries’ economies? Because it is not in the interest of the richest 1% to induce economic growth but to shrink economy as much as possible so that they can effectively own all economies, lands and resources, and can convert all countries into subdued, controlled colonies. Mega-corruption, mega-crime.

    How Austerity destroys economy can be easily demonstrated via these diagrams:

    For details of the global financial crime of which Austerity is mere accessory, see comprehensive analysis via the Greece case – also see the list of sources at the end of the post, under the References

    “#ThisIsACoup The World Debt Crisis, as it is happening now: a system too rigged to fail”


  2. In my view the only option for Greece now is to follow Iceland’s example – the peaceful revolution and a people’s persistence to fight for democracy:
    “Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media”
    The unprecedented story of how Icelanders fight daily for democracy – and win (full documentary)


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