There is no denying a fact that US, EU and Golf States are, as they openly admitted themselves, conducting proxy war against Assad, Syrian people and now Russians, blocking all diplomatic efforts for peace, allowing US pilots to attack directly Russian and Syrian air force, supplying the terrorists with weapons via Turkey and ceasing of all bombing raids against ISIS and another terrorists’ targets starting in October.

Do you remember certain unelected Dubya guy calling the world, in the name of shocked New Yorkers: Are you with us or are you with terrorists?

The western establishment chose to stand with terrorists long time ago. Not until recently that the West, so clearly, openly and unequivocally expressed its ideological, political, and military support for brutal terror of rape, murder, intimidation and slavery as well as acquiesced to a delusional dream of medieval global Caliphate which is to be founded on direct violations of every single modern western value you can think of.

The western leadership or rather an abhorrent usurpers in Armani suits, have finally show their true dark faces of death and enslavement that are unleashed unto confused population, relieved of further need for any nonsensical narratives and/or contortionist arguments of horny MSM presstitutes, soon to be discarded as useless like the rest of us.

In fact, we are dealing with situation of utter collapse of local, state and global rule of law as well as cultural customs and political traditions where ALL western governments incessantly violate all the anti-terrorist laws they have on the books as well as their own constitutions, and in the process destroying any notion of intellectual freedom of speech, assembly and political descent as well as reveal fallacy of independence of any social institution and fundamental rule of law within so-called democratic system of propaganda and deceit.

Once again a raw power emerges from under a razor thin veneer of western civilization pushing human race into barbaric neo-feudal servitude or death.

It is not to say that eastern or other traditions are not barbaric, however, it was the West that developed and began implementing, fundamental concepts of personal privacy, individual sovereignity and other basic human rights in context of social contract negotiated between the state and the people, concepts truly new and original within the history of human civilization and now being abandoned or brutally suppressed by the western regimes.

I am not a subscriber to an apocalyptic view, or Hegelian ultimate struggle between good and evil. And hence I do not see this reignited confrontation building up between East and West into hot proxy war in Ukraine and Syria as some pivotal event or critical historical moment but rather as preprogrammed regression process of the civilization back into old social systems predominately based on brutal power and imperial domination of society and culture rather than an illusion of democratic process.

Such emerging barbarism shows its face also through official government statements spewed by propaganda stooges of MSM where short minded, little moral worms draw disgusting orgasmic pleasure from recent Russian airliner tragedy and appallingly wish for more of innocent people’s pain, suffering and blood, paralleling worst ISIS psychotic rants and implicitly rationalizing the horrendous reign of terror.

Barbarians are not at the gates. They are already inside.


And now latest developments from South Front: SAA is continuing to make painfully slow and painful progress in the strategic and tactical objectives (destroying logistics of a enemy) with significant casualties on both sides in Morek, Hama province and south in Dara. Iraqis army is also making some inroads in Fallujah. Typical bloody unglamorous daily grinder of the war.


Attack on SAA positions:


Palmyra: SAA makes slow and painful progress.


South Aleppo:


Hills around Gomma taken over by SAA in Latakia province.


Al Nusra Front drone surveys the SAA positions:


YPG unit took ISIS POW, one of them is trying to prevent murder of the ISIS fighter.



The Sultan of Ankara after figuring out last June that he is not loved by all the subjects in Turkey (yet), did not make the same mistake last month, believing in his imperial hubris and simply rigged elections old fashion way, by killing, arresting and/or intimidating his political opponents from right, left to Kurds with knives, guns, bombs and insults, was finally able to sit on his throne. A perfect candidate to join EU fascists. What’s most interesting however, is that he went after pro-American secular neoliberal political parties as much as after communists.

So what are his plans at home and in Syria?

At home he plans to torture his subjects with elections/referendums until they love/submit to him as an unchallenged emperor of the Ottoman Empire, which he promised to resurrect. A political blueprint copied directly from Hitler who finally had approval from most of the nation after six tries and all the opposition dead, exiled or imprisoned in political reeducation camps. However, with all that surrealism, it actually makes sense in the context of the preprogrammed chaos in the Middle East we are witnessing now.

I order to achieve Turkish imperial objective, all those artificial post-colonial states would have to be slowly dissolved by promoting separation of ethnic, religious, cultural enclaves in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and partially post-Saudi Arabia into statelets (Christians, Alawites, Turkmen, Kurds, local Sunnis, Shia, Yazidis etc., under a Turkish empire tolerant and enlightened protectorate.

What’s interesting that, as it was 500 years ago, Ottoman empire 2.0, after US influence in the Middle East evaporates (or before), would kindly extend protection to Jewish community in Palestine and elsewhere as long as they pay their taxes for there is nor place for Jewish state or autonomy in the blueprints of current political leadership in Ankara.

I do not have to tell you that those long-term plans do not go well in Tel-Aviv or US political establishment and hence recent US hostility to the Erdogan and failed attempts to overthrow him. Fortunately to the Sultan and his imperial Muslim brotherhood, our American Inconvenient Regime Overthrower in Chief, is a total failure in instigating WWIII although he tried really hard, and hence Nobel peace price due to his visible WWIII making disability.

In the context of Turkish great Imperial plans, ISIS, a US created, Gulf states’ supported military entity consisting of CIA assets from Syria, Iraq and Libya, recalled from early retirement in the Washington D.C suburbs, including some atheists former Ba’ath party military officials in Iraq and Syria, was a god’s send for Turkey.

This Alibaba gang with C4, trained and indoctrinated with nonsensical idea of Islamic Caliphate to be supposedly established by few thieves, brutal assassins and greedy opportunists devoid of any morality, or religious authority is a perfect propaganda predicate to the new Ottoman Empire.

I wish that all Muslims saw through the ISIS deception and propaganda aimed to convert, economically devastated, jobless male youth confused by their sexual drive and inability to afford marriage, into an imperial gun fodder. That would be a big step towards peace in the Middle East.

The Russia strategic goal is to preserve post-colonial order and let Middle East nation states to find their own peaceful path to democratization and enlightment, whatever their own people understand by those terms.

Latest development from SOUTH FRONT:

As a sign of unified command as a result of successful push against Al-Nusra in Jobar and east Ghouta and recaptured Harasta ISIS began offensive along at Maheen towards SAA controlled Damascus –Homs road. During last ten days ISIS and allied terrorists have been attacking SAA positions daily, a clear sign that terrorist are running out of logistic support and ammunition by relentless Russian air raids and hence are forced to actively attack major communication lines of SAA as expected and hence exposing themselves to huge loses in weapons, material and fighters in the open desert areas, easy pray for Syrian and Russian close range air support.

The bleeding of the ISIS beast continues as scheduled.




SAA liberation of Salsara/ province of Hama:


Syrian special forces Kafr Dalab:


Syrian air force:


Progress made by SAA in last two weeks in Aleppo area. Note that SAA attacked only flanks of al-Nusra and ISIS positions in the direction of Sarakib, another Hama –Alepo road, aiming to cut off military supplies to terrorists, while well-fortified areas in the city of Aleppo were not attacked during past month.




 As I mentioned yesterday there is panic spreading through Washington D.C. like a wild fire claiming hundreds of geriatric low testosterone victims on Capitol Hill, pentagon and W.H., unable to harden their flaccid limbs and stick it to the man in Kremlin.

I guess certain psychotic senator must have read my blog, against doctor’s orders, and additionally to other daily ills, suffered from acute apoplexy this morning, seeing his ISIS pals squealing for mercy like pigs while their ass was being handed over to them by Russian Middle East coalition.

 While ranting incoherently he proclaimed that he and highest military command is sick and tired of the W.H. mofos and pussies who are giving a circus away to Russians and not even knowing it, and want them out of the picture, threatening that otherwise a military coup is imminent.

Not to be prying into details of a confidential clinical case of said senator’s mental disorder as a professional I will only say this.

HE’S TOTAL WACKO MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Game over senator, the end of American empire is neigh, and with all undue respect, threatening the constitutional order (disorder) of the US that is an exclusive job of big boys, true rulers and not political puppets like yourself, may only win you revisiting of Hanoi Hilton for a CIA spa treatment. So take it like a man, from behind and shut up.

 Here are details from ZH:

Putting the politics aside, another evidence of the “Russian military tactics” being implemented by Syrians has surfaced. The SAA destroyed ISIS military equipment on the road from Sheikh Ahmad – Tel-Ahmad with help of local “moderate” rebel commanders who turned against ISIS and provided coordinates of ISIS positions.

Now, recent war developments from SOUTH FRONT. SAA is making progress on all fronts with some sporadic counterattacks from unified ISIS/al-Nusra front/FSA fighters. No more moderate FSA. Latakia province almost completely liberated. Russians increased daily sorties with weapon release to over 100 per day. The ground under ISIS becomes much hotter.


Liberated road Damascus – Aleppo is open to civilian traffic.


SAA Fighting in Damascus and Latakia continues:


Russian Air bombardment of terrorists continues:

ISIS controlled bridge new al-Raqqa destroyed in a way to disrupt supply line but to make minimum engineering damage to the bridge, easier to repair after the war.


The ISIS/al-Nusra Front Bunker Latakia province hit by Russian Air Force:


Latakia: Al-Nusra military supply column attacked by Russian Air Force:


Aleppo, ISIS/al-Nusra training/base camp destroyed by Russian Air Force:


The suicide bomb factory in Aleppo destroyed by Russian Air Force;


The Battle for East Ghouta: Jobar,a suburb of Damascus, al-Nusra fighters totally encircled and cut off from East Ghouta.


The ISIS fighter killed by SAA shelling.


Jabhat al-Nusra attacked SAA soldiers’ column with US made TOW missile:


Compilation of the military actions by Davidowa Agency for 05/11/2015 based on terrorist posted video clips.


BONUS: And here is a terrorist’s video instruction manual how not to blow yourself up with 20 lb of plastic explosives as two morons recently did in a lust for 40 virgins in paradise while being pulverized into dust and dirt instead. I guess they did not go out much so they blew up prematurely.




SOUTH FRONT summary of developments: After several attempts to counterattack by terrorists SAA forces are making steady progress in disrupting supply lines, logistics operations and command and control of enemy. The defeated unified ISIS/al-Nusra and FSA fighters retreat on all fronts, also in Iraq after they were expelled from the Kirkuk area where ISIS no longer controls oil fields and hence is deprived of their main source of income.

The grand coalition of terrorists defeat during last month cost them over 15% of its fighters dead or injured or AWOLed and at least 25%-50% of their heavy weapon systems destroyed and another 25% remain hidden beyond immediate use, as a last reserve .The large ammunition damps have been destroyed, connection roads from Turkey have been effectively cut off for major transports of weapons by Russian air force bombardments.

The SAA is about to shut down the only road connecting Aleppo and Raqqa cutting off North Aleppo and Turkish border from IS headquarters by moving about 1.2 miles from the SAAF Kuweires airbase under siege for over two years, from which Syrian MI-24,24 could continue close air support of SAA. If this happen and current YPG offensive succeeded in the north, Raqqa will be cut of from supplies, while long blockade of Aleppo will come to the end.

Also a logistical cut off achieved by Russian air operations causing ISIS/al-Nusra strength and resolve to crumble and last of their strongholds in Damascus suburb of Daraya may fall to SAA soon.

Also liberation of Dara entered the old town following massive desertion of ISIS fighters to Jordan where they are being rounded up by the Jordanian army.

Details here:


Fighting on the Road to Aleppo.


A fundraising video sent by ISIS to a senator from Arizona.

Tough, rough ISIS Soldiers of God sent a devastating message to the American supporters while  demonstrating their composure, professionalism  and complete self-control:



The Washington D.C. is in panic mode. Russian delivered shock and awe to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and disrupted all the cocktail parties with their newest anti-self-adulatory  weapons capable of destroying any reminding animal spirit of a party. They are so confused that the special forces in Syria are told to fight Assad in socks or learn how to fly to prove that their commander in Chief was right when he said 16 times that there will  be no american boots on the ground in Syria.

FED already started printing money for our ISIS beheaders. Since yesterday, to show their peaceful intentions, they only half- behead their enemies to show their moderation. Is that because american money is half worth now?

Make up you own mind why.



One of the most important, in my opinion, event of the war today was a Russian initiative to tactically ally Russian Air support (not Syrian) with several more or less gangs of (moderate) thieves who joined Syrian war more for profit than anything else and were fighting for ISIS or al-Nusra money, The deal requires they switch sides and attack ISIS and/or al-Nusra. Let’ see what will happen.

It is just one example of overall Russian and Syrian tactics to achieve local frontline commander level temporary cease fire with some terrorist groups who were whacked hard enough to soften their ideological or economical positions if they even had any and recognize reality of their dire situation, and hence willing to be co-opted into an anti-ISIS military effort for a moment.

Such tactics are similar to those described below (10/18/2015) SYRIAN WAR UPDATE: HOW WE FIGHT; RUSSIAN EDITION.

Such a psychological approach of seemingly confused chaotic, and fully independent actions and declarations of local commanders are foundations of Russian war doctrine.

We may expect more of such moves to confuse and weaken ISIS and al-Nusra and ultimately to divide them by specific targeting and purposeful disrupting of their mutual logistics to instigate internal conflicts and to create suspicions of some ulterior motives among fellow terrorist as well as instigate accusation of getting a special deal with Russians or Syrians behind the scene i.e. treason and betrayal of their Islamic cause, whatever it means.

Already, exhibiting signs of frustration, exhaustion, and helplessness, pious worriers of God committed few beheading among themselves, exchange expletives and insults referring to sex with certain animals, pointing out stupidity of this or that commander, and incompetence of weapons operators, after being whipped by Russian Air Force daily.

Another development that made US furious was a fact that Russians seem to be able to pull out of the magic hat a moderate opposition to include in the peace process, fictional construct likely conceived by Assad after recent conversation with Putin in Moscow.

But this time it is a Russian scheme to shut American propaganda up since at this point there is no Syrian citizen opposition to Assad as I mentioned previously since all Syrians are willing to accept Assad for now, having seen the ISIS and western mess alternative they are forced to live in. Especially because the vast majority of ISIS and other terrorists are nor Syrian citizen and the rest are there as US an Saudi mercenaries.

Once again this is not civil war, it never was. It is western aggression aimed to disintegrate Syria as a modern state and throw its population into chaos, destruction and destabilization of post colonial order in the Middle East, developed on a wave of legitimate protests against Assad regime neoliberal economic policies that majority of Syrians rejected.

There is very interesting review of developments from SOUTH FRONT. Especially about continuing brutality of ISIS soldiers of God in a face of defeat and flaccid military prowess, such as executing child fighters who after terrorist training refused to fight and wanted to go home.

Also there are major moves in terrorists’ military operations such as merging of military efforts of major terrors groups including so-called moderate while others split resulting in hundred of beheadings due misunderstanding about teachings of Allah or unresolved money issues.


Russian air bombardment continues:Terrorist anti-aircraft gun;  an exercise of futility.





A taste of bunker busting KAB-1500, especially for ISIS.



Instead of waiting for findings of the reports from Russian and Egyptian authorities, US director of National Intelligence J.Clapper seemingly is trying to keep on life support a conspiracy theory of  terrorist act as a cause of the fatal crash of Russian airliner in Sinai peninsula last week.

Such statements, similar to lies about MH17 crash in Ukraine, serve solely propaganda purposes since without analysis of basic data from black boxes and flight control on the ground, impossible to be answered so they go in the world of MSM unchallenged, unable to be directly repudiated, although Egyptian military so far reject such a scenario as unlikely.

While all scenarios at this early stage are possible, it is counterproductive to speculate, not unless one has some insidious motivation in satisfying one’s adolescent urge for revenge for humiliation. Does it apply to the case of US intelligence community, frustrated since they failed to predict Russian military deployment in Syria, making their bosses mad? I don’t know but it looks like it does.

Or they are genuinely happy that it happened and by that openly admit that US is engaged in the Cold War 2.0 against Russia and according to new operational morality all targets are justified and all losses of the enemy are to benefit of the US. Is this a true state of mind of Pentagon and WH decision makers or are they all living in digital world of “Call of Duty” or “Mortal Combat” virtual reality games where real blood is flowing.

At least it shows clearly division lines in the Syrian war where the US officials statements give credibility and “moral” support to their ISIS pals. True media alliance between two gangs that so have much in common.

However, it is very difficult to find any division line between FSA and al-Nusra as The Arab Source reports:

On Monday morning, the Islamist rebels from the Free Syrian Army’s “1st Coastal Brigade” and the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” launched a counter-assault at the strategic town of Ghannam in the Turkmen Mountains, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s frontline defenses at the northern axis in order to reclaim the territory they conceded to pro-government forces 48 hours ago.


Aleppo; The Russian airstrikes continue:


And at Ghouta


As our Commander in Chief would say in his moments of clarity: few our guys from Iraqi army were whacked by some of our suicidal pals from ISIS. The progress is being made, victory is neigh.


As I mentioned before without alliance with Iraq, Russian military intervention would not be possible. And here is why.  Russian supply logistics at work (from Ukrainian website):




It looks like Islamic State is loosing its support among the Islamic extremists, radicals, Sunni tribal allies as well all of those who  Middle Eastern and Western  investors who make money from this whole enterprise of  religious fanaticism for profit.

The leaders of IS are shrewd businessmen and this infomercial below is just a proof of how they want to present their deadly business as a benign organization run by, God loving,  family oriented, law and order following bunch of compassionate murderers with socially sensitive mission to improve peoples lives or shorten them, exactly like any big US corporation does.

Please note that in the evening city of Mosul, Iraq is a men’s city no women are allowed outside their house, unable to enjoy what the Islamic State has to offer. Only pre-puberty girls and boys are allowed to have their quality  time with their fathers or male family members. An idealic, festive picture of motherless society and as fake as it would be anywhere.

This paradise in hell, we are being enticed by, is located less then 100 miles from Turkish Army positions at war with ISIS within the range of long range Turkish rocket artillery.

Following clip shows a bit of reality of the Islamic State/moderate rebels without beards elsewhere where Alawite men and women are hurdled as cattle in metal crates and placed on the rooftops of the IS command posts as hostages/human shields in order to prevent Russian or Syrian Bombardments.


The nature of fascism, Islamic or secular, is expressed in such a shocking contrast between a self- image of fascists as bearers of fundamental principles of morality in regard to their own, somehow reconciled with utter disregard of  morality and rejection of humanity of anybody else. Their illusion of love fuels their reality of hate.

And now recent development from SOUTH FRONT. Road Aleppo – Hama , a critical supply line, remains open. ISIS attacks have been defeated. Officially A-Nusra Front joined ISIS to conduct operations in Hama province dissolving a ghost FSA as a moderate rebel force once for all.



As most of you already know, yesterday morning Russian airplane of Kolavia (Metrojet) airlines crashed in northern Sinai peninsula. What was a cause of the crash is obviously not known yet but it looks like it is not related to the Syrian war, at least not directly despite ISIS celebrating this tragic event together with their fascist brothers in hate from Ukraine.

But that opens important question whether or not Russians are prepared for human losses in Russia and/or elsewhere as a result of the military intervention in Syria. And what’s more important is what US neocons think about how Russian nation would respond to major tragedy and deaths directly related to the war.

We can be sure about one thing though, the war in  Syria is for Russians a continuation of Chechnya wars against terror of Muslim extremists sponsored by the usual suspects from Saudi Arabia and the West aimed toward ultimate disintegration of Russia as a nation and hence it is not a foreign war. This is their war with tens of thousands causalities already  dead or wounded so their twenty year resolve to defend their country will not be easily weakened.

Unfortunately, US neocons living in a dreamland of anti-Russian Cold War 2.0 hysteria, believe that sufficiently intense pain and suffering imparted on Russian civilians could potentially be used to further destabilize Putin regime and continue their already, at least 11 year old, effort to overthrow the Russian government via whatever means available including bloody springs of deception.

And hence they or their proxies may likely get involved in a plot to attack Russian civilians abroad and inside Russia, idea not as preposterous as it may sound considering CIA proven record of murder, provocation and support with their dirty money to every low life that crawl this earth. May be not this time, but it could happen soon enough.

These are true victims of the war: Christian children sheltered in St. George christian mission at the Syrian coast.


Wounded ISIS terrorist captured alive and abused by SAA.


WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+; Atrocities and deaths on the road Aleppo-Hama during recent ISIS attempts to cut SAA supply lines.


From SANA: Progress of the SAA in Dara where they have taken over next 22 buildings in the midst of apocalyptic landscape of deserted city.


Russian and Syrian air campaign continues:


Economic crisis finally hit Islamic State, after two year boom, forcing it to provide free food for those who cannot afford it, facing hyper-inflation while their economy falters, stolen oil export collapsed, slave market collapsed, and cash transfers from other Wahhabi state terrorists and the West slowed down to a trickle. No wonder that they screamed like a children for more money and got measly $100 millions.

The global Islamic revolution starts to eat its children. Bon appetite.



No, they were not talking about peace. What they were talking about was stopping Russians from whacking our bearded guys from ISIS and al-Qaeda and others whom we fed, clothed, trained and armed, you and me, the US taxpayers. We even paid for shaving of ISIS beheaders’ beards but Pentagon classified operation coded “Shaving Moderate Pussy” was as usual a total failure for triple the price of decent haircut here in the US. And few beards that were successfully shaved, already grew back, as Pentagon reports.

And those ISIS bastards won’t even say thank you. The same as Osama Bin Laden who instead of a thank you note for all the billions of dollars US taxpayers gave him over 20 years, he, on the request of US neocons, sent a fuck you note on 9/11 to all Americans.

In order to distinguish between terrorist and a moderate, Kerry explained in Vienna that the moderate is an ISIS beheader or al-Nusra suicide bomber after visit to a barber. Because it is the beard that make them evil, you know the line Khomeini, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky but Stalin or Hitler they were our guys neatly shaved and groomed although they retained a mustache. Having that cleared up in a luxury Imperial Hotel in Vienna, I guess peace in Syria is neigh.

There is one and only one reason why US, EU, Saudis, Turks sat down with Russians and Iranians at the table in Vienna namely to ask them (and Assad) to unconditionally surrender.

Kerry, in his delusional rant formulated this, US neocon inspired, ridiculous demand to surrender, hidden in some convoluted language of incoherent utterance called American diplomatic proposal for peace in Syria. All that after US strategy failed, plans collapsed and US proxies were soundly defeated on the ground in Syria. Sounds paranoid? Because it is.

All that diplomatic noise while the West is increasing supplies to terrorists and providing them with free passage and in some cases air cover.

US love of peace in this case is limited to the immediate cease fire in order to prop up terrorist on the ground and let them recover, after they have been severely beaten during last month, for one purpose only, to fight another day with more or less open support and training from US ground troops.

To add to confusion of this theater of absurd and pretense, the official US ally, Kurdish YPG, being famous for whacking our bearded guys of ISIS in nonexistent cooperation with some gangs of thieves from Raqqa area was made up as so-called Moderate Syrian Opposition. The YPG in turn after 2012 withdrawal of SAA from Syrian Kurdistan has good relations with Assad and Russia while being pounded by the US ally Turkey.

Now pentagon want us to believe that this fake “Arab Coalition” is about to attack Raqqa, ISIS headquarters, a military action that was already ruled out by Kurdish commanders who will not be provoked to taking over Arab Lands and rather aim to liberate the rest of Kurdistan at Syrian/Turkish border from ISIS. Confused? You should be.

In short, US has absolutely nobody on the ground that would lent them a hand to fight against ISIS or whoever they want fight against. Nobody listens to the US anymore including Jordan and Turkey or Saudis, and now even EU. It is all out of US hands completely however, taking into the consideration Washington D.C. deadly epidemic of cognitive dissonance or outright paranoia this fact did not sink in yet. But it must and it will before or after they blow up the world to kingdom come.

One way or another US is on the way out of Middle East for good not only for geopolitical reasons but due to US secular economic decline.

Lavrov in Vienna was trying to ease the west into it to avoid mental shock.

What is interested that while in northern Syria we see apparent stalemate amid relatively intense fighting, in southern Syria and Iraq the IS logistics system is being destroyed or disrupted cutting ISIS from oil supplies and together with Russian and Iraqi air strikes shutting down export routes to Turkey. As a result, we may expect deterioration of the ISIS war making capabilities within month or two. That’s why Saudis and US are in rush to save the terrorists from complete collapse.

And now recent developments from SOUTH FRONT.


Russian air strikes continue:


ISIS is trying to shut down slowly flying Iranian drone. Will they succeed? Just watch.


And finally we have an answer why  US is not shipping more stringer missiles to terrorists to attack Russian air force. Because they are easily defeated by standard countermeasures of Mi-24 or Mi-25 and presumably by more electronically advanced Su-34 and other fighter/bombers. Here is a clip from two weeks ago  in Talbiseh City,  Northern Homs province, where al-Nusra units are trying to shut down Russian attack helicopters with Stringers and Russian made Igla missiles. All attempts unsuccessful. In contrast the Igla missiles launched by militia successfully shot down over forty Ukrainian, older military aircraft in Donbass in a month or so last year.




I am a realist and when Russians decided to intervene militarily in Syria I knew (and many others) that there would be inevitable consequences of Russian actions resulting in killing or injuring  civilians and otherwise innocent victims of even most precise airstrikes.

The fact is that Russians killed some civilians in Syria, period, although there is no confirmed evidence for it I could find, while killing that US/NATO committed in Syria and Iraq en mass is already’s widely documented and there is no excuse for no collateral damage shit or mistakes or exigent circumstances or practical military necessity. All of it should be investigated but only when all together, terrorists, US/NATO, Gulf regimes, Turkey, Russia, Syrian regime and all those who made billions of blood money to fuel the war, are put on trial of what they did, when and why.

From  what I conclude from irrefutable evidences, the undoubtedly at overwhelming fault for the Syrian population pain and suffering during last four years is the ISIS, al-Nusra Front, FSA and other terrorists/rebel/insurgent groups and their western allies but all of them, all sides should be put by the Syrian people’s courts on trial to render final judgment on the war itself by considering specific circumstances, motivations, the law of the land as well as international law and Geneva conventions and UN charter on Civil Rights, if there is to be any justice served for the victims of this whole bloody geopolitical chess play provoked by the US imperial hubris.

There is no justice in bits and pieces but only whole justice for victims and perpetrators and if there is no justice than it will be no lasting peace. So don’t hold your breath since we never saw complete justice like that in the history of civilization, not even in Nuremberg,  and we are not about to see it now but still it is even more important today to talk about what true justice should look like and reject false propaganda of black and white world of good and evil.

Below, I linked to some posts from very questionable sources which I do not recommend or endorse nevertheless, these are very few that would put however flawed, politically motivated estimates of the damage cause by Russian air strikes based on data from western sponsored mysterious organizations, likely CIA fronts.

What’s also questionable is the SAA as well as Russians, except for repudiating some unsubstantiated accusation of  purposeful bombing of the hospitals brought by various NGOs including MSF, just bombed in Kunduz, Afghanistan by the US, providing very vague data about their own losses and civilian deaths instead of openly talking about that, taking like a man the setbacks and hits with clean conscience and recognizing a challenge to their morality and humanity stemming from any act of war that must be confronted by any nations who support their foreign military engagement including the US.

Unfortunately, by adopting narrative of uncalled for in my opinion exigent circumstances of the war, they chose to use information and propaganda as a part of their psychological warfare against enemy as well as likely to use an excuse of a fog of war to cover up their, however small in numbers, senseless killings of innocent Syrians that already occurred and will surely occur as long as the war continues.

While the US and Gulf State extremists are undoubtedly perpetrators and instigators of the Syrian war all other players, when decided or were forced to be involved, are to some degree to be blamed for escalation and brutal conduct of this war. The evil of war affect all sides and challenges or destroys all their moral claims of righteousness and this includes aggressors and their victims whoever they are.

Here is a clip from rebel-run monitoring agency of alleged Russian or Syrian (or US since there’s no confirmation one way or another, although it is unlikely) bombing of civilian area west of Aleppo, Hayan suburbs [unverified  independently or by SAA or Russians]. No armed fighters are seen (although at 00:03:11 one uniformed man is seen) in this heavily edited clip. Also it is not clear if the damages of houses shown were due to direct airstrike shown during the video was taken or at some other time.You be the judge.


ISIS war technology. Amateur MRL system; cost: $1000. Where’s  the billions of dollars from Saudis or US gone? Wall Street stole it?


And at the end review of current military and political developments from Syria and Iraq by SOUTH FRONT:


Also an indirect evidence of US supporting coordinated assault ISIS and al-Qeada affiliate al-Nusra front on SAA checkpoints by halting US bombing campaign to zero targets per day (Russians average 70) in their failed recent attempts to cut the only road connection between Assad controlled areas and the City of Aleppo:



The war of manipulation and confusion runs not only in western media but also on the battlefield where inexplicable, strange maneuvers or actions are happening without any decisive outcome as of yet.

So after last week thrusts onto the SAA position in Latakia, al-Nusra has been mostly defeated and a road Latakia -Aleppo has been opened and 150 thousand population city of Jisr-Shoughour have been liberated. During last three days South of Aleppo area have been attacked by ISIS in the direction of al-Safira and East of Khanasser supposedly threatening to cut of SAA supply road from Aleppo to Hama and both attempts mostly ended up with hundreds of ISIS fighters killed and equipment destroyed after SAA asked for Russian close air support while in all this confusion (or planning) SAA took finally a stronghold of Ithriyah that was under IS assault.

Down south West of Damascus, Russians for the first time bombed al-Nusra and affiliates positions in the Golan Heights/foothills area in a full view of IDF that was helpless to do anything while SAA took over important positions from terrorists.

What does it all mean? This smoldering phase of the war serve the Russian coalition in the air and on the ground to divide, antagonize and cut off the terrorist from their logistics network and sources of material supplies before multiphased ground assault will be carried out on the ground by SAA supported by Iranians, Iraqi and Palestinians.

So we hear about desperate attempts of ISIS and al-Nusra, for military and propaganda purposes to achieve some spectacular success, so stream of recruits would not be extinguished and  money from Saudi/ western sponsors won’t dry up but most off all they are proving that they are not raging fanatics blowing themselves up to kingdom come since they seem to intelligently be prodding the SAA and coalition on the main trusts of the coming final push to liberate Aleppo and other areas through a classical method of reconnaissance in battle. SAA seems to be faking weakness in some of the frontlines luring ISIS into a potential breakthrough chance only to squash those hopes days later after terrorist exhaust their resources and stretch the supply lines. Here the map of Aleppo area that illustrates that point.

Reconnaissance in battle; ISIS is provoked or motivated to move into weaken positions, disclose fortification lines, logistics, supplies lines etc.

This is typical tactics in Russian arsenal to provoke enemy to attack, to run them down and waken them, allowing for population to escape and to degrade the support for enemy before encirclement is closed. As a result no change in the frontlines occurs on average while enemy becomes battle exhausted and deprived of reinforcement and new supplies.

Moreover, As I mentioned few days ago Russia seems to be in full control of Syrian airspace, preventing Turkey and Israel from violating Syrian sovereignty, as a result, Turkey keep attacking supposed American ally, YPG in the area of Kobani and other areas, but not with F-16s but by a long range artillery which could do a shit to YPG. Here is the Reuters:

And now update from SOUTH FRONT:

Russian Air force operations in Hama province:

Syrian Air force attacks ISIS:


ISIS fighters attack SAA:


Mi-25 helicopters in action:


SAA combat footage from RT Russian language:



The “Glorious” end to one terrorist’s life of murder and violence. No fame, no wealth or forty virgins but blood, dirt and rotten flesh and most of all last dead corps selfie from the body camera.



Excusive SANA TV: Dead ISIS fighters.



Images of death:




How this happening that thousands of Muslim youth from Middle East as well as from Europe and US are enticed to join the fight. Is the politics and western aggression, is the economics of devastated countries, religious motivations or fanaticism, ideology, money, power, sex and slavery that excites them, what is it?

What is most tragic is that many of those condemned youth do it from personal reasons of  blind rage and revenge for calamities their and their love have endured sometimes from the same people they flock to in all the confusion and lies. There is here certain chain of events and connections that translate ultimately into growing army of so-called terrorists, supposedly aimed against the US imperial policies but in fact often they turned out to act to unintentionally support it.

A murder by a drone or any other act of violence , inspired by fanatical neocons from D.C., what euphemistically is called by the US government a collateral damage feeds cultural, religious and political stereotypes on both sides and fuel the rage of victims and their kin as a preferable path out of initial desperation, helplessness, confusion and pain caused by such a senseless act.

Such feelings are ruthlessly exploited by the warmongers and traders of dark death to entice psychologically devastated still alive “collateral” victims into their religious, political or economic causes presented as means to avenge the wrongs they suffered.

The rage or lust for revenge skillfully channeled into violent behavior relates not only to those thousands of desperate Muslim youth that join ISIS or Al-Qaeda solely because terrorists have spare guns and fight the US and not because of a excitement about political project of global Caliphate or some other nonsense, but also to hundreds of thousands of gullible young Americans, like Pat Tillman whose rage of 9/11 was channeled by the corrupted US regime into misguided geopolitical adventure achieving nothing but death and destruction.

Such mechanisms that fuel the flame of war are functioning in every society and every nation; ready to be applied when ruling elites call their nations to die for their paranoid, delusional rants.

The ISIS, al-Qaeda and other outcrops of terrorists are just fanatics of the business of religious fascism, the same way Wall Street oligarchs are fanatics of the business of capitalist exploitation that is aimed against humanity at large. While Sunnis who follow IS are mostly tolerated, they are freely killed en mass if they criticize the IS for its unholy totalitarian practices.

The others are being taken for ransom, enslaved, tortured, raped or executed in even more gory ways in order to spread fear and force submission to their authority that violates every cannon of Muslim faith by indulging in theft, gluttony, sexual orgies and abhorrent religious blasphemy by supposedly virtuous soldiers of Allah following their Saudi sponsors’ appalling behavior.

Let’s be clear, the IS leadership is not a fanatical army of Allah, a Hollywood-like image US propaganda is trying to paint. Their detestable brutality is a production of psychological warfare innate to most terrorist movements, but in ISIS case amplified way beyond pale of any acceptable human conduct and hence somewhat unique. In truth, these are shrewd successful businessmen exploiting confused, desperate or naive Muslims to get rich and famous while breaking every cannon of Muslim religion while at it, unable to be distinguished from thieving bankers when they wear their Armani suits during their Washington D.C. visits.

The immorality is for them a badge of honor when blessed by the God speaking to them through their military victories in their existential struggle between good (them) and evil (the rest of us), following a Hegelian dialectics long time ago adopted by the types of Hitler, as long as earthly money from their sponsors is coming.

Only in such a context we may judge objectively the war for what it is, namely a senseless slaughter for profit, lies for a reason and absurd for a purpose.

To make the fine point here, bravery of ISIS soldiers of Allah cannot be expresses in words so here there is a short YT clip in which they swear to God to seek revenge on evil Putin as long as they live for ordering Russian infidels’ attacks on their army of God,  before they decided to live a little longer than few minutes and ran their butts off to safety. Well, I can’t blame them only cow doesn’t change opinion. Enjoy;


ISIS’s still waiting for US Stringers and cursing US unable to shut down dilapidated MiG-21 of Syrian Air Force resulting with another unfortunate selfie with a Russian bomb.Cheese!


The coalition time. After Russians, Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians formed a coalition, now  Ahrar Ash-Sham, Ajnat Ash-Sham and  Jebhat An-Nusra”. came under command of newly formed Junt al-Maljahim, another  group to be claimed by the US as “moderate”. Stay tuned for senator from Arizona pleading to spare his terrorist pals.

Russian Air Force bombs  al-Nusra positions in Latakia province.

Russian Air Force bombs al-Nusra positions in Hama.

Russian Air Force bombs al-Nusra positions in suburb in Damascus.

Dead ISIS terrorists:Warning: Graphic: 18+

Kurds from YPG fighting with ISIS; Warning: Graphic: 18+

While US TOW system works well for SAA T64s it has some problems with moderately secured T72s here is a YT clip:


And at the end the review of developments in Syria and Iraq from SOUTH FRONT agency with top news of  great “success” of ISIS that threatening the only supply route to Aleppo. The question is where is the Russian close air support or is it a deception?

What’s interesting is the supposed plan of US involvement with Iran backed Shia-Iraqi militia, YPG and Peshmerga fighters to fight ISIS in Iraq vaguely determined as sometime next year. I think it is just a publicity stunt to “outdo” Russians at least in words and to give a piece of rotten meat to MSM shocked by the Syrian developments officially without US.

This sorry PR stunt of liberating Kurdish hostages that may or may not happened at all in a way presented in the media, cost another fanatical American sniper-trainer his life, ten years after Mission was Accomplished, in the operation NOT AUTHORIZED by the Iraqi central government but by provincial Kurdish authority, that violated Iraqi sovereignty and military agreements with the US, and was a futile attempt to overshadow stunning success of Russians in the global war on terror, which already liberated thousands of Kurds and Syrian citizen of many religions just in last three weeks. All this to appalling silence in the western media broken by concocted hysteria about Russians bombing phantom hospitals on every odd day. Up to 800 thousands of internal refugees as well as from Lebanon are returning to their destroyed homes that have been liberated within last month, confident that they are safe under Russian military umbrella.



The Interesting developments happened over the weekend in Syria but not as much on the frontlines but in the Russian and Syrian media unleashing a psychological warfare and a  war of media chaos aimed at IS and al- Nusra political and military commanders as well as directed to block the US political leadership and western propaganda.

For example Russians offered to provide air support for any of the”moderate” groups from nonexistent American list, willing to attack IS, al-Nusra and other terrorists, that drew immediate responses  from the so-called “moderates” stating that they will not attack IS with Russian help, quickly correcting that Russia is their enemy!!!, implicitly acknowledging that IS is not, which is a well known and documented fact on the ground, throwing Pentagon into confusion what to say at all. All, well known tactics of Russian military doctrine to confuse and divide enemy, as is described on this page  under: (10/18/2015) SYRIAN WAR UPDATE: HOW WE FIGHT; RUSSIAN EDITION.

UPDATE: [And such a campaign of psychological warfare seems to work causing staunchest supporters of US and Free Syrian Army in the region to acknowledge that it is a sham, a cover for ISIS/al-Qaeda operations sponsored by Turkey and the US: More from: ]

Also Assad dropped bombshell by unconditionally supporting free and fair elections (because he thinks he will surely win them) including in the political process all the internal Syrian opposition not affiliated with terrorists, i.e. practically no existent now. As I mentioned on Saturday, following Putin advice he gave Assad in Moscow last week to create a legitimate opposition in Syria from almost nothing at this point, mostly for world media purposes and to shut up the West. Although, this is true that there is no organized opposition to Assad rule now since Syrians flocked to Assad in a face of national catastrophe but not because they want him personally to rule.

What they  want is to end the war and return to political stability without IS maniacs randomly beheading the population. They want schools to reopen and refuges and jobs to return to their cities. That’s all and they do not give a damn who is up there in Damascus as long as they can reclaim their lives.

Even desert clan/tribal leaders smelling Assad’s renewed strength are flocking to support him once again such as is a case of Clan Shaitat that switched sides again and now supports SAA against IS.

Russian Air strikes continue an focus on close air support for SAA pressing onto the strategic points in their plan to disrupt the terrorists’ logistics i.e. money, food and military supplies from Turkey and US. It is puzzling that IS or al-Nusra still seems not to be able to get their hand on stringer missiles and no attempt to shut down of the Russian Su-34 aircraft or others was so far reported. May be because all or what remained of them are just burned junk at the Turkish border incinerated by Russian Air Force or they are ineffective against new Russians hardware and Pentagon does not want to piss off new American friends from ISIS and what’s never good.

Russian air strike killed a war reporter for al-Nusra.

Kurds’ Peshmerga  troops captured IS terrorists:

Kurds’ military attacked IS armored car with guided missile or IED:

Warning: Graphic: 18+; After killing of commander Abu Suleiman of Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Masri, Ali at-Turki was killed in Hama, another al-Nusra commander, Muhammad-Hatib was killed by SAA sniper in Allepo.



BONUS: American military, specifically USMC is training on Portugal coast for alleged invasion of Syria, to save their pals from IS and al-Nusra from being ass-kicked and to stop suppose Russian aggression in Syria. In my humble opinion they have lots of training to do. Watch whole clip (in Spanish but it doesn’t matter, everything is clear) it will surely build your confidence in the most powerful military in the world.(hint: it is not US, no more)



Well it was rather rat-like visit in the middle of the night, but at least he did not landed on an aircraft carrier and did not declared “Mission Accomplished” only to be, as a victorious chief in total secrecy hurled like rat into Baghdad or Kabul later on.

But he proved few points. Such as he has enough support within Damascus elites to leave for 24 hours and not be overthrown but what’s more important that  air connection Damascus – Moscow via Iraq, Iran is open and reliable.

Except for photo ops, and  gratitude to Putin for support of Assad’s war on terror, the talks were all about finding a solution, including an option of Assad’s formal departure from power under some kind of agreement with so far nonexistent legitimate Syrian opposition, which Putin suggested that Assad create in a way  to give a cover to Gulf sheikhs, to result in settlement with Turkey about the Kurds while maintaining support for Hezbollah and alliance with Iran.

This is a mission impossible that Putin seems to undertake knowing well that it is no longer about Syria but about secular reconfiguration of spheres of influence and security arrangements within whole Middle East with one player out of the picture namely the US.

As a matter of fact that was the main motivation of US supporting chaos and terror in Syria and Iraq to prevent slowly forming political/economic affinities between major players of Iran and Saudi Arabia smelling early symptoms of US imperial decay. Hence, the US state of aggression against Iran for last decade and final acquiescence to the removal Iranian sanctions under pressure from China and EU and quietly from Saudis waging an oil war against US.

I don’t know whether or not a theocratic regime of Israel realizes what it would mean. If such a reconfiguration is successful it would force Israel to resolve their relations with Palestinians (who, as Sunnis, fight along the SAA against terrorists in Syria), rescind occupied land and pay reparations for occupation in order to enter new Middle East regional security agreement and secure peace for Israeli (not necessary Jewish) nation. The worse lie perpetrated by Israeli propaganda is that it is impossible, incompatible with Israel’s existence as a state while in fact is opposite and continuation of the same policies assures Israel’s demise.

Unfortunately, similarly to ISIS we  deal here with religious fanatics with nukes but with US influence and capabilities fading and Russian and Chinese nuclear deterrent which would overshadow such a  reconfiguration of power, sober heads in Tel-Aviv may prevail.

The complexity of diplomatic effort is enormous,  involving searching for common solution among many heads of states often completely delusional , removed from the reality on the ground, or seeing the others as enemies only. All of them have to be convinced that in the end, real peace is in their mutual interest of ultimately holding on to the power and preserving British imposed postcolonial artificial demarcations, despite obvious often irreconcilable divisions.

And in my opinion this could be an ultimate goal of Putin and the reason why he risked direct and open military involvement in the Syrian war against ISIS and other terrorists despite possibly dire global geopolitical ramification of such a move. How long will it take? What are his chances? Who knows but the alternative is an utter chaos we experiencing now in the Middle East and elsewhere.

UPDATE: The simmering war continues and SAA takes over more and more critical positions to slowly tighten a nus and choke the IS and Al-Nusra logistics with minimum casualties among civilians.

Despite only scarce information coming from Joint Russian and Syrian command some bits and pieces of information indicate strong and narrow push of SAA  with Russian Air cover in some specific areas while small tactical withdrawals by larger units of SAA from some recently retaken from terrorists areas such as a case of village of  Markph as well in some locations held by SAA for years. It is a clear indication of SAA attempts to fake weakness at some points of the frontline while pushing hard on others trying to lure enemy into full or semi cauldron situations and shut down their logistics capabilities.

What is interesting is that as SAA reports more and more dead IS fighters who were found in the liberated areas are European citizen from EU and even from Ukraine where ISIS has its representation in private battalions deployed to Donbass. Also many evidences were found that present or former  IS  fighters are fighting now under Jabhat al-Nusra flag especially in the south ,near Golan Heights and Jordan border where many IS terrorists are fleeing and crossing to Jordan  under the assault from SAA.

That’s is possibly a factor behind recent de facto inclusion of  Jordan into the  Russian Middle East coalition. The interesting situation is developing in the Golan heights area where Israel for all intents and purposes provides fire power (long range artillery) cover for al-Nusra and other local terrorist groups effectively halting advancement of SAA  in the area.

I am curious how long this arrangement will last when Russian air supremacy is established there as well. Israel stopped intrusions into Syrian airspace just after Netanyahu went to Moscow last month and into Lebanon air space after Israeli warplane was intercepted by Russians several day ago. If Jordan closes the terrorist supply routes and Israel backs down,  foothills of Golan Heights could return under Damascus control soon. What about the Golan Heights themselves? may be that could be part of the plan of “land for peace” deal with Palestinians  who currently fighting along SAA in northern Syria against terrorists.

SAA MI-28C helicopters attack terrorists:

Air strike on terrorist positions  in Teir Maalah in the province of Homs.



The shock and awe phase of the war comes to end soon after most of the critical points have been taken by SAA in preparation to final assault. Here is a clip of horrible power of Russian made MRL systems such as TOS-1A and other systems, range up to 80 miles especially designed to destroy earth fortifications as they were deployed few days ago.The missiles bury deep in the soil and then delay explode their incendiary devices burning everything around.What’s interesting is that in the rockets a folded drone could be placed to allow for monitoring the impact area live to assesses damage up close.

How to distinguish between shelling and Russian air assault an al-Nusra terrorist-journalist learned by getting up close (a mile away) and personal with his maker.


As I mentioned few days ago what we see in Syria is a reinforcement, not only SAA with new weapons, Iraqi Shia militia and Iranian Revolutionary Guard that amount to at least 10000 men but reinforcement of the Russian military tactics that join Russian-Syrian command is using, trying to confuse the IS and other terrorists by chess like moves to take over critical locations in order to disrupt the IS coordination and communication system and a clear avoidance of the direct assaults on IS positions. One may see frustration of the IS and al-Nusra trying to provoke direct SAA assaults by local actions but after they are punished by Russian air force they dig in, just watching how their military capabilities are slowly diminish over time. The core of Russian tactics is focused on destruction of enemy logistics before  an assault may commence. As a result an information that coming out of Syria suggest stalemate while the crucial phase of the war is being conducted with no spectacular moves to report.

Latest update from South Front:

The bridge on Euphrates near Deir-ez-Zor was destroyed by the Russian Air Force, an action approved by Syrian military command after Russian drones detected large convoys of IS weaponry being moved from Iraq to Syria. US was informed about it after the fact.

In its game to pretend and extend the war, the US however continues to attack Syrian infrastructure under the guise of attacks on crude oil storage tanks in the area controlled by IS but used also by the local population who refine gasoline for themselves. A counter productive move since the whole area is already monitored by Russian drones and export of this crude oil to Turkey for sale was already impossible.



This is what I call peaceful coexistence. This is an illustration, using Photoshop, of Turkey great contribution to the war against IS. An artist vision but not far from the truth.


Now summary of developments from South Front:


If you still don’t know, see how your taxpayer money is being spend, so don’t complain about rent and food inflation or salary cut if you still have a job because, as certain senator from Arizona is saying when he is out of meds “killing people in some God forsaken place is more important than your fucking life”.

The newest US supplied TOW system attacks SAA 1970-ties models T64 and T72 Russian made tanks from several miles away beyond the battle tank gun range.

And after a day of hard work fighting SAA with american weapons it is time for R&R for those lovers of soccer although they seem to me were misinformed about the rules. First, you use a ball not a human head and second it is only one ball you play not multiple. I guess US military trainers were not prepared and did not know how to train terrorists to play soccer.They definitely need more of our taxpayer money.


At the end a video clip from August showing Chechnya Volunteers in IS military executing, among others Kurd children in Syria. These are those ethnic Chechnyans, Russian citizen, Putin is talking about as a national security threat upon their returning to Russia.



Daily update from South Front ( SAA military operations continue.

10/19/2015; Daily review of developments.

Especially what is interesting is that Abu Bakr al-Bahdadi, leader of ISIL who was seriously injured in Russian Alliance coordinated Iraqi Air Force strike last week, was transported to Turkey for medical treatment with assist from US and Turkey intelligence services. His medical and legal status is unknown. Is he under arrest? Or he’s is going to get a medal or at least purple heart? Is he being interrogated as Boston bomber while he is in pain, or would it be to barbaric even for serial beheader. I wonder if he will be visited by well-wishers such as a senator from Arizona.  Please note in the video clip US made Abrams M1A1 tank with Russian made machine gun attached to it is being used by the Iraqi Shia militia deployed in northern Syria to fight against the terrorists.


Myth of Moderate Rebels:

Chinese Attitude to the Russian involvement:

Iran’s Attitude to the Russian involvement:


[UPDATE: 10/20/2015;  The compilation of the operations of SAA in Jobar, University and Hi-tech dominated suburb of Damascus (before the war), a battle that already last over two years now. The drone-view shows utter devastation, of what several generations of Syrians have built, on the intensity and scale of Stalingrad, Dresden, Cologne or Hiroshima. After watching this clip it may seem unbelievable that al-Nusra still is holding some substantial areas of Jobar but it is only possible due to hundreds of miles of underground tunnels dug by terrorists and their hostages and utility tunnels used by terrorists to move their advanced US weaponry including TOW, listening, surveying and communication systems, drones as well as fighters changing positions to attack Syrian Army urban guerrilla-style in the already liberated areas. Now Russian air force anti-bunker weapon capabilities should help to destroy the tunnel system and eradicate terrorists from Jobar. Please note how the bomb that hit entrance to the tunnels  creates smoke and dust cloud in another building hundreds of feet away];



Whether or not below mentioned battlefield tactics, and methods are being implemented right now in the Syrian war theater I know not but considering a joint command of Russian and Syrian forces as well as long term military cooperation between those two countries it is plausible and I think it is instructive to see differences between US and Russian approach just by drawing from some historical records.

Most the Russian war doctrine and military maneuvers or tactics are coming out of German military manuals as well as many painful experiences of the WWII where Soviets made all the mistakes possible before they got their act together.

The basics principle of waging a war is to have well defined strategic, tactical and immediate objectives with no imposition of any particular solutions since those must fall directly in the prerogatives of the local field commanders who will make decisions as warranted on the ground with wide latitude of choices creating facts or illusions on the ground aimed to mostly mislead the enemy i.e. psychological warfare at the level of field commanders.

In Syria, IS terrorists’ most powerful weapon is the psychological terror and it must be met with psychological warfare weaponry on the battlefield.

This requires extensive knowledge of the battlefield area, built up relationships not only with friendly forces and local population but most of all with the enemy, making temporary cease-fire or other deals with them, offering even aid and some kind of understanding or presenting seemingly beneficial choices of withdrawal or surrender, a typical toolbox of a negotiator. The true war is more about talking and waiting then shooting. Only those who can see strait through the chaos or war can be ultimately successful.

The Syrian field commanders having in their hand a hammer of Russian air support are pursuing wide range of those techniques very vigorously, by calling ISIS commanders over the cell phone/radio or communicating via other ways. The field commanders grounded in the reality of battlefield are much more reasonable (especially after the air raid) than highly politicized or fanatical higher command hankered down somewhere in the bunker.

A good example of such a broad latitude given to the local commanders are various temporary deals SAA is making with terrorists including IS in Aleppo area regarding electrical power supply from the Aleppo power plant on the outskirts of the city held by IS while distribution system is held by SAA either one could cut off electricity to the other so both decided to keep it running. IS to run their bomb factories and SAA to allow civilian population under IS rule to have their utilities running, water, electricity, heat etc. This is quintessential example of local deals and compromises by local commanders even for medieval barbaric thugs of IS possible to achieve as a alternative to senseless and blunt devastation. And this type of war tactics is cowardly used as a propaganda tool by the western MSM to prove the brotherly love between Assad and IS to brain-dead western viewers.But what’s worse ls that the US is aggravated with such as deals or agreements, mad on the IS or al-Nusra for deviating from pure Wahhabi Islamist orthodoxy since it is clandestinely bombing  Syrian infrastructure including Aleppo power plant under the guise of F16 escorting military transport planes with weapons to drop on non-existing positions of illusory moderate Syrians.

In contrast, in most cases US local field commanders had often hands tied as far a contacts or negotiation with enemy field commanders and never built any meaningful relationship of trust with the enemy. And hence were devoid of finesse or cunning and instead were perceived as blunt or gullible and by that diminished enemy respect for the US military and strengthen unity of the enemy instead of weakening it by skillful negotiations or manipulations.

Another basic battlefield principle is to avoid committing to a frontal attack on fortified enemy positions even when having overwhelming advantage and power and always seeking weak points and take as much time as needed, no deadlines or photo ops since true military accomplishment is to win battle without one shot fired in contrast to US reporting number of enemy killed, territory conquered or cleared and ammunition spent that defines the progress or victory.

An hence the art of encirclement or cauldron creation massively used as a most popular Russian tactical maneuvers which are low cost and high reward military efforts including fake cauldrons aimed to forcing enemy movements into predestined areas.

Also not sharp but gradual cutoff or degradation of the command and control communications and supplies is preferred in order to use it to induce tactical movements of the enemy forces and continuing surveillance as well as on the ground intelligence operations, which are critical for achieving success. The US forces intelligence (so Soviet) operations often failed in Afghanistan due to lack of personal politically/culturally mitigated relationships (not money) a foundation for truly effective intelligence network. With all the new technologies, field level intelligence is still irreplaceable.

But most of all Russian military doctrine calls to never wage war you want to win in the country where significant part of population is hostile and enemy undefined (Afghanistan war 1.0 and 2.0) since at the end the success of all military operations are dependent on the local population support and hence recognizing that unnecessary or mistaken deaths of civilians are not just a collateral damage but the fundamental damage to the entire war effort. That’s why British, Hindu, Soviets and Americans were ultimately defeated Afghanistan.

The true Syrian liberation war has just begun replacing four long years of aimless and senseless stalemate and slaughter instigated and supported by the west as I wrote in:


 With restrained, proportional to the threat, legal military action to restore safety and security of Syrian people, a solemn duty of Syrian government and nobody else under international law, there may be a hope for peace. But we are far from it.

However, what we know for sure is that there will no winners anywhere in the world, especially in Syria, just victims and perpetrators of this horror.

UPDATE: The Syrian Arab Air Force after receiving needed replacement parts from Russians tripled their capabilities and under the Russian cover are regularity pounding the IS and Al-Nusra positions in Daraa, Homs and other areas.

And as a bonus a video selfie of a bomb dropped from Syrian Air force MiG21.

Disclosure: An Al-Nusra terrorist who may or may not be among us any more made this YT video clip.

More overview of the current events in Syria can be found at:



While Iraqis are receiving another tranche of the Russian made weapons and military equipment they desperately need such as SU-25, Mi-28NE, Mi-35 and TOS-1A, Pancyr-S1, mobile rocket artillery systems “Jigit” and anti-landmine BRM-3M systems and Russia expands her military bases in Latakia,  Tartus and building new base in the north near soon to be unblocked Syrian Airbase at Kuweires just east of Aleppo the Islamic terrorists are training their cadres and believe in their ultimate victory or preparing to die for Caliph or they have other plans like shaving their beards and get a hell outta there to settle down in some Washington D.C. suburb and teach some courses at the local college, just what many IS commanders were doing before the Libya mess.

Although I was unable to get confirmation from WH but I think I found one of those moderate insurgents that Pentagon was talking about and spent over 500 millions of dollars for nothing. I have a rock solid proof though, as strong, if not stronger, than any evidences presented by Department of State about MH17, Ukraine or Syria for last several years now, namely an irrefutable YouTube clip.

He is a moderate insurgent for sure because he has no beard and no political opinions about anything, he did not memorize Quran (Koran) yet, he’s training somewhere at undisclosed location along Syrian and Iraq border, he’s being shut at by ISIS terrorist with Russian designed/Chinese made AK-47 and as you see in the clip he is six years old.

Is he young enough and ideologically pure for you, senator from Arizona, or you, prefer prenatal suicidal insurgents, however it squares with your pro-life stance.

Unfortunately for you senator and your commander-in-chief, he already switched sides and now is being scared, terrorized (trained in Washington speak) to incur deep psychological trauma. The preprogrammed PTSD resulting from such a “training” in the future will surely find a release in some most abhorrent acts of violence, even I do not wish you to witness, senator, although other may disagree.

And that is what ISIS counts on. They count on never-ending horror and rage and revenge, murder without doubt, without moral judgment under the false prophets of radical religion or ideology, spewed over heads of mostly poor, desperate Middle East youth economically marginalized, unable to create a family on their journey to the dark side of humanity in search for last hope of wealth and forty virgins in some country called paradise, all on Washington orders, paid by dirty US taxpayer money.



The join command  and intelligence sharing among the Russian Greater Middle East coalition in the Syrian war theater should bring concrete results by herding the confused tough guys of IS and Al-Nusra and others into panic and retreat from populated areas into cauldron traps, a specialty of Russian military tactics.

It is already happened in the vicinity of the City of Homes where two new cauldrons were just created:

Under the relentless bombardment some terrorist units abandon their position trying to move onto safer position occupied already by the other terrorist groups causing confusion and fights between IS and other “so designated moderate” groups who celebrate their small victories over IS in a very civilized way such as this:

It’s a pity that Senator from Arizona was not there to congratulate them and wish them prosperity for next few weeks they have before they are  pulverized  by the SAA offensive.

Small detachments of the IS and other terrorists quietly switched sides already and provide intelligence and spotter services to direct SAA artillery and Russian air assault.  Some started killing their “brothers beheaders” to earn the right to surrender alive.

The frontlines are collapsing and soon, as a tactical decision, IS will be forced dismantle as a territorial organization moving underground and continue using guerrilla like tactics. That would be bad news for Russia that wants decisive victory and complete destruction of IS and others terrorists, preventing Afghan type quagmire. Next few weeks will be decisive whether or not the Russian plans are going to be successful.

So far they are :



So far the western military technology has been designed and used to defeat anyone unarmed or defenseless and did not at least partially confront contemporary Russian military technologies since mid 1980-ties during first Afghanistan war against Osama Bin-Laden original jihadists pampered by Zbigi Brzezinsky of Carter Administration who almost personally handed over, back then latest US military technology, Stringer Missiles to Al-Qaeda fighting against the Soviets. The other conflicts US chose to engage in, were always against shoeless peasants with AK-47 on a rope or dilapidated soviet equipment from 1960-ties.

The West and especially Europe is in shock after just a week of Russian military operations. They realized visually how their seemingly unalterable grip on power is so fragile to be swept in a matter of minutes with no remedy from the BIG Uncle Sam in sight.

Over one year of bombing and the US achieved nothing of their stated and propagandized goals but something of their clandestine goals, namely somewhat weakening of Assad and Kurds. It was accomplished with massive weapons supply to IS murderers and other terrorists, intelligence and logistics support (see Toyotas Helix etc., ) ordered by IS using FSA as a dealer, through US Gulf state proxies as well as through outrageous things like cooperation with the stated enemy, the IS:

The US was calling Turkey’s military one hour before  to tell them location and time of the strike and Turkey relied it to the IS so butchers could slowly walk away to safe places and wait. While they suppose to take western hostages with them they mostly did not give a shit and hence many of them were killed by the US/Gulf States bombing. Jordan withdrew herself from the Syrian War when they discovered they were manipulated and after their pilot was ambushed and shut down, purposefully sent to his death by being burned alive with tacit approval  by Jordan’s “allies”.

And here is what those former “moderate” insurgents, now affiliated with IS actually do. I am afraid the Washington neocons went insane and are about to loose their heads.


The whole US air campaign was and is a disgusting lie. The Russians mean business so far, a fact proven by western hysterical reaction in defense of those medieval barbarians above.

As far as assessment of seriousness of Russian involvement and Putin resolution to end the conflict by bringing all sides back to Geneva talks remains to be seen. But as far as capabilities of Russian forces in Syria are concerned exact number of planes and personnel is obviously a military secret so one can give only an educated guess of relative small number at this time.


Russian Navy at the entrance to the Port of Latakia.

However, taking into the consideration that few ships a week are docking at the port of Latakia, few times per hours huge AN24s are landing at Latakia air base full of equipment as well as Russian airplanes are flying through Iran, Iraq, refueled in mid-air to and from Syria and additionally advanced engineering works are ongoing on at least one more air base in northern Syria and one more in Iraq draws different picture than just casual engagement of Russians in Syria solely as a close air support for the Syrian Arab Army and Iranian revolutionary guard. Also ongoing expansion of Incirlik air base in Turkey to handle 3-5 thousands of new personnel does not indicate that US is dealing with few Russian warplanes.

Two Russian aircraft intrusions into Turkish air space and the third after explicit warning from NATO combined with rapid withdrawals of the patriot anti-missile/aircraft missile defense system from Turkey/Syria border by Germany and the US tells us something. May be they just do not want to lose them since they were sitting ducks there, good to kill Hamas amateur rockets while useless against advanced Russian electronics.

In my opinion Russia firmly established no fly zone over whole territory, as seemingly confirmed by the Chairman of the House Armed Services, Mac Thornberry, correctly understanding what Putin meant when he stated that in contrast to the US, Russia possess legal mandate from legitimate Syrian government to control the entire Syrian airspace under international law while the US is an intruder, violator of the sovereignty of the Syrian state.

In this context the so-called US conflict avoidance/force separation agreement is nothing but a procedure for the US to clear with Russians  when and where US/allies planes are allowed to enter the Syrian airspace.

[UPDATE: 10/14/2015 Recent cessation of the Turkey’s air campaign against PYD (military arm of PKK) in Syria and 50 tonne US weapons drop officially for made up “Syrian Arab Tribal Coalition”but actually to Kurdish YPG fighting against IS along with PYD which in turn coordinates military operation with Russian close air support, while preventing US or Turkey’s drops of weapons for so-called FSA seems to prove the thesis that US handed over all the Syrian airspace to the Russians. 

Coordinated assault of the PYD and YPG reinforced with Russian/American weapons!!!! (against Turkey’s stated national interests) and Russian close air support would spell the end to IS choked by the cutoff  of direct supply routes from Turkey, the main objective of Russian military campaign in Syria. Unconfirmed reports state that there is joint command of the Russian and Syrian forces in the Syrian operational theater involving Russian military strategists and professional military who jointly devised the plan to force IS and other terrorists’ tactical withdrawal from cities they occupy in northern and western Syria to be later trapped in several cauldron operations and slowly eliminated, a tactic so successfully implemented in eastern Ukraine by Donbas militia against Ukrainian army;  More on Syria from  – j.c.]

The practical dissolution of US alliance with Gulf States against Assad, Saudis overtures to Putin, and their acquiescence to Assad remaining in power at least temporarily as well as Turkey cessation of PKK area bombing in Syria are all ominous signs of US disengagement and/or marginalization of US role in the Syrian war.


So everybody is asking question why after over four years Russia has finally taken huge risk of openly and directly militarily involve herself in the Syrian War instantly increasing the geopolitical stakes tenfold.

But before that we have to realize what the Syrian War was and still is all about.

The CIA inspired and funded operation called “Syrian Arab Spring” was commenced on the back of the legitimate grievances of the Syrian people regarding Bashar Al-Assad “new” neoliberal economic policies and associated rampant corruption and cronyism that slowly was destroying the social contract his father Hafez signed with the Syrians people as a fundamental condition of the stability of this inherently unstable post colonial mix of nations as well ethnic and religious groups that against all odds and the West embarked on politically almost impossible mission of modern nation building following introduction in late 1950-ties of Arabic version of nationalist/socialist movement called Ba’athism (adopted also in Iraq) for many decades with great success and huge social/national sacrifice, advanced education and hard work that built this previously nonexistent nation.

The emissaries of the Washington D.C based, CIA backed political adversaries of Assad rule promptly took on terrorist tactics of murder and intimidation attacking institutions and representatives of the civil society, law and order but most of all they aimed on destroying institution of “social peace” among Syrian people responsible for internal dialog (or what’s left of it) among all different ethnic/religious groups of Syrian citizen after over a decade and deterioration of the Syrian internal political strive and marginalization of diverse political voices by Assad regime tolerated or supported by Bashar Al-Assad himself.

The provocateurs attacked/manipulated Syrian religious organizations previously providing important foundation of the national dialog to provoke fake conflicts that could not easily be resolved on rational basis of political dialog. Assad however, spending big chunk of his life in the West among “political friends” bought almost immediately the western propaganda of the sectarian strive as an underlying cause of the “revolt” (which was a lie) and put on his Alawite hat to defend his power base.

By that fact he practically abdicated his national leadership and gravely injured interests of his nation and as a result, over following years, almost completely lost control over Syria only to, ironically, be “rescued” by the brutal aggression of the foreign American funded proxies aimed to wipe out the Syria as a nation from the political map of the world.

Many Syrians understood that fact before he did and decided to defend their great nation even against Assad’s ineptitude and political failure.

Almost totally ignored, even in the independent media, is the fact of the Bashar al-Assad slow and painful transformation from some egotistic, scared to death oligarch, detached from his nation into self-sacrificing genuine leader, practically recreated, reborn by the will of his people who made choice to persist as a nation. Among all that seemingly irreconcilable historical diversity, past grievances and and apparent social incompatibility the majority of Syrian realized that what they all have in common is much more valuable than their sectarian, economic and political particularisms. They declared themselves as Syrians above all.

At this point, in my opinion Assad stays in power only to preserve integrity of the Syrian nation and more precisely to redeem himself somewhat for all his catastrophic decisions and mistaken attitudes that aggravated the conflict into human disaster. In other words Assad must prevail in this war in order to leave his presidential office and be accountable for his deeds in the court of Syrian people.

May be this is what Putin, who so far stayed away from the conflict except for diplomatic cover, finally understood after years of the war and over two hundred thousands dead and millions of refugees resulting from reckless or genocidal policies of the West.

Even Russia, who in 2012 was quite willing to assist the transition of power in Damascus and did not consider Assad as indispensable, now sees that Syrian people will not let him go until peace, territorial integrity of their nation is fully restored and assured by international treaties. That would be a Syrian leg of the strategic interests of Russians in the Middle East and overall political reason of Russian open involvement in the Syrian war right now.

But there are many more reasons such as de facto attack on the Syrian territorial integrity by Turkey’s undeclared no fly zone in the north of Idlib protecting the areas of Al-Nusra and IS operations which was directly and immediately challenged by the Russian air force just to make a point of legal claim by the Syrian state over those areas.

Another important, but omitted from most of analyses of the conflict, factor was that over those four years Assad regime quietly but  radically changed the policies enabling transformation of the Syrian civil War in to the war of external aggression in mind of average Syrian.

Surprisingly, this was accomplished via widespread but unreported, amnesty for rebels and reconciliation programs, local cease-fire agreements with Syrian factions opposed to Assad as well as extensive negotiation and even cooperation in order to assure well-being of the local Syrian citizen within the frontlines by restoring utilities to some rebel areas who agreed to permanent cease-fire and even restoring some basic social services and allowing people unimpeded movement across the division lines to enable economic activities. Even elections were allowed in few areas held by the Syrian (citizen) rebels.

However you cut it, Assad was saved so far not by his dilapidated guns or Hezbollah or Iran or even Russia but by embracing Syrians on both sides as brothers and sisters while offering bounty for Gulf State Islamists who stirred the conflict within sectarian communities in Syria.

Today Sunni majority see no future for Syria under extreme Islamists of the west concocted fascist Islamic State of lies and propaganda and do not see themselves in some delusional dreams of global caliphate from hell. Unfortunately IS ideologues are in complete agreement with delusional Washington neocons seeking the end of history and revisions of the post colonial divisions of the Middle East by turning the area into gory imperial medieval kingdom run by Saudis’ thugs.

Another reason for Russian involvement is the fate of Kurds who were betrayed and attacked by Turkey military that stayed at least formally on “sidelines” for all those years focusing on clandestine support for IS and other Islamist groups, but this year provided open and active cover for IS that was loosing battles with PKK. The Russians know that the Kurds’ nation division into four state entities is the key of holding the postcolonial map of the Middle East intact. And that Kurds’ reunification would be threatening the territorial integrity of Turkey herself a member of NATO and hence would endanger global geopolitical stability.

Russia’s role here is to return both sides to the political solution of containment and autonomy instead of violent confrontation no side can win. Assad wisely, already granted them far-reaching autonomy within Syrian state but was slow with materiel support to help them to defend themselves against Syrian rebels in first years of conflict.

Another reason could be a surprising alliance among Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia and China and other post soviet states to eradicate Islamic extremism of IS only possible after the US ignored calls of Iraq Shia dominated pro-Iran government for help with new weapons/aircraft to fight the IS on their territory, even when Baghdad was threatened, forcing Iraqis to purchase tens of new MiG 29 delivered by Russia within months from the order. That alliance was manifested by recent hypersonic cruise missile bombing of the Islamic IS/ Al-Qaeda forces in Syria that required crossing airspace of Iran and Iraq unimpeded on the way from Caspian Sea.

What is very interesting in the context of recent nuclear agreement that Iran decided to decisively engage in defending their ally, Assad regime by deployment of ground troops of the Revolutionary Guard and massive open military support for Hezbollah. Now Iraqi government is in the process of designating separated air base for Russians combating IS in Iraq.

In the same time previous incoherent utterances of the Netanyahu and other right-wing theocratic lunatics running Israeli government seem to pragmatically come to reverse (after recent visit in Moscow) recognizing global geopolitical reconfiguration which has its manifestation in the current military and political developments and exposing inept American policies set on spreading dangerous for Israel chaos in the region.

Undoubtedly, Russian intervention was possible only because the US imperial power or rather an image of the imperial power is weakening as perceived in the Middle East and elsewhere. More and more people recognize that US military power is just an illusion and after years of massive theft of trillions of dollars designated to military by Walls Street conmen contractors the US paper tiger is capable of empty threats and shooting anybody defenseless who cannot shoot back while folding immediately when confronted with those capable of defending themselves.

Just few days of Russian air force operations proved the superiority of their equipment, training, logistics and organization making Russian seemingly untouchable by the US over  Syria. The western Europe was left in shock and awe that someone could effectively challenge their American God militarily and politically as just recently expressed by J.C. Juncker, president of the European Commission who declared that Europe should not blindly follow Washington policies as they are not always in best interest of the Europeans.

But in my opinion most the direct reason of seeming urgency of Russia’s involvement at this point were recent developments in Lebanon (described below) and direct threat to the Assad regime critical financing sources due to the instability of the Lebanese government /banking system under the western instigated “garbage” revolution. Even more profound financial crisis in Syria would have weakened Syrian economy, likely to the level of the collapse at the time when the Assad regime is making significant progress in regaining  control over the country.

However, I have to admit that none of my reasons or Russian or Syrian propaganda talking points about national interest, global threat of Islamists or humanitarian and refugee crises fully explains why Russia has taken such a historically bold and aggressive (or defensive?) step with so far unforeseen geopolitical consequences.

I am not naïve and do not believe that Russia is the only a force for good, as much as the US never was. It was all about direct interest of the ruling elites. Their actions always exemplified by brutal geopolitical calculations and drive for strategic gain in the world of continuing confrontation of the spheres of influence.

So what is it that Russia may truly gain out of this? What is Russia counting on? Breakup of NATO, a tool of western aggression? Bringing Europe into Russia’s sphere of alliances by marginalizing the US on world stage? Is the price of blood sweat and tears that will have to be paid worth it for Russian people? I know not. It does not make sense to me so far in context of looking at the big picture of recent geopolitics where Russia exhibited extreme, sometimes annoying, stoicism and conservatism seemingly focusing of the long term strategic objectives promoting status quo instead of extreme “revolutionary” turmoil pushed by the US neocons in their misguided quest for global vision of US imperial dominance, for pipe dreams of next American century.

But I know one thing. What we are witnessing are first slight, tectonic movements in the geopolitical crust that will inevitably result in openly multipolar political and economic world order in not so distant future.

Informative updates on Syrian and Yemen war can be found at:



The Syrian people were devastated by the west inspired war that stole from them, any hope of democratic change in their country. And now, expelled from Turkey, those victims flock to the perpetrator of their misery, the EU that shamelessly exploit those refugees (calling them falsely migrants),  supposedly protected under the international law, by tolerating smuggling operations and enriching the corrupted EU officials and their cronies. All that directed to stir political conflict and Neo-Nazi raise to power in the EU.

I guess EU flag stands for something. Here it is.




It was puzzling to me that it took Washington neocons that long, more than two years to escalate the perpetual Lebanese state governance crisis, in Lebanon case, an existential threat to the nation, into street riots triggered by what we would call economic black-op but they finally did it.

Its eerie silence in the MSM about the direct relation between the Syrian war and the fate of the strange state of Lebanon which emerged in current fragile form after over 15 years of the bloody proxy war between Syria and Israel, under conditions mostly dictated by Syria’s Hafez al-Assad and the Hezbollah leadership as the political winners of the war.

But to be frank the only winner was the death herself swallowing a generation of the most moderate Lebanese Arabs in the region as well as decimated Palestinian refugees and strengthen the extremists in Beirut and Tehran as well as in Tel-Aviv and Washington D.C. Those extremists later sabotaged the Olso Agreement which  was a manifestation of the US and Israeli defeat.

Since then Beirut government, if we even call it that, is in a political pat for about 25 years now and successfully brought what we would call before 20o3 a stagnation of the nation, now we happily call  the “political stability”. And all that thanks to Hezbollah movement that under the assault from the Israel and the west until now was able of maintaining the illusion of the stable Lebanese government for the benefit of the ordinary Lebanese people even if they hated it.

But only until, about two years ago when the western and golf countries supported sectarian factions of the Lebanese government did what politically amounted to breaking the 1990 cease fire agreement or the so-called “peace agreement”; meaning there was no real reconciliation within what we would call the Lebanese nation. All that because of B. al-Assad weakness and inability to impart any significant influence on the overall Lebanese politics as he did before the war.But what’s even more important it his inability to hold on to the economic domination of the Lebanon which is/was the main source of the money necessary to placate his cronies and to conduct  the war.

In last few years or even before, under the guise of the Lebanon economic development, promoted by the Wall Street and the Golf states, large influx of the western schooled or indoctrinated, devoid of any national identity but the western, iPhone millennials, returning expats significantly increased as they were attached to the in-flowing capital as the managers and advisers to the corporations, government agencies and political organisations and the DoS inspired NGOs and somewhat disrupting sectarian mafias.

All of that crowd of the gullible young minds excited about a possibility of change in the political and economic realm in their nominal fatherland were all actually emissaries of the destruction of the hard fought by their forefathers, however imperfect, the political and social order under the disguise of vaguely formulated democratic aspirations.

This slow neoliberal reorientation of the Lebanon economy in the midst of the acute not so dormant, political conflicts exasperated by the Syrian war, is proceeding now for at least twenty years and slowly was disrupting the basic functions of the state as it happening in any neoliberally reoriented economies in order to provide the impulse for the  privatization i.e. stealing of the national treasure. Activities of the global capital that could be described as “econ-black-ops”.

The demonstrating in Beirut, young Lebanese youth, as it happened before to the Egyptian youth or Libyan youth or Syrian youth, poor or unemployed, or uncertain about the job or the future, angered and confused by the disparity between the media world and grim reality of their own lives,  unable to marry and to create the family in the environment of the economic collapse, became the prey of their expat peers, pseudo-friends, gaining trust by vaguely promising anything better in their “trustworthy” SMS-like familiar lingual expressions just after the old order is done away with.

I wonder what the Egyptian youth or Libyan youth or Syrian youth have to say now to their Lebanese colleagues when in 2011 they signed into truly destructing so-called “creative destruction” that left their future in ruin, prompting them in their desperation to go for the suicidal mission to blow up their fake western expat peers for what they did to their world or go to another suicidal mission to immigrate to Europe or die getting there.

Those young people have no idea that they are just pones in the global historical chess game to rewrite the artificial colonial divisions that are the ultimate causes of the conflicts and are responsible for erasing the language of dialog and reconciliation  from Middle Eastern political vocabulary.

It is hard to fathom the possibility of stopping the unstoppable,convincing the unconvincible , to believe the unbelievable but this is exactly what we have to do if there going to be any hope.




A Brief Note:

In years leading to the events of 2011, the US created a minute civilian and armed opposition within Syria that was not there before. All those who opposed the Assad regime were exiled surviving on the Western payroll cut off from the Syrian society, imprisoned or killed or were economically enticed to support the regime.

As a matter of fact small groups financed by the CIA protesting in 2011 in the city of Dara and Homs drew thousands, and in all Syria, tens of thousands of people demanding moderate democratic changes, long overdue, angry on Bashar al-Assad but not because of the lack of democracy but for his neo-liberal reorientation, dramatically departing  from his socialist father legacy that brought pride and prosperity to the Syrian people.

The anger of a significant part of the population against Bashar al-Assad was somewhat instigated by the western propaganda but in most part was inspired by his tolerance of rampant corruption and enrichment of his Alawites minority cronies and the wider Syrian elites to detriment of the ordinary people.

The more democracy they demanded was meant as just a political tool of reversing Assad’s infatuation with the western neo-liberal economic policies that collapsed the Syrian high standard of living.

Despite continuous provocation by the US stooges in Syria including killing of protesters in Dara, it was Assad’s duty and responsibility to heed the calling of his own people underneath all that mess and to constitute true economic reforms, kicking out the foreign interests and stand on the side of people against the global capital. But he did not.

He instead he chose the pasture of national unity and put himself as indispensable,  a symbol of the Syrian unity, playing nationalistic card i.e. he focused on saving his own skin first.  The over two hundred thousands  dead and injured, two millions displaced Syrians is his responsibility as well but in much smaller part than the murderous US imperialism and its jihadi’ puppets like Saudis.

images (2)

Bashar al-Assad an ophthalmologist failed as a leader of his nation in this respect, as his father Hafez predicted when he decided on the power succession to his brother Bassel, military engineer, who unfortunately died in 1994.

Another big mistake of Assad was not to grant Kurds the right to their own country (12% of territory) and to more support PKK right away with the weapons instead of thinking that more neutral stance would keep Turkey away from the conflict. He was wrong, Turkey is up to their sleeves in the Syrian conflict, playing with its national existence by attacking PKK, having 30% of population as Kurds on 40% of its territory.

PKK made their own mistakes by trying to negotiate with Turkey from the position of weakness and finally abandoning Assad.Only now, after they were attacked by Turkish Army in Syria and Turkey they signal a reverse of their previous position.

Having said that Bashar al-Assad did right thing not to resign and instead seeking a mandate from the Syrian people, since his resignation would mean the end of Syrian nation as we know it, threatening to unravel the post WWI colonial order set by the British purposefully to make Arab states weak, conflicted and dependent on the western interests after the collapse of Ottoman empire in 1918.

He also seem to have learned the lesson of what means the true, based on authentic mutual interest and shared values, friendship with Russia, forged many decades ago between the partners in the war against western colonialism and aggression. It is thanks to his long gone father and the support from Russia and Iran that badly wounded and suffering Syria still exists. But for how long?

Now, against all odds, this is Bashar al-Assad duty to rebuild the nation, as only viable today Syrian national figure potentially capable of accomplishing it since no other internal or external party in this conflict has any mandate or interest of doing so. Even if it means his resignation after peace is achieved since there will be no wining. All the Syrians are already at loss. Is he up to the task? Nobody knows.

The question is why all this mess? What was the point of all these massive deaths and suffering brought by the Arab Spring?

Why after attacking Tunisia, Algeria (failed), Libya, Egypt and Yemen (and previously Iraq and Afghanistan but not Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia) the West attacked Syria. The answer is clear if we examine what those “horrible”, deposed regimes in the Arab world had in common except for governing of thje countries with highest standard of living in Africa and in the Middle East.

What they had in common was a special, decades old, ideological, economic  and military partnership with the Soviet block countries that supported Arab struggle of decolonization and independence in 1950-ties and sixties. Most of those killed or deposed leaders or their political predecessors were educated in Moscow  many decades ago about the methods of  anti-colonial struggle as a type of class struggle against the world oligarchic dominance.

And there were those economic, ideological and historical connections with the Russians that West went after by instigating the Arab Spring in 2011 with all the deadly consequences of destruction and chaos.

It is all about destruction of the social-democratic systems (civil society)  and replacing them with the brutal neo-liberal corporatism as decades ago happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is about continuing, after the Eastern Europe in 1990 and the Western Europe in 2000s, eradication of the remnants of Soviet influenced social-democratic economic and political systems that worked so well for ordinary people all over the world and replacing them with the brutal unfettered corporatism. What the west called the brutal regimes of the Middle East and Africa were the autocratic, socially focused political systems which somewhat exaggerated political brutality was an imperfect remedy for the injustice of the colonial arbitrary territorial divisions imposed deliberately by the west and the western colonial policies of stirring the antagonisms among the native people of the land. The political violence of the regimes was a direct consequence of their choice to remain in the colonial boundaries in the somewhat perverted bid to keep the unity of their “abstract” nations and the peace in the region and of course to preserve their own power.

What’s interesting that Russia under Putin and Iran under theocracy in last 15 years moved into more the direction of soviet style social-democratic organization of the society focusing more on the needs of the people than the profit or greed, and hence becoming a target of a globalist aggression as a part ever changing axis of “evil” based western propaganda.

In wider political view if Assad fails, Middle East brewing soup will definitely explode and likely will blow up Israel and its people to kingdom come together with the whole region if they do not get restrain themselves and begin promoting peace in the region instead of sheepishly following suicidal policies of the Tel-Aviv regime and Washigton D.C. neocons.

Ironically, if Israel cease to exists it would be another country, founded on soviet style political and economic system of government run Kibbutzes in 1948, that would become, probably unintended, casualty of the US choreographed Arab spring adventure.



Kurds have been fighting NUSRA and other Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq for over 4 years and ISIS itself for over a year now suffering huge casualties. So why now they are being bombed in Iraq and attacked in Syria and Turkey. That may be related to an increase of support to Kurdish fighters in different formations of Peshmerga by US, Iraq and PKK military arm by Armenia and Lebanon and others.


Turkey probably believes that ISIS the US creation, armed


Syrian war, while almost disappeared from MSM except for ISIS coverage is continuing as violently as before. Below you find a clip from an outstanding coverage of Syrian war for last several years by ANNA NEWS an Abhazian News Agency, completely ignored by western media. The news coverage provided by outstanding journalists and videographers that pioneered GoPro camera installation on tanks and APCs to directly cover the battlefield.

This clip (55 minutes of direct military combat) is about recent progress of Syrian army fighting Al Nusra islamists in University and high tech industry suburb of Damaskus, Syria or what’s left of it a battle that already lasts over two years.

10 thoughts on “SYRIAN WAR UPDATE

  1. In the holy name of the Almighty God! — These creatures parading as human, cannot even be compared to animals, as it would be an insult to the animal kingdom! They are indescribable monsters as from Dante’s Hell — rabid insane soulless monsters!! Can only say, that today the Greater World, the REAL World’s eyes, hearts and minds have opened and it is this wonderful change — which is sweeping away all religious, racial and other superficial barriers, we allowed to divide us from our common shared humanity! But now, faced by a mad foe, daily more united in defeating this monster created by a mindless evil of debauched western psychopaths — at last there is hope for humankind. There is nothing in all of Creation which can defeat Divine Truth — God never fails the honest and righteous! Courage Syria and to the Bear fighting at your side! You are in our prayers moment to moment….


  2. Although I couldn’t understand the video of Andrey Filatov, the message is clear… You are brave and indomitable warriors — everyone. I watched the short documentary — “Syria War, A ”different” documentary by Russia 24(English Subtitles)” and it brought home to me, the hell you guys have been living since even before 2011! The pendulum is swinging and will return to balance and your courage, the horrific pain you have suffered, will not be for naught. Have courage dear brothers and sisters! You will win through and your Syria will again become the country of peace and beauty you always enjoyed so much. Soon the song of birds again you will hear, not the unspeakably vicious death delivering sounds of war. God bless you all — incessant prayers are with you from all four corners of the world.


  3. Real Reason for ISIS and the war against Assad——————


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