Late professor E. Weber from UCLA in one of his lectures in 1980-ties addressed question whether social progress exists or it is just a human folly. He responded that human social developmental path can be compared to complex meandering pattern or even a sort of Brownian movement which is characterized by one fundamental element, over all lack of direction, making any social changes a fragile temporary feature with no mechanism to stop it from dramatic, unconstrained deterioration of peoples condition in economical, political, cultural and social realm, no matter how deep we think “achievements” of humanity seem to be entrenched in peoples psyche.

So what it really is what we call progress. What it really is in itself? Even all those who seem to know well what it isn’t, namely current policies of the establishment, are unable to clearly formulate it, hiding their own ignorance and confusion under phrases like “ we will determine it democratically or that dialectic process of reforming human consciousness will determine that”. So let see what so-called radicals and their efforts over centuries were all about, progress or something else. But it is not easy since all those closely involved in those efforts for social change prefer telling fairy tales from admitting hard facts.

The problem with anti-establishment activists, radicals (initially often outcasts of society) is that they, as well as their suppose radical adversaries in halls of power after a while forget why they are there in a wider perspective and ending up solely defending their own legacy and abandoning goals that actually originally moved them to act [and that includes money common at least on the establishment side].

Hence to a different degree sadly, they end all up with soliciting recognition and money for telling fairy tales of their accomplishments, not wanting to realize that they, as much as those who they politically fought, were all pawns in the same game of ruling elite and their entire effort, regardless of who won, did not spur anything different that was apriori intention of those in power.

Two examples:

1.    Abolitionists, activists opposing slavery were protesting inhumanity of slavery for two hundred years while slave rebellions were periodically brutally crashed, apartheid based US Constitution upheld, before American civil war with no tangible results of antislavery activism to show for.

So why this abolition of slavery by Lincoln ever happened?

Not because of abolitionists movements at all. First, slavery was abolished in Europe in 1848 and that included England and later in entire British Empire. It was done for one reason alone, to allow for another more viscous and profitable exploitation scheme of human beings via so called wage slavery required by developing industrial revolution.

So when it was necessary, useful idiots, abolitionists were found and founded in the US and elsewhere to pretend that people’s will was acted upon, while it was premeditated economic move to increase profits and productivity of the emerging heavy industries all along and as a side effect helped nation state building as a way of preparing new cannon fodder for future wars among ruling classes.

In the US was the same and it was proved by a failure of Reconstruction and criminalization of black lives and return them to, this time, status of prison slaves in fact forcing thousands to move north and become slaves of wage for American Industry.

But if you read what abolitionists/activists thought about this, of course all of them took credit for a good deed.

2. Universal suffrage activists in the US were diligently pushing this idea for at least sixty years before finally it was granted in 1920 but what’s interesting that the same idea was soundly rejected by US political establishment in 1916 elections of Wilson.

So what happened over these few years what did not happened in previous sixty.

In fact there would be no universal suffrage if there was no radicalization of American working class in early XX century especially after 1905 revolution in Russia that open western eyes to the possibility of working class overthrowing the US/Western regimes as well.

This was mass support for Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) trade unions with clear leftist political aspirations uniting all working class regardless of industry voting for socialists candidates in state and federal elections as a political block of the left [millions voting for E. Debbs] that brought fear of revolution into halls of US ruling elites. This of course was met with brutal suppression of IWW, murders, intimidation but it was not enough.

They needed to suppress working class influence on the phony US electoral process and, after US army men returned from WWI influenced by and even overwhelmed with revolutionary fervor of the left in collapsing imperial Europe, and especially impressed by German, Hungarian and Russian revolutions 1917/18, they were well predisposed if not to rebel, to at least vote for leftist candidates upon their return.

The ruling elite while four years before vehemently opposed women voting rights on a [dubious] basis of clinically proven intellectual deficiency to grasp ideas US politics, in 1920 according to the same people women IQ suddenly skyrocketed and establishment itself pushed for women voting rights to cover up their desperate attempt to dilute working class votes by adding wives voting conservatively following church political teachings rather than only husbands voting for the left according to their political education they received in the working class social clubs that were also closed via another ruling elite ploy to use “prohibition activists” and new women voters to their own end, namely to suppress working class struggle in the peaceful [non-revolutionary] electoral realm.

Unfortunately, the same was in the era of civil rights/antiwar many activists radicals, were involved in unwittingly as pawns of the ruling elite that was engaged in mortal ideological combat with Soviet Union leftist ideology and decided to use some more useful idiots like MLK (who later discovered this ploy by himself, denounced it and died for it) to accomplish their own planed temporary and partial reversal of policies of discrimination, apartheid and war in a form of “détente” [as US could no longer finance Vietnam war in old ways that unnecessarily stirred more radical anti-US pro-leftist sentiments among population], that served solely their own survival facing existential nuclear threat to their power as well as a efficient tool of taming working class influence of socialist/communist ideology.

But Anti-war activists want us to believe that “people have spoken and power heeded the call to end the war”, nothing further from the truth.

So what remained of anti-war civil rights struggle fought in 1950-ties, 1960-ties by dedicated radical activists by now?

Nothing. We have a continuous thirty-year war.

What abolitionists would think when examining suffering of blacks gunned down on the streets, pushed into poverty, crime and incarceration after over 150 years since slavery was officially abolished?

What would they say now when we have mass re-incarceration of black nation thanks to Clinton reaching level of brutality, cruelty of failed reconstruction and what we have witnessed could only be described as reemergence of Jim Crow era in state and federal politics and criminal law with small addition of deceitful black elite of traitors trying to paper over the continuing black and poor genocide.

Is this what Ayers and others fought for or even some died for?

Is this what universal suffrage activists thought were fighting for? America where only about 18% of eligible voters are “electing” representatives, senators or president since the rest is not even represented by any candidate or any political platform at all.

Now we enter new era of activism; NGO activism which is nothing but thinly veiled attempt of ruling elite, via corporate powers who fund it, to embrace seemingly noble, humanistic causes of peace, democracy, social justice, clean environment, economic development, fair trade and other B.S., but this time most of activists are not useful idiots who were fooled into a confidence scheme but in fact shrewd operatives posing as phony humanity lovers, tree huggers, bringers of enlightenment and progress to the needy, actually being on the payroll of corporate human exploiters and exterminators.

Americans are happily unaware that they are living in a land of privileges bestowed by the ruling elite with no unalienable human or whatever rights at all and hence this kind of piecemeal activism, identity politics without uprooting of fundamental cause of the pain and suffering i.e. the calcified Anglo-American regime itself that runs this country for over 240 years, nothing will last, and all battles will be ultimately for none, while over the hill activists and their “mortal” adversaries will continue to write fat books of unreality and tell fairy tales of their successes and struggles to make some bucks on a side to support their small or big old age pensions of a tale teller.



What we would call “pedophilia” or sexual abuse of minors has long history. Not even from beginning of civilization but from beginning our human species.

But what is pedophilia, a part of wider abuse scheme?

Pedophilia is [for the purpose of this writing] in a sense a part of a spectrum social disorders focusing on power and domination (including sexual) within a group commonly observable among apes as well as in human societies.

This is all about drawing pleasure from domination and/or relieve social stress, manipulation and overpowering of other member of the group in order to gain control and/or induce certain acts, sexual acts among them. And hence Pedophilia, while most abhorrent component of that spectrum in its target [minor children], is nonetheless similar to any other abuse; sexual and physical or mental abuse of any person of any sex or age, applied in order to assert control.

Only in such context one can understand a slew of historically very recently introduced laws aimed at protection of children until so-called age of adulthood.

People often argue: What is changing overnight in a person who transitions from childhood (17) into adulthood (18) in most countries. The answer is nothing.

However, asking such a question reveals how ignorant people are about meaning of those children social protection laws.

Those laws are not about telling that a person is not mature enough, or doesn’t have a sound judgment or is unable to take care of himself/herself. No. That has nothing to do with a state of mind or experience or talent abilities or skills of person on a verge of adulthood.

The law tell us, as intended, that before age of 18 a young person is protected by society from compulsion of assuming an adult role within society regardless of his/her capabilities, that is protected from dealing with cultural, economic and social pressures of the society, such as enticement to crime, marriage or sexual relationship, work and earning for living etc., or responsibility for crimes that require well developed judgment and full social awareness, regardless whether or not such judgment or social awareness was acquired by adolescent.

As a matter of legal and social convention at the age of adulthood (18 in the west otherwise different) young adult is socially compelled be guided by his/her own judgment and be rendered capable if not willing to assume of all the adult duties and responsibilities, unless different special individual determination has been made.

Pedophiles bridge that law as well as social, moral norms via manipulation, coercion or rape or violence and it is more hurtful and degusting since victims of such coercion and ultimately betrayal are scared for the rest of their lives and often become unable to contribute to society as much as their potential would have indicated. And hence pedophilia and any sexual or other abuse is detrimental, a destroying factor, to a society at large and must be treated as an urgent social problem with highest priority in political realm not totally failed approach of dealing with it as a law enforcement issue.

The pedophiles are the most abhorrent breed of power manipulators, influence peddlers that walk the earth and as a result they are capable of inflicting deep harm to society and silence about that in the US and elsewhere is deafening.

So where did they come from?

They came mostly from elites of power, money and affluence who seek extension, enhancement of adult life prerogatives of power they hold in business, military, religion or politics into realm of fantasies and horror movies or to add a bonus trill of disgust and illegality.

But sadly there is also another group of former victims of abuse or people marginalized, alienated from society, pushed into utter poverty and desolation, rejected from society seeking recourse or revenge on other innocent victims of injustice within their reach or for crimes committed against them many years before.

However none of this would have been such a significant threat to social order if it was not for the fact that adult society we live in thrives of domination, manipulation, lies, influence peddling, exploitation of weak, gullible and vulnerable adults in a confidence schemes such as gambling or investments or usury and slavery, addictions etc., and all kinds of violence formally or informally sanctioned by the so-called law of the land.

Yes, pedophilia would not be have been grown to catastrophic proportions if there was no open promotion of practices conducive to such behaviors as is happening in the American society under false guise of emancipation, individualism and so-called freedom covering up fact utter social alienation, rejection and rampant loneliness and separation among peoples. In such a society every child outside of his/her family (or even within) is really alone, “abandoned” by the society, exposed to predatory individuals, institutions and social organizations channeling all kinds of human traffic almost with impunity.

Every ordinary person who ever walk the street on Hollywood Blvd or Sunset Blvd know that Hollywood is nothing but a cesspool of influence peddlers for a pedophiliac class of sexually frustrated exploitive show biz executives who are being fed by fraudulent and disgusting young “talent” agencies recruited by gullible but mostly heartless exploiters calling themselves parents or relatives, for money, fame or future extortion of money to drop child abuse lawsuits or even just to pay skyrocketing rent or satisfy addiction.
Aguilera, Spears, Cyrus and more, many Disney child stars but not only them were submerged into a pedophile hunting grounds, a culture of exploitation and domination from West Hollywood to Burbank and beyond and it would have been a miracle if they were not confronted with and abused by pedophiliac before and during their “careers”. And they erratic behaviors after they reached 18 tell volumes about that.

I commend Elijah Woods for his guts to come out with those horrible facts and extreme torture and exploitation of children that pedophilia is all about and the massive abuse, those children are going through before they “suddenly” pressing for extremes in their adult after-lives like Drew Barrymore or countless others, often ending up committing suicide and almost always seeking relieve in legal and illegal drugs.

What’s even more repugnant is that pedophiliacs in the position of power is often tolerated or encouraged as much by congregations of “pious” conservative religious leaders as by those progressives or well educated liberals, staunch advocates of civil and human rights in Hollywood, Wall Street or Washington D.C., and that includes LGBT community and all those vocal opponents of war, violence brutality and ecological rape who betray our children by staying silenced about what they know and sometimes take on a hat of apologists for a crime by concocting impossible, absurd social constructs or hallucinations about “legitimate” physical/sexual love between a child and adult which are cited as rampant and acceptable in other cultures what however, does not make them right.

There will be no open and effective discussion of this difficult and controversial subject unless we understand that pedophilia or other abuse is nothing but a degenerated reincarnation of our own adult relationships based of dominance, submission and exploitation of weak and vulnerable within our society, sexual or not and that we must change our ways and become guardians of every child we know to make sure that such a horrible crimes are eradicated.


THOUGHTS ON AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN: Why does this Ball of Lies Keep Rolling?

One lesson from this is obvious namely corrupting and destructive, influence this farcical political and electoral sham has on people’s morality and dignity of independent individual human being placated with the lies about freedom and liberty by an abhorrent totalitarian regime in a Huxley style of Brave New World of 1984.

The assigning even slight credibility to the travesty called political and electoral system destroys moral compass of any person, devastate self-esteem, raze any possibility of self-aggrandizement and forge mental state of submission to the power that results in deep depression and zombie like cognitive state, devoid of any human concern for family or society at large as long as rotten meat and blood is coming, often of their own kin.

Election after election, and this applies also to sheeple cowards here in the US, all those electoral zombies that disgustingly crawling over the poling booths are devouring their yet unborn children for their lust of blood and green buck.

Threatened by alienation, rejection from “brain infected” love-ones as well as fearing wrath of economical and political mafia bosses, army of despicable creatures will cast their new orders for more rotten meet next election in the US begging actors playing rotten politicians for new fix and if they fail to crawl in one piece to the poling station,  a hackable by a kindergartner voting systems, will cast a “vote” for them while they themselves, as useless, will be ground into Soylent Green to feed other ”voters” like themselves.

The totalitarian system, like we have in the US, creates a totalitarian man who trades his freedom, courage, morality as well as his commitment and sacrifice for his family or community for his own creature comforts, for illusion of security and permission to forget about his cowardice and dreadful betrayal of himself and the other human beings and finally for a brutally reinforced lie.

Realizing this horrendous dimension of the betrayal that is interwoven in a fabric of human society filling all crevices of human relationships one sees no way out but to forget, to give up on life that could have been since it would have been a lonely life anyway due to this dignifying and courageous but devastating and alienating move into nothingness.



When confronting the system of control many do not know who they are dealing with and I do not mean propaganda and security apparatus. What I mean is people living lives by-wire, automatons, driven by simple underlying impulses to avoid pain and prolong pleasure manipulated by the system of control.

To break free from their torpor they would have to accept physical and mental suffering as vital and important part of what it means to be alive as a free and independent human being in the real world.

I do not have to tell you how shocking and horrifying a mere thought, of acknowledging dark, concocted by power elites, brutal reality that surrounds us, is to blue pill people immersed in pursuit of their mirage of happiness which is always becoming and never being.

These zombie-like, human beings completely captured by the system, will not hesitate to despair or use violence against us, messengers of bitter truth about reality, which ironically is killing them as much as killing us. These people are backbone of the system of control. More valuable to power then professional security establishment, since they are potential secret agents of control always present at our dinner table, at school, at work, in church, capable of denouncing their own kin on a whim, anytime their hypnotic state is interrupted by hint of subversive ideas of reality.

That’s why totalitarian regimes last as long as they do, not because of secret police. People became “true” believers in what they were told just to avoid pain, and perceive anyone wanted to tell the other truth about what was going on as just somebody who would “cause” their pain, a psychological phenomenon, known as transposition.

What’s worst is that such a people have extreme difficulty to learn anything even facing physical limitations encroaching into their dreamland. Instead of revaluating their whole worldview and trash it, with all the painful consequences, they make ridiculous adjustments to their utopia. They party with “friends” non-stop until money runs out and “friends” are gone, then they say they’ll do without friends, they drive overpriced car until it’s repossessed, then they say biking or cheaper cars are as good. They live in oversized overpriced house until is foreclosed, then saying apartment living is as luxury as in the house, etc.

They do not even attempt to examine their lives to find out why wrong decisions were made, and how to change in the future, because it would require them to face reality of what’s happened. And what happened is that they follow propaganda of the system in hope for reward while in fact system wants them dead. So instead, they do everything possible to make small, pain soothing, adjustments to their little worlds made up by the system and keep going as nothing happened to the end until matrix of control consume and discard their beings.

Once trapped in the total submission trap of the Matrix one cannot be unplugged or freed without consequences of mental disorder. Hence, I do not see any other way to affect change within society but to establish informal institution of learning about reality of the world as it is, devoid of systemic propaganda. Such effort should be focusing mainly on very young people, who should be taught above all that it takes a lot of courage to really know anything about the real world, a virtue without which no other virtues are possible. We need generations of brave scholars with courage to be free.

More on Matrix of Control can be found at:




He had white horses
And slaves by the score
All dressed in rags
And kneeling by the door

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

Traitors and villains
They made up his bed
And gold under mattress
On which he was laid

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

He went to start wars
For his gluttony and his kin
For his honor and his glory
He would sin

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

A Headsman had found him
His blood ran as he cried
No money could save him
So he fell down and he died

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

Original: lyrics/music by Greg Lake, performed by ELP.



The WASPie character of the US military elites intermingled with institutional racism and fascism with fundamental Christian overtones and iconography, and operationally completely submissive to the Wall Street war mongering oligarchs proved themselves utterly ignorant when dealing with the predominantly Islamic nations and the very character of the conflicts and social response to the aggression they encountered in their military escapades in Asia and Middle East.

So forget those futile attempts to prop up all those illusory armies of freedom and democracy which were just a propaganda/financial Ponzi schemes designed to lose on the battlefield and to win in the propaganda war about America, “democracy” addicted, exceptional state, a shining light in the midst of global barbarism.

The fact is, that it was always about money, namely US taxpayers money or rather FEDs freshly printed money that was being stolen starting at the level of highest echelons of MIC and Wall Street oligarchs and to make some money no war is a wrong war. The case in point is the contract for $300 millions awarded to a 21 year old from San Diego with no experience or previous DOD awards and P.O.Box for an address of a new business to purchase AK-47 for afghan police which turn out to be dilapidated mostly broken guns from Afghan war with Soviets worth less than 1 million on the market.

Officially admitted missing $30-$50 Billions of CASH in Iraq is just a tip of an iceberg of  massive fraud. All those wars really were nothing else but fraud in every dimension.

There was no building of any “friendly armies” since even politically it was impossible to be accomplished by the aggressor but instead it was always and only a propaganda ploy to enrich banksters and their government cronies to overall detriment of the national security of the Unites States and nobody went to jail.

The hollowed out,  Central Asian/ Middle East mercenary armies of illusion were bravely commanded but the US generals of hollowed out American military, running the “show” directly from their cushy offices in the US loaded with a free loader staff of cronies or sexual interests of both genders all happily detached from the reality and their “men on the ground” of nonexistent armies winning their nonexistent battles with nonexistent enemies and achieving victories and medals, stars and promotions in their computer simulated world of evil while America became more defenseless day by day. Those generals ordered MSM propaganda to deal with the pesky reality of death and carnage caused by their flaccid, incompetent, incoherent rantings they want to call leadership.

The rampant militarism of social, economic and political life, massive corruption and fraud under a veil of secrecy we are experiencing in the US collapses US military ability to defend the nation such as it was in the Roman Empire where emperor commanded nonexistent legions to glorious nonexistent victories over nonexistent enemies while empire rotten from inside. What’s worse is that it took them over 200 years to realize that. How long will we wait?



Anybody wonders why we have severe crisis in recruitment in medical field here in the US?. Anybody wonders why, if single payer system was implemented right now, one would have to wait months or even years to see a doctor? Anybody wonders why charging for medical care skyrocketed beyond pale of humanity?

It all has its core in victimizing young doctors via feudal like servitude towards uneducated ignorant corporate stooges who run the hospitals and medical profession these days. Of course many of those young doctors abandon their profession after being unable to get on to a lucrative residency run by ethnic medical mafias including ethnic Philippine mafia in the nursing profession and left with making barely $30k in some urban ghettos or rural islands of poverty. Not to mention appalling collapse of the medical educational level in the Big Pharma corporatized, overpriced medical schools focused on scraping the rest of  humanity from those young students and turning them into mindless robotic technicians following blindly what computer says, doing more harm than good and having not even slightest idea what they’re actually doing.

But let’s talk about totally different kind of malpractice, willful malpractice for money and/or affluence what most successful doctors perfected for you and me, being considered not as a human but a creature of the corporatist incepted concrete jungle called society.

In few words, in the US and unfortunately in some other countries, “successful” physicians’ true professional objective and purpose of their education, even if they deny it, is to seriously to moderately injure their heavily insured patients to the degree that would still allow them to cover exuberant fees and enormous drug costs, through private insurance or government or desperate family selling off all they got. Dying poor are left in pain to die, thrown out on the street pavements like dogs according to doctors Hypocritical, not Hippocratic oath as it was well documented on LA Skid Row few years ago.

Additionally these parasitic doctors lie to their rich patients about diagnosis, making it potentially worse, just to make experiments on humans to patent the procedure or push another useless drug. Those heavily insured patients are purposefully misdiagnosed with certain diseases such as cancer and offer surgical removal of whole organs, breasts, uterus, ovaries etc., just to make money. Even worn out Hollywood starlets undergo televised self-mutilation for commercial propaganda purposes to insidiously entice millions of potential victims of medical crimes to be maimed or disfigured without any shred of evidence of any disease. The transplantation industry is even worse, dealing with body parts obtained through mutilation or murder of poor and abandoned children of the streets or prisoners all over the world.

Unnecessary, harmful and painful testing which amounts to torture, highly addictive drug regiments are common examples of the abuse of young and elderly unaware of the purpose of procedures and often done against published research results condemning such tests, therapies or drugs as extremely injurious.

It’s that simple. Most doctors want you to be sick so he/she could suck up blood from you and your family. And after you dead they want your body sold for profit.

Cheap preventive medicine, with 95% success rate of early intervention is practically abandoned since there is no money in it. Entire commercial food industry and tobacco conspire with medical establishment, hospitals and insurance companies to destroy health of our nation. To make us sick. Such act would amount to treason during cold war years.

Few doctors who focus of homeostatic/homeopathic physiological balance of human organism and developed successful therapies which restore the balance no matter what disease they are dealing with are persecuted, prosecuted and/or threaten with jail and have their medical licenses revoked.

However, this deceitful practice that doctors are engaged in, playing on people’s fear of pain, suffering and death by giving them false hope, is not new.

Philosophers Kant and Voltaire in XVIII century being of very fragile health as children vow to stay away from doctors of their time and cured themselves using their own remedies in many occasions of serious diseases and live over 80, a quarter century longer then average people lifespan back then. What did they know?

We have to demand free preventive medicine all the way. The best cure is prevention. First of all we should demand that we consume real food and not the poisonous $hit that is being sold in the supermarkets. We should insist on breaking up the HF/PE run vertically integrated food cartels solely aimed to continuously make us sick for profit. But there is more that needs to be changed, namely the brutal system of legal slavery and exploitation run by Wall Street oligarchs since it is the number one source of oppression and physically devastating stress that is killing us all.



Lennon was a human being like you and me. At times he was being coerced and corrupted by the fame and opulence and indulged himself into egotistic drives, abandoning his familiar responsibilities, breaking, sometime violently, important human relationships for fleeting thrill of the Beverly Hills drug and booze culture of rich and famous. But he paid for it via his own personal pain and suffering that allowed him finally to return to the reality and find his way in it through his music.

However, one must separate artist from the art otherwise we may as well throw away all the fine art since all of the artists were one way or another insane relatively to the society they faced during their lifetime. The fact is that artist insanity, brutality, and the loss of connection with the so-called “reality” were always huge price to pay for their absolute honesty of their art.

To tell the truth to the power and to armies of power minions ready to kill you if you challenge their torpor takes extraordinary act of self-destruction and irreversible alienation from the society often leaving the escape into mental illness the only way to physically survive. Most of geniuses were rejected and condemned only because they showed people who they actually were, and it was never a pretty picture.

Lennon was of similar statue who outgrown himself of early life and only later underwent a transformation that enabled him to see a big picture of the society of what it really is and hence detached himself from the political nonsense.

In the end on the faithfully day in December 8, 1980 he became a hero, a philosopher king of untainted young hearts and through this violent act his humanity was affirmed through his mortality and a chance of betrayal of his beliefs was denied to him forever making his unwanted lonely message of peace to humanity standing strong for over 35 years now.

For me there are least three most profound songs/lyrics of John Lennon, not fully understood even today for their revolutionary philosophy of humanism that to me define redemption from his sinful life.

Here they are:

“Working Class Hero”


“War is over”

and “Woman is The Nigger of the World.”

He did it. But what it would take for us to redeem ourselves. I am asking this for John.


It is appalling that the medical professionals as well as psychologists/ psychiatrists cooperate with many governments in the physical and/or mental torture of the people no matter what they supposedly did or did not do.

The revealed by TIC among others, a massive psych-op by the social media with thousands of victims and some casualties and the Snowden disclosure of the long suspected global spying, manipulation and social infiltration system grew exponentially over the last decades but they were widely used before by means of the co-opted press and other older techniques of threats and intimidation.

What is even more disturbing is that unduly acquired by the psychology/psychiatry, government-backed authority renders their scientifically questionable judgments, superior to that of the local culture, tradition or community practices with the catastrophic consequences in the context of the judiciary and the implementation of the law.

So what is so attractive and seemingly useful for the ruling power in the realm of psychology or psychiatry prompting the government to pay countless millions of dollars for their dubious services?

First of all the psychology is not a science like cooking is not a science although it can consistently and repeatedly provide “desired” results.

It is the neo-scholastic type of knowledge based on statistically categorizing the shallow observations with no deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms or principles, an approach common to all the behaviorist’ inquiries.

The psychology is a very old field of knowledge dating from at least Greek classical period from 700 BC. It has been developed as a part of the control structure supporting the early political systems.

In other words, psychology, through the observations and experimentation provided the recipe for manipulating of people to acquire certain attitudes or perform certain actions as a part of the political process. Used within different political systems, the psychology provides different tools and methods to control the attitudes and actions often combined with the mental and physical intimidation or torture.

Similarly to the organized religion, psychology, including positive psychology as a tool of the powers, is very insidious since it’s using against its victims their own “confessions” about their internal feelings, conflicts as well as their individual intellectual analysis of the society controlled by the ruling elite. It has never been about the well-being of an individual and a complete lack of documented cures or even positive long-term clinical results speak for itself.

To truly understand what the psychology really is and to see through the fallacy about the happiness or normalcy that is spewed among the populace read: “SAVING THE MODERN SOUL” by Eva Illouz; UC Press 2008; Check it out from any college library.

An interesting take on the role of certain concepts of the mental illness, developed by the psychologists/psychiatrists, as applied the society at large can be found at:


Another fallacy spewed shamelessly within the society is a notion of the positive psychology. I contrast to its assertions, the happiness is the physical health, social stability, planning for the future, fulfilling the relationships within the social life cycle, and creativity in the contribution to society as well as dedication to others and appreciation by the others, all objective, all physically measurable and expressible concepts.

Happiness has nothing to do with our feelings but all to do with the external social reality.



In a twisted way a seeming conundrum about how to effectively rebel applying a necessary violence to dislodge the tyrants while not be morally destroyed by it, is not unsolvable as one might think if we realize that the war or violence kills everyone who wages it or where it is waged, looser or winner, survivor or victim, heroes or cowards. Nobody comes back home  from the war morally alive.

What destroys the revolutions or rebellions and what repeats the circle of the class division, violence and exploitation is the fact that those victors or those defeated or those innocent victims are celebrated instead of their bodies buried in the soil where they belong and completely forgotten after they already willingly or unwillingly or randomly sacrificed their humanity for the however noble common cause.

Such an attitude may be shocking for most of us who did not experience the brutality and futility of the war first hand but was given enormous legitimacy by the words of the cryptic poet K.K. Baczynski, a soldier in the Polish Home Army fighting against the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 in which he unknowingly expressed his “poetic last will” just few days before he was killed in the battle.

In his poetic words he expressed the wish that all of those who fought in that war, including German Nazi aggressors as well as the Poles defending their own families and fighting for the liberation of their country to be forgotten for what they did in the war and all the battle fields to be plowed and forgotten as well since only then the new generations would be able to have a chance to build the lasting peace.

It seems to me that he understood, sitting in the trench waiting to die, what the humanity really is. He saw, that those who fought for moral “good” are no different of those who fought for “evil” even if their goals and motivations were morally opposite and concluded that all deserve to fade into oblivion.

All the wars could be avoided if everyone found in himself/herself a will to grant a human dignity to all human beings as an equal unalienable right with no exception. But that’s impossible and hence we will have a perpetual warfare and dehumanization of countless generations who will repeat their fathers’ sins forever.

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After 60 years  after the famous Pugwash Conference manifesto of A.Einstein and B.Russell in 1955 against the nuclear war or second best thing of the abolishing of nuclear weapons, we have new breed of the concerned citizen of the world, but this time the signatories of new manifesto would not dare to ask for abolition of the war itself, perhaps not enough intellectual prowess and/or to many ties to the military industrial complex, but rather opted for the ban on the research or use of the AI enabled technology for military purposes or purposes of war.

But even that claim is weak, half-backed and all implicit in the text. The only thing the manifesto of “Autonomous Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers” 2015 literally says is:

Starting a military AI arms race is a bad idea, and should be prevented by a ban on offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control.

So actually the signatories of the manifesto are not against research and not against deployment of the autonomous AI enabled weapons but against use of the OFFENSIVE AI weapons only as it is a bad idea??? It’s so lame.

And here is a problem. The Russel-Einstein Manifesto acknowledged the futility of their effort to control or ban the weapons without resolving the underlying problems and the power and nationalist/imperial propaganda, but at least they put it in the context of our common humanity and the value of human life and dignity. While authors of the new manifesto of 2015 do not even make that connection and hence it makes it intellectually empty and as futile as its predecessor. It is very well illustrated in the quote from the Russel-Einstein Manifesto:

Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war?1 People will not face this alternative because it is so difficult to abolish war.

The abolition of war will demand distasteful limitations of national sovereignty.2 But what perhaps impedes understanding of the situation more than anything else is that the term “mankind” feels vague and abstract. People scarcely realize in imagination that the danger is to themselves and their children and their grandchildren, and not only to a dimly apprehended humanity. They can scarcely bring themselves to grasp that they, individually, and those whom they love are in imminent danger of perishing agonizingly. And so they hope that perhaps war may be allowed to continue provided modern weapons are prohibited.

This hope is illusory.

The full text of the manifesto 1955:

Statement: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto

The full text of the manifesto 2015: http://futureoflife.org/AI/open_letter_autonomous_weapons

And this is what they can do today:

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Web-trolls are among us, everywhere you click, FB, G, YT, TWR, FLKR etc., run thousands of trolls daily on their payroll including the human in Asian/African troll shops for dollar a day as well as purely robotic. Most of their accounts are fake, impossible to independently verify.

Traffic on the corporate sites is artificially generated for the SEC reporting. All out psychological war is going on the net, if you missed it you’re blind. Billions dollars are spent to perform massive psychological torture of the population as a penalty for the capital crime of sharing their true, unnegotiated by money and privilege, thoughts, opinions and moral judgments among other kindred souls. The whole system of the primitive notions of likes, dislikes, voting up or down is widely used by the trolls to discourage and intimidate, instead of just polling an independent opinion or sharing support.

The troll comments are of vicious, personal nature, directed to a participant of discussion, completely out of context, often disclosing private, off the net, details to instill fear in the people, to shut them up. Their extremism is always compatible with the official propaganda of the fake patriotism redirecting the emotions away from the core of the problem, no matter how outraged they may seem. Most of them are easy to spot but some are more insidious, first slowly building up authority on the blog and then proceed to control the conversation, steering it into dead-end leaving bloggers conflicted and misunderstood. That’s why  we all should reject any external authority of anyone on the blog beyond the merits of their posts and always filter out everything through our own, off the net knowledge and experience.

The many seemingly independent websites are directly funded by the MSM or the corporates, and are simply run by the trolls themselves; company of the self-adoring trolls, aiming in an absurd exaltation, narcissism and reinforcing stringent hierarchy of the “ratings” or achievements that determine the wisdom and validity of an argument rather than it’s content. We know them well.

The troll army have been deployed by many social media companies to perform nasty experiments on the living social organism, to drive, especially young people, to desperation or suicide by faking their peer response, administering cruel and unusual punishment for nothing but human trust, and playing with the gullible young people’s lives.

The whole mess with the Ukraine unleashed thousands of fascist trolls on the CIA payroll, funded by 5 billion $ endowment for demi-diocy that instigated fake, outlandish stories, liken to the H.G.Wells’s alien invasion, mindlessly picked up by MSM zombies.

What’s is most important to fighting the trolls and preventing major disruption is the response of the web community that should enforce the blog manifesto. It means, not to be intimidated into suppressing of daring, rare, uncensored, contrarian and independent from corporate and government views, data analysis and conclusions wherever they may lead us, no limits, no taboos, may be with the exception of recognizing individual humanity even in lowest of low-life trolls, Fausts that sold their soul to Mephistopheles and lived to regret it.

One single unafraid truth teller on the net is a beacon to million others who still stay silenced with their truths.



Fascism is back big time. I never thought that I would be still around when this happened again. But it did.

Before and even during WWII all the western governments and power elites including (not so strangely) Soviets were infatuated with Hitler and fascinated by his Hegelian ideology of national purity and renewal via methods of the social eugenics borrowed from the Anglo-Americans experience with slavery and exterminations of the indigenous population. After tolerant if not benign Ottoman Empire collapsed, even Arab elites joined the westerners in their admiration and support, promoting fascist leaning organizations on their soil and supported Hitler throughout the WWII.

The only political force that opposed fascism was the left, communists and socialist, anarchists or workers parties. Before the war NO OTHER political party, I repeat NO OTHER political party, movement or institution in the west actively opposed Hitler, even in England and not even Zionist movement. In contrast, tens of thousands of communists died fighting fascism before the first gunshot of WWII sounded. One of those first leftist groups, that did not share western infatuations with Hitler and took arms against the Spanish fascist aggression in 1936 instead, was the Basque Nationalist Action party (ANV), political ancestor to ETA which continued struggle against the Franco’s fascist regime until 1975 and beyond just like in Ireland the leftist/nationalist IRA was a political ancestor of the Provisional IRA fighting the UK fascist of the Northern Ireland regime of their time.

And today, who’s fighting fascism (state corporatism) in the world. The radical left, again. The only sane voice for humanity against the fascists such as ISIS, Al Kaida etc., as well as the Ukrainian, German, Finish, Norwegian fascists and other European nationalists, medieval gulf states regimes and the “mainstream” western mafia political system or the radical gangs of central bankers and countless others is expressed by the authentic left (not to confused with rotten liberals, left by name only) or what’s left of it after decades of the brutal extermination.

During last several decades fascism permeated all the aspects of western political elites and large chunk of the societies, manifesting itself by the irresponsible and often insane warmongering, militarization of societies and devastation of economies, surveillance state and brainwashing command and control propaganda dedicated to breed new cannon fodder under the Orwellian guise of war for freedom and liberty. Even China’s and Russia’s fascist factions have significant influence or even hold the power and the left is in retreat.

Hitler was insane with his total war as a struggle between good and evil so are the world elites of the US, EU, Davos crowd or Bilderberg Group etc., now and if not the left, nobody will stop them.

The sixteen years old girl, with one foot in her grave, a comrade of the Kurdistan Workers Party/PKK sees fighting ISIS as fighting fascism, fighting for the women rights, equality, education, jobs, or just to make household decisions. These are true radical leftists, horrible boogeymen imprinted in our sick minds.



The US regime’s tentacles reached to the heart of American family many decades ago and ripped it apart, replacing love, commitment, hard work and sacrifice, basic human values with paper money, shiny gold and drug or alcohol induced dementia to drown horrible feelings of utter betrayal of their own flesh and blood, betrayal of human solidarity and dignity.

Today’s millennials are not more screwed up, hopeless, ignorant or confused about what’s going on around them than the kids of 1950-ties.

Both generations followed idiotic and suicidal government propaganda devoid of merit. In 1950-ties improvements of standard of living and suddenly open “opportunities” were caused solely by US ruling elites’ horrendous fear, of cold war Soviet type bloody revolution promised by greatest generation just two decades before.

They made sure Americans were happy or else. Hedonistic, egoistic, individualistic propaganda, negating basic moral values of their parents, was continually blasted through airways, at home at school, in Church, at work rendered population confused, unable to defend or even recognize their own fundamental interests and social commitments.

Fast forward to now and young are again cheerleaders of policy of globalization that really means their own pauperization, enslavement and collapse of economy they depend on . Now and then clueless youth act against their own interests and their community or family interests praising sick wet dreams of gluttony spewed by psychotic oligarchs.

Back then in 1950-ties, Americans were justifiably proud to work for their government so were soviet people. However, they both did not realize that they were being bribed and corrupted using all mighty dollar/ruble and propaganda of their righteousness while their governments were killing innocent people within their borders as well as all over the world and made state oligarchs in both countries insanely rich.

The baby boomer generation did not win their prosperity, they were given their fair opportunities only to shut them up and overlook unconstitutional un-American central command and control economic and political system developed and funded by DoD in form almost identical to that of Soviet Union. They looked away, silent witnesses of eroding basic constitutional rights and rampant state monopoly to detriment of future generations as long as they themselves were “doing” OK as MSM propaganda of egotism assured them.

Greatest generation, who faced horrors of unfettered capitalism and oligarchic rule was divided and conquered by power elites. The values of parents were separated from values of their baby boomer children in order to cause their political, social and moral weakness and now their great-grandchildren are paying for their betrayal or extreme gullibility of believing in ultimate goodness of ruling class who wanted them dead all along.

5 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS

  1. Re: Brave New World…
    “These people are the backbone of the system….”.

    But individually, they haven’t got one entire backbone between them. Lol


  2. Re: Revolutions Eat Children

    Even the innocent victims should be forgotten because they sacrificed their humanity, willingly or not, for a cause?

    Did they sacrifice their humanity? Or did someone sacrifice it for them? That’s like saying that we all sacrifice our humanity simply by dying. They really had no choice in the matter.

    And isn’t it true that if you forget your history, you are bound to repeat it?

    Surely, ones humanity is worth defending as long as there are tyrants willing to snuff it out.


  3. Re: Fascism is Back

    “Hitler was insane with his total war as a struggle between good and evil so are the world elites of the US, EU, Davos crowd or Bilderberg Group etc., now and if not the left, nobody will stop them.”

    A cultural insanity. He grew up inundated with the anti-Semitic rhetoric of the Catholic church and the Christian culture surrounding him.

    18 December 1926
    “The teachings of Christ have laid the foundations for the battle against Jews as the enemy of Mankind; the work that Christ began, I shall finish.”


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