This is regrettable but most of younger Israelis do not have good idea what the holocaust was all about since what they are learning at school is morally sanitized. What they are presented with is binary, black and white tale devoid of major facts or political realities of that time that does not allow them to truly understand how political divisions, and internal class conflicts and inequalities within Jewish Diaspora in Germany and Eastern Europe were insidiously turned against them by Nazis, in their murderous drive to genocide, especially by those Nazis intimately familiar with Jewish culture, religion and social structure such as Hitler himself was or he thought he was.

Jewish immigrants to the US, holocaust survivors, were told not to discuss what they saw, not to stir any anti-American feelings after it was revealed that Polish Underground provided US and British intelligence in 1942 and 1943 with irrefutable proof of systematic holocaust of Jews in Eastern Europe as early as 1941 by providing thousands of documents as well as thousands of pictures and many hours of film coverage (also taken by SS guards) from inside of Auschwitz acquired via clandestine operation of Polish Underground (AK) that infiltrated the camp and collected data for over nine months to be later extricated via organized from outside escape operation as well as via other means.

The Polish courier named Jan Karski personally delivered the data to the Churchill and Roosevelt security advisers with the recommendation from the Polish Government in exile in London what to do to stop it.

They proposed, delivery of the advanced weapons to Polish Underground to be able to destroy railroad infrastructure in the region of GG (Polish State Areas under German occupation called General Government) to paralyze human transports to Auschwitz and Birkenau and other death camps in the GG and later advocated bombing of those railroad installation from air.

According to their assessment the 50–80% of all transports to Auschwitz alone could be stopped  since Germans had no alternative to the railroad system due to the lack of crude oil. Those operations would have also impeded German military logistical system for eastern front since the areas contained critical communication nodes used for German war effort. Also they advocated wide spread coordinated western media campaign,  especially after Stalingrad defeat when German public was vulnerable to political influence and for the first time quite willing to temper their unconditional support for Hitler, a propaganda tactic much more effective that any indiscriminated bombing of German cities which only increased resolve of population and support for Nazis.

Instead of doing something or at least letting know Hitler and his military echelon that the West have direct evidences of Nazi war crimes in order to perhaps motivate them to restrain the extermination program they classified all the documentation as top secret, buried it in archives and issued gag order for anyone who was involved exactly at the time when the worst mass murder was taking place.

Only many years later, an explanation of such inexplicable lack of action of US and British governments was found namely US lucrative corporate relations with the Nazi regime (IBM, Ford etc.)  before and after 1941 and the West’s full prior knowledge of the scope and scale of Nazi atrocities committed on Jews  as well as on gays, communists and slave labor kidnapped from Eastern Europe to support German war effort perpetrated even before the war. In other words, Karski brought them nothing that they did not know before and kept to themselves all along.

Of course you won’t read about it in Israeli or American textbooks since it would disturb fairy tale about US-Israeli friendship that never really was.

And there are thousands of such a “unbelievable” stories that Jews are not aware of or just do not want to talk about, such as massive abandonment of Jewish religion for atheism in Europe before and during the war especially among young Jews who were appalled by consoling or even acquiescent attitude of the Jewish leadership to the horrible events. After the war it became clear that, according to thousands of Jewish eyewitnesses, and by examining the trough of documentation, many Jewish elites went beyond the pale of acceptable human conduct and collaborated with the Nazis in extermination of their kin under twisted often naive morality notion of actually saving them.

Facing such a horrible reality of moral decay within Jewish elites during the war, most of remaining alive younger Jews from Central Europe and elsewhere embraced however twisted by Zionistic bias ideology of communism most in a form of Stalinism, but not all, and armed struggle of national as well as international liberation and later constituted core of new Israeli state created/recognized on the Soviet initiative over abstention (absence, officially against it) of the US  by UNSC in 1948.

The uniquely Jewish flavor of  the socialist and communist propaganda was a superficial embrace of centuries old quite unpopular and inconsequential for many centuries Zionist movement, as providing nationalistic base in fact mostly an appeal and cover to solicit support from older Jewish Diaspora, since Soviet internationalism, that many founders of state of Israel subscribed to, programmaticaly minimized the nationhood as of no importance in global proletarian revolution.

The establishment of state of Israel was just element of wider Soviet anti-colonial strategy used to later spread some form of socialist revolution throughout the Middle East region e.g. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen etc., as an alternative to the post-colonial western capitalism.

What was ironic and tragic that young Jewish settlers/refugees from Europe, already skilled in art of war turned in their misguided feat, their revolutionary fervent not only against British imperialists, as communist doctrine required,  but also against Palestinians (arabs living in area of Palestine) who themselves were engaged in anti-colonial struggle against Britain receiving most of political support durimg WWII from Nazi Germany,enemy of the British,  adding to confrontational postures of both sides.

All that confusion was skilfully used by British and western colonial powers to instigate regional war of 1948 against newly (and controversially) established state of Israel under guise of “home for Jewish Holocaust survivors while US refused to take them) and to fuel the Jewish-Palestinian conflict as well as through further British colonial moves regarding agrarian reform and land ownership sowed the seeds of today’s seemingly unending conflict in the Palestine and else in the Middle East.

Most of Palestinians had land titles issued during reign of the Ottoman Empire which were mostly ignored by British colonists and often used as “legal” base for denying Palestinians’ right to return to their land after they fled or were expelled from the battle field areas in late 1940-ties.

The state of Israel was resurrected, without any meaningful Palestinian input, on quasi  Soviet communist foundations not by accident or mistake, but to right the wrongs existing prior to the war among Jewish community also as result of the total failure of Jewish elites facing genocide and hence Israel was built by Jewish communists, the only unequivocally antifascist political formation among Jewish Diaspora and their supporters,  friends of Soviets until 1967.

It is only more tragic that state of Israel was funded in circumstances, purposefully setup by Colonial Britain, of basic legal and ideological corruption of political forces supported by both Jews and Palestinians that pursued struggle for their basic human rights and right to their homeland and national identity by denying rights and identity of others.

The Jewish religious fundamentalists, mostly from Hebrew tradition that dominate Israeli politics, government and the state itself today are mostly much later import into state Israel from Jewish world diaspora and reminding local Jews. Although Israeli political arena was for decades dominated by politicians that grew up in the Yiddish tradition of Eastern Europe e.g. Golda Meir, socialist with close ties to Soviet Union.

All that conveniently erased from the past.
It is uncanny that Americans had to wait about 40+ years before Hollywood dared to say something about those days via simplistic Schindler’s list or even Shoah eight years earlier when majority of holocaust survivors who where in the position of leadership of Jewish organizations, knowledgeable about reality of the times, were dead or incapacitated by old age.

All that while in 1950-ties and 1960-ties there were made tens of movies, like “The Last Stage” or “The Passenger” and documentaries like “Requiem for 500 Thousands” and written books like “Five Years of Imprisonment” and many others published and distributed in Poland and in the Soviet Union containing direct testimonies of the Jewish survivors including Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Uprising leadership, such as Marek Edelman, with fresh memories recorded just few years after the war, completely ignored by western and Jewish media since they did not lent themselves to binary narratives of good and evil as well as due to ideologically motivated lack of willingness to listen to “commies”.

What Jewish society cannot admit however, and probably will never admit, is horrifying realization about torn apart Palestinian nation and its corrupted leadership, committing self-destructive acts under tremendous existential threat presented by state of Israel (not Jews alone) and perpetrating chaos and breeding Palestinian radicalism and self-mutilation, running around in political circles adding to collapsing Palestinian society amid inhumane total economic blockade by Israel, only deepening pain and suffering of Palestinian community, behaving not unlike Jewish communities forced into dehumanization by the Hitler’s policies and brutal actions before and during WWII with regretful intentional and unintentional contribution from Jewish elites themselves.

There is no equivalence of the suffering of one peoples vs. others  and there is no blaming victims or whitewashing perpetrators on both sides since any violence and genocide is unique and equally calls for condemnation by humanity.

What is disturbing Israeli establishment is that Palestinians provide a mirror for Israel nation to see, to some degree, what Jewish nation went through during the Holocaust and hence they must be destroyed in Israeli national consciousness of unquestionable victimhood which became, perhaps the only national glue  perceived by politicians as critical for Israel’s very survival. And until they realize that they are wrong they will be no peace in Palestine and the Middle East.