Fukushima nothing but is ongoing multistage disaster currently in stage one. The reactor vessels and buildings are deteriorating in extreme rates threatening to collapse while still there is no plan for decommission of the two reactors that did not completely melted down and no technology to decommission those, which did. After freezing wall failure steel and “new” concrete wall is failure as well, a propaganda ploy to temporary limit the discharge of the contaminated water to the ocean and by raising the level of contaminated deadly water will increase size of the plume and affect wider coastal area than it is now, all while decontamination equipment failed, died due to corrosion.

Very telling is the attitude of the Japanese government to this man-made disaster; yes man-made disaster of Fukushima. Another symbolic fiction of justice of those gluttonous and murderous corporate types that are cancer to Japanese society and an insult to tens thousands of victims many not found or identified yet. Lawlessness is all around us, in Japan and elsewhere when apology for killing thousands is all there is to it.


Another try at another Robot:


Nothing really changed since disaster except another failure of some robotic toy and turning back to the old tired ideas of ice wall proven wrong long time ago. Now they try another band aid to frantically stop massive seepage of the highly radioactive water to the ocean that was declared SAFE for fishing years ago namely steel and concrete reinforced wall at the edge of the water and not a confinement of the melted reactors that continue to contaminate ground water with thousands of tones of radioactive water, by-product of cooling of the reactors with cracked containment vessels and missing melted nuclear fuel. They are truly hopeless with no solution even on the drawing board. It looks like Japanese will obliterate themselves without help from Godzilla.

Also we had a lesson of justice Japanese style, when legal peoples’ court indicted the TEPCO for crimes of deliberate murder and physical, psychological and economical injury based on TEPCO previous knowledge of unmitigated seismic dangers that invalidated Fukushima NPP operational license and required by law immediate shutting down of Fukushima NPP, was rejected by Sendai prefecture prosecutor due to “lack of evidence” unveiling true face of Japanese totalitarian regime disguised as “democracy”. TOO BIG TO JAIL JAPANESE STYLE.

More on true Japan economic and political mafia system can be found at:


Over 4 years passed since Fukushima disaster so it’s time for quick recapitulation of the situation in the End of 2015:

Two of four reactors suffered complete melt down, one partial meltdown and fourth which was not operational at that time still has big spent fuel problem which cannot be removed, posing threat of explosion if another disaster hits.

In four years what they accomplished was merely pouring water on cores of melted reactors and pumping it into hundreds of storage tanks build in the vicinity of NPP while having no clue what to do with it. Attempts to effectively decontaminate it failed.

The vessel containments of melted down reactors have failed. They developed concrete cracks as well damage of pressure piping during disaster and in aftermath. Through those fissures some of nuclear fuel and highly contaminated water’s pouring into ground water system.

The fact of bridging containment vessel (prelude to China syndrome) alone leads to horrifying conclusions that the problem is unfixable at all, short of currently impossible task of removing all melted nuclear fuel from vessel and/or wherever it went. The truth that anyone involved in mitigation of this disaster wouldn’t even utter.

On the top of it after four years TEPCO does not have good account of state of melted down reactors or complete list of damages, since supposedly world leading powerhouse robotics nation cannot produce one dammed good robot that would work in such extreme conditions. Several attempts to deploy robots have been proven complete failure.

It is shocking but they simply do not know what to do. They are in loss, confusion and panic, tons of nuclear fuel are missing, unaccounted for. There is neither plan, nor technology invented yet to tackle the problem. In desperation thousand retired workers indebted to Japanese mafia were being sent there into these reactors, for two minutes each, to senselessly die on orders of Japanese Oligarchs. It is that bad.

Since rate of process of removing radiation from highly contaminated water is many times lower that rate of pumping newly contaminated water into new, freshly built storage tanks, the whole effort is hopeless from engineering point of view. All this is just Sisyphus work, which lead to nowhere since they have to keep pumping water to cool and moderate fission material inside leaky damaged reactors so they will not blow up again. Now many those tanks are also leaking profusely back to ground water adding to chaos. All the contaminated water leaked from reactor vessels and storage tanks ends up in the ocean continually bleeding radiation and all frantic attempts of preventive measures such as “ice wall” utterly failed.

Japanese MSM media, in 1984 style propaganda of changing past to control present, covers up gruesome reality of the Fukushima situation with its human implications, not to mention ignores severe problems with remaining 100 aging Japanese nuclear reactors put offline after 03/11/2011.

The official talk about Fukushima NPP decommission process planned for about four decades supposedly already started is a cruel fairy tale in context of utterly hopeless situation on the ground. The apparent inertia and indifference of the government, busy destroying Japanese economy with QE, cannot be explained in any other way than deliberated criminal, genocidal act against Japanese nation and world community unless you believe in fairy tales.

Situation at some US nuclear power plants and decommission efforts:


and propaganda lies about renewable and nuclear energy,

an excerpt from”


about fallacy of the concept of peaceful application of nuclear power.

The Nuclear power however, is neither clean nor sustainable and is simply a cruel hoax, masquerading as power generating technology. There is no such a thing as peaceful or civilian nuclear power. Little history. When in early fifties nuclear weapons race between US and Soviets and later China was in its apex a problem aroused of running huge operation of producing nuclear weapons in total secrecy. The issue was necessity of running secretly many nuclear reactors fueled with over 99% of U238 and less than 1% of isotope U235 which after controlled fission burning produced 3-4% of isotope U235 ready for subsequent enrichment in order to produce nuclear weapon grade fuel. Another problem was that further enrichment of uranium U235 and Plutonium Pu239 isotopes required enormous amounts of electricity, for running of hundreds of thousands mechanical centrifuges 24/7 affecting whole national power system with variety effects that were not easy to conceal.

To the rescue came bunch propagandists from Pentagon or W.H. and devised peaceful use of nuclear energy mantra, brilliantly conceived method of hiding massive nuclear war preparation effort as a benign service to humanity as proclaimed by president Eisenhower as early as  in 1953. As a result first so-called US Civilian Nuclear Power Plant was born in Shippingport, Pennsylvania in 1957, with moderate redesign of original military nuclear reactor and adding steam turbine and electric power generators. Even deadly adversaries of US in Soviet Union did not openly attack Eisenhower, by calling him liar and hypocrite in editorial of “PRAVDA” newspaper as they usually did but instead they were uncannily receptive to supposed “peace” overtures. They must have understood the point and figured out that they can also use this propaganda ploy to keep readying to nuclear confrontation while utilizing previously useless steam to light up half of Siberia, all in the name of world peace. No need to go on.

Ignoring inherited environmental dangers and flaws in basic concepts of design, nuclear power plants were never meant for civilian use for one reason alone. Namely complete lack of any technology enabling utilization of deadly, lasting up to billion years, nuclear waste for any further civilian use and fairy tales about new breeder reactor technologies do not change anything in that matter. The Fukushima NPP disaster is prime example of deadly results of reckless design based more on war contingencies than consideration for civilian lives, combined with complete criminal incompetence of private operator focused solely on profit. The medium term effects are starting to show up in form of 6000% increase in cancer cases in Fukushima prefecture while authorities call area safe.

UPDATE: [The old prisoners and those old guys indebted to Japanese mafia which were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation within first days and weeks all of them are dying many already died but you want hear it from NHK. They increase acceptable level of radiation 30 times in comparison to what it was before disaster and on the top of that their measurements of radiation were base of beta decay (Geiger) and not on alpha decay which as more deadly to human organism. Also 6000% increase in cancer cases in Fukushima NPP area have been already reported.90% of population in Fukushima area did not return even to so called safe areas. They know better.

Japanese MSM media, in 1984 style propaganda of changing past to control present, covers up gruesome reality of the Fukushima situation with its human implications, not to mention ignores severe problems with remaining 100 aging Japanese nuclear reactors put offline after 03/11/2011. So far in 2015 allowing only single one to be restarted spurring massive protests in Japan.]

There will be updates for next 50 years guarantied.

[UPDATE: 2017-02-02] Corium FOUND? No. Just a hole in the containment vessel in one of reactors through which some corium melted into the ground. Here is video:




In Venezuela the US applied the same methods as in eastern Europe in late 1980-ties; economic choke-hold, destruction of the currency and industry while promoting wide-spread corruption with money funneled through US embassy.

And now tired, exhausted, terrorized people of Venezuela have spoken against their vital interests.

The demise of the Chavinistas, although under tremendous pressure from the US, was mostly of their own doing, predominantly due to internal struggle for influence, power and money as well as mistrusts and accusation of betrayal after worshipers of Chavez made a U-turn and fell for neoliberal trap.

Chavez revolution was an honest one for most part and lifted millions of Venezuelans from poverty and gave them sense of pride and belonging to the nation in contrast to previous feudal serfdom outfit but it was built upon fleeting oil boom and flawed concept of “commendante” brand of leadership, a father figure type of authority akin to Castro’s which never succeeded in the past as a basis of the permanent revolution for future generations since too strong leadership diminished community empowerment and self-reliance, a foundation of any successful social system.

Hugo Chavez’s failure was primarily in his own overwhelming stature, cult like popularity, simplicity and populism of the message, to big to make space for vast cadres of Plato style shadowy guardians of revolution a necessary bedrock of lasting social change and hence the Bolivarian revolution died with his assassination without accomplishing anything but temporary, however desperately needed reprieve from brutality of previous, US sponsored feudal regimes and a footprint in the sand of Venezuelan national conscientiousness.

Is Chavez’s legacy a demonstration of a failure of the nation state based revolution change, which he himself warned about and called for South American cross-continent political and economic unity that has been theoretically documented by Rosa Luxemburg a century ago or his  rejection of Mao-like physical eradication of the oligarchs and land owner elites whose aim always was and always will be to promote system that favors their narrow interest no matter what dire cost to the nation, is an ultimate reason for the breakdown. The history will tell.

This conflict between localized democratic social system of people’s direct participation and globalized systems needed to defend the revolutionary changes seems to resemble dialectic struggle where revolution is often defeated by mere fact of assailing it by the elitists and forcing it into so-called self-defense mode which in fact is always a self-preservation mode for the leadership and self-destruction mode of bold revolutionary ideas as applied to any “revolution”, American, Bolivarian, Russian or French etc.

Neither previous historical revolutionaries nor Castro or Chavez knew what ultimate form of social justice system within the community looks like if it exists at all but they knew that abhorrent contemporary system they lived in is not an answer and hence their continuing revolution theory and dialectic methods of small improvement of self-governance to benefit of all or vast majority of the people.

What we need leaderless revolution of step-wise changes starting from intimate personal, social relationships embracing solidarity, humanity and dignity of everyone and rejecting propaganda of commodification of the human condition that divides us. It continues to be my wish.



Saudi blogger, not first and likely not last, will soon be beheaded and post-mortem crucified for criticizing the Saudi Royal family on social media for the sole purpose of terrorizing, intimidating Saudi bloggers, to suppress alternative news and opinions independent from the government. In order to understand such a barbaric, completely uncalled for, abhorrent act of cold blood murder by the so-called state of Saudi Arabia one must understand what we’re actually dealing with. And here it is:

The Saudi an ancient type of regime founded in 20th century on untamed terror and brutality is on the verge of collapse on itself. This purely artificial construct concocted by British imperial colonial politics is a last out of place, medieval freak show in existence built on untamed cruelty, gluttony and lust under the guise of the virtuous religious Wahhabis’ orthodoxy guarded by a fake royalty epitomizing the evil that founder of Islam was raging against when calling for Jihad, i.e. originally meant as internal rejection of the sins and moral renewal and only if that would not work beheading was the last resort.

Despite hermetic closure from the view of any internal processes that going in within the ruling family it is all clear what this is all about.

Saudi Arabia is an entity that is built upon following:

  1. A recalcitrant ruling royal elite, corrupted to the bone by wealth, power and greed loosing grip on reality and often engaging in the murderous orgies to satisfy their rants of pathological mistrust and delusions of grandeur or godliness.
  2. A royal flamboyant free loaders, useless spenders, destroyers and destructors embracing all over the world all the fake and disgusting western “values”, attitudes and behaviors including financial speculations and Ponzi schemes underlying Silicon Valley hypes often mingling with/dating their LGBT friends behavior that would bring them martyrdom at home and whose financial and often criminal excesses of enslavement, theft or murder are papered over by the Wall Street stooges and their MSM lies or direct censorship.
  3. Marginalized relatives of the royal family members, suspected of ill will toward the autocratic uncles who happen to rule at the moment, living in relative poverty with no chance of advancement in the society and who are the major providers of funding and other support for Saudi Arab Spring reformists or rather Saudi anti-royalist movement scarcely reported in the West. A propaganda of suppose “democratic” changes in Saudi Arabia is just that, nothing more.
  4. The rest (majority of population) are slaves kidnapped from neighborhoods and/or bought on auctions in Asia or Africa or Europe working there for a pittance or nothing at all.

All what we would call politics in Saudi Arabia is just one continuous familial feud shrouded in stench of murder, torture, rape, incest, pathological suppression of the sexuality and unbelievable hypocrisy, beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.

The entire power and “legitimacy” of the Saudi regime was due to unqualified support of British empire and now the US empire and it is this support that is crumbling, not necessarily in Washington D.C. but as a result of the secular economic decline of the US and continuous loss of global power and influence associated with it.

The extreme mistrust of the new Saudi ruler regarding true long term intentions or capabilities of the US especially after US insisted on a sort of peace with Iran after was unable to defeat it militarily. All in an attempt to salvage rapidly disappearing US reputation in the region and to stem the demise of the petrodollar. In this context Saudis aggression on Yemen following with invasion of 150 thousands of the Gulf state troops is just an outcrop of the feud repositioning to marginalize Yemeni branch of the Royal family and consolidate the power center much more economically independent from the declining West.

Of course Saudis uninformed push for banning criticism on social media is just a symptom of their complete confusion of what the hell is going on in the world meaning that their time of basking in the charade they call country is nearly over as well as running out of money, unable to buy US treasuries any more even asking for Wall Street handouts, spending 100 billions $ on the arms or rather being conned to pay that much for useless US shit even against Iran.

They even running out of money to bribe anybody to look away and ignore their ridiculous pomposity and golden spectacle of illusion of running 21 century country on capricious premises of few primitive bruts no matter how many Armani suits they wear or how many diamond iPhones they own. Even some western media are increasingly focusing of the crimes and abuses committed by royal family members living in the West.

All that while they are fighting global oil war against US shale industry in the efforts to hold on to the Western markets seeing crumpling of their exports to Asia undermined by Russia and Iran under circumstances of collapse of global demand.

Totally disastrous US policies dealing with Russia, Syria and Iran that Saudis were forced by the US to be involved in it on US terms and made them main financier and supporter of the fake Islamic freaks like IS run by former Ba’ath party atheists who would be immediately beheaded upon entering Saudi Arabia for blasphemy. It’s all sounds like a madhouse and it really is. Saudi rulers and the IS or other incoherent fanatics and their neocon supported in D.C. or elsewhere are clinically insane as diagnosed by DSM –IV.

Hopefully some more sensible moves will come from Saudis sobered by the reality of the global reconfiguration but I won’t hold my breath seeing growth of extreme radical Christian lunatic movements funded by world corporatist chasing other fake, dystopian ideology of death and desolation.

Iran’s extremist clerics in comparison sound like bedrocks of reason and moderation and that should worry us most of all.


(08/17/2015) EXTINCTION UPDATE: A 58 years old man lights himself on fire in front of the City Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

At this time I do not know the story of this man and have no slightest idea  why he did what he did but what is most disturbing to me the inhumane attitude of too many American people. Those who likely dismiss such an ultimate act of public protest of a human being, forced to act when everything else failed, should know that this is most horrifying death that you can imagine. Even beheading is no that horrible mostly since it is swift if done right.

Problem is that if you light yourself on fire in the public place there is 90% chance that somebody will put the fire out. If you burned less the 50% of your body (and your immune system with it) you are cripple, legal drug addict, dealing with pain that never stops for those few years you may have left. If you burned between than 50%-70% you die in the mater of weeks, if 90%, in days all in awful agonizing pain felt even under heavy sedation, watching and smelling your body decayed and ultimately you are put in coma since body immune system can’t fight infection that eats you alive.

And do not give me the nutcase shit propaganda since such horrifying decision could be very rational one and it is always very convenient to call somebody crazy just not to think about why? Just to refuse to deal with the traumatic situation.

The concept of mental illness, especially in the west, used as a tool for imposing and maintaining the socio-political order is shown for what it is right here:


The source:



Tasmanian devils are dying from contagious mouth cancer. It is very big likelihood of their extinction in wildlife.


Ukrainian nationalists block road and burning tires.


As California is struggling with worst drought for centuries the mother nature seems to be on her way to help. After record-breaking May, 2015 rainfall, July rainfall levels already broke 130 year old record in southern California. NOAA prognosis for unusually strong El Nino later this year may provide more hope for mitigation of statewide crisis possibly as soon as in one year.

However, drought inspired water crisis and overall situation in California water politics is much complicated but very well described and analysed at:



I advice teenage day-trader who did it from his/her parents’ basement to move to the attic and deny everything. And when DOJ come knocking tell them that you got $2.7 billion capital from selling lemonade and that  Citigroup didn’t do it for sure. That would get you off the hook you may even be paroled by the age of 70. If you are Chinese teenage day-trader you’re safe, you did good deed for your country, allowing your government to dump billions of US dollars for physical gold.

[courtesy of Zero Hedge]

For further speculation (not with Gold but ideas of why it dropped) see:




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