The US oligarchs and their political puppets have printed themselves so much money that now they are willing to share, if you betray your convictions, sell out, depreciate yourself or prostitute your beliefs or rational thought and vote for them no matter who they are. The practice of buying votes was wide spread in the US run banana republics, borrowed from the world of retail industry, enticing you with a win of a lottery with a purchase vote, replacing this otherwise boring and meaningless exercise with a Las Vegas style horse candidate betting.If you vote you may even return to middle class life if you win, quintessence of a casino nation run by  political mafia.

From “THE SLOW DEMISE OF HOPE TRADERS. To Vote or Not to Vote that’s the Real Question for Most of us in 2016 .

The act of voting in the current political system is nothing but morally corrupting tool that extorts from us an approval for the meaningless political puppets of the calcified regime, in a surrealistic act of utter futility aimed just to break us down, to break our sense of dignity, our individual will and self-determination since no true choice is ever being offered to us.

Only boycott has any political expression or weight in this corrupt system. Let them get “elected” by 10% of population making so “elected” government illegitimate without shred of popular support and then will rightly demand their departure from the political realm.

That’s right they are afraid of open boycott, the only tangible and peaceful form of protest left to all of us.

And here is the proof of “voting act” buying in Philadelphia:



If any of those so-called candidates including those of small parties were for real and cared about America they would debate the critical issues below:

He/she would advocate the end of the FED and their oligarch’s serving policies to the detriment working Americans.

He/she would advocate the removal all the money from politics and replacing it with YT campaign and small equal, aprori disclosed campaign amount to cover the expenses via public finding, say 1 million $ each candidate that’s all otherwise you are out, and no private money even your own allowed. No flying across US in private jets, only Amtrak.

He/she would advocate the reduction of the campaign to two months since no fund-raising would be needed, the time would be sufficient to present one’s platform and debate it over the net.

He/she would advocate the change of the election law (constitutional amendment) and allow for single registration of a candidate in given state to be valid everywhere, reform similar to banking system reform where they allowed cross state banking institutions in early 1990-ties.

He/she would ask all H1B workers out since tens of thousands engineers, nurses, doctors, college teachers, University professors are jobless.

He/she would put big trade tariffs on the sales in the US from companies that outsource good American jobs like Apple, MS, Goggle, FB etc., GE, Automakers, Boeing etc., as well as Chinese manufacturers, he would prohibit all local and state and federal government to outsource any jobs whatsoever.

He/she would reject NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP,TTIP WTO and any other American job stealing incentives or BS that is on the books by refusing to enforce it.

He/she would close all the US military bases in the world especially in Europe and let the others negotiate the peace with each other or fight is off without US money or support.

He/she would make the theocratic state of Israel pay for their military and end special privileges for its economy and force them to arrange for peace with neighbors even under political conditions like in Lebanon or let them came back to their communist roots of 1948.

If he/she was for real he/she would advocate the increase capital gains tax, close HF billionaires’ , and offshore companies tax loopholes and completely eliminate the income tax on wages, no more W2s for US legal residents. Change tax avoidance or offshoring the corporate profits into criminal tax evasion and shut down those consultants in crime like Arthur Anderson was and the rest of them.

He/she would advocate setting up a minimum wage tied to a local standard of living and maximum wage limits tied to the minimum wage with associated correcting local credit and/or additional tax for employers and corporations.

He/she would advocate for universal basic income as a guarantor of economic and political stability.

He/she would advocate a free universal healthcare, no deductibles or co-payments, a version of medicare combined with restoring of old, high quality county and city public hospital system including drug free community based psychiatric help institutions for those who are recovering from  wars and injuries suffered just by struggling to survive within the society destroyed by the unfettered capitalism. All paid by taxing of big pharma, abolishing of private health insurers and transforming medical professionals into service officers called for a patriotic duty to support vital national interest of American heath, instead of becoming profit hungry monsters unphased by people’s suffering.

If he/she was for real, he/she would advocate the deflation of stock/bond bubbles by instituting substantial transaction tax, ban all derivatives including options and futures, a cesspool of raw speculation, prohibit buybacks and accounting tricks/fraud and go after the inside traders including US congress, HFT schemes and rich speculators. And advocate for the overall diminishing of the importance and relevance of the markets in the national economic policies and peoples lives.

He/she would advocate a long-term, organized US sovereign debt default program to relieve  public budgets from a burden of interest payments and to stimulate economy by increasing social spending and social investment instead of  extending and pretending to pay the unplayable debts to world oligarchs.

He/she would go after monopolists like GE types, Media conglomerates, automakers, Oracles from BH, Walmart, Big Pharma, and telecoms, and the Silicon Valley HF funded parasites who burn billions $ US taxpayer subsidies for their private toys as well as all TBTF banksters who should be served with antitrust lawsuits and RICO statue to break them down and put executives in jail as a matter of national emergency.

He/she would call for the arrest and prosecution of all TBTF banksters and impose one-off 100% tax on new JPM and GS, TBTF’s billionaires and other thieving HF billionaires that made any money since at least 2007.

He/she would advocate a tax for income of registered foreigners, (non-US citizen, non-permanent residents willing to work) who are family members of US legal residents and deporting 100% of those who did not register.

He/she would advocate unconditional abolition of the entire student debt, the complete removal of for profit institutions for educational system and seizing their assets, complete removal of the corporate sponsored investment and research from the academia. And restore public funding to the universities, tuition and fees free for all the US residents and extending of student social support.

Develop unified American, 21 century curriculum of education and align it with the long-term economic plans and priorities so there will be jobs for newly educated youth in the future. Impose all American higher education credential system based on the one current existing within US government or similar and drop the calcified “old boys club” selection procedures dominated by so-called Ivy league universities regardless of they appalling level of professional and civic education.

Overhaul recalcitrant local public education institutions including governing bodies by making them volunteer based and reduce 90% of the school administration while increasing funding for classrooms and social support for students after school as well as allowing all those who are qualified to teach and not just hermetic, often unqualified, medieval like guild membership hiding behind state political lobby.

And more and more..

There are important debatable issues that simplistic and populist current, even out of mainstream presidential candidate’s paper personas would not even touch with 10 foot pole in his/her pretend, bite and switch pseudo-campaign conducted exactly like the rest of spoiled good, political puppets  or dynastic offshoots on the stage. The only discerning difference among the so-called candidates is their ability or inability to gather together thousands desperate paper strong followers to cheer his/her incoherent utterances as in the new episode of the American Idol, a superman or superwoman, who would save them, and that exactly what their campaign is so far all about.

We do not need alternative candidates. We need an alternative system.



To Vote or Not to Vote that’s the Real Question for Most of us in 2016 .

Gullibility of most of my fellow Americans never ceases to amaze me. For example, most of those who seem to support Trump are just expressing their disgust for a meaningless political puppet show what the so-called campaign really is all about. It applies to Sanders sympathizers as well. It is indirect protest against absurd choice between Clinton 2.0 and Bush 3.0 that will be forced on all of us one way or another.

Trump lunatic himself lent his name to “none of the above lunatics” choice. If he steps out of the line at critical moment, he will be crushed by fellow oligarchs such as Koch Bros and the MSM having so big personal baggage, easy to attack. That’s why you will not see Trump attacking FED, banksters or Israel or MIC since multitude of his enemies have a mountain of dirt against him to bury him in it. Trump as well as Sanders will have two choices at some point: to be kick out of the race or to fold into partisan lines which they could and would easily do.

Whether they know it or not they both play a part in another political ploy, the phony candidates who “hate” the establishment that brought them to prominence and undeserved wealth or just candidates portraying themselves as lesser evil who will save us and will leads us to the Promised Land, a pledge to be broken as soon as we cast our votes like the sheep.

How many times may we believe in the same political trickery devoid of any merit before we are declared insane or retarded?

The problem is that those who (obviously secretly??? not) vote in the so-called elections see in it for themselves, however unreal or misguided, personal economic, political, professional or just emotional benefit or a way of avoidance of however delusionally feared wrath of the power even in the family dimension, no matter the consequence to others, seen not as fellow citizens but as strangers who have to take care of themselves.

The act of voting in the current political system is nothing but morally corrupting tool that extorts from us an approval for the meaningless political puppets of the calcified regime, in a surrealistic act of utter futility aimed just to break us down, to break our sense of dignity, our individual will and self-determination since no true choice is ever being offered to us.

Only boycott has any political expression or weight in this corrupt system. Let them get “elected” by 10% of population making so “elected” government illegitimate without shred of popular support and then will rightly demand their departure from the political realm.

Neither DemRep political puppets, Trump nor well-mannered Greens won’t make any difference if they run or not.

Whole establishment must go!!!.

Let’s not prostitute our vote no more!!!

Let’s not be corrupted this time around. 

Enough is enough!!!

As Stalin once said. It is not important who’s being elected or
who votes for who. What matters is who is counting the votes (Bush-Gore 2000,Bush-Kerry 2004).

We should be counting our votes if we want to win.

We should be able to easily and cheaply conduct ALTERNATIVE digital election for alternative programs and alternative candidates who never ran for office before and are unaffiliated with government or any political formation and who would be bound and committed to execute those political programs that can truly represent our political aspiration as a nation.

Digital Elections, followed all web, practically no cost campaign on YT or elsewhere, protected via secure block chain technology guaranteeing accuracy of the results since everyone would be able to check online whether his/her vote was counted up.

That could follow with  US Cyber officials, elected in such a way could set up something like American CyberHouse of Peoples Representatives, a shadow government similar to UK,  and first aimed to prepare a referendum on new constitution that would completely remove corporations and  1% of richest people from political process (no voting, no candidacy, no money or lobbying at all) exactly as  99% are excluded now. Such a shadow, “CyberAmerican” government, following British example, could comment and issue policy statements and monitor the official US governmental activities in coordinated manner instead of via incoherent groups of activists as it is now. Such kind of shadow CyberGovernment could take up among others, educational, political, economical, social and law enforcement issues and set up courts or CyberCivic-institutions to resolve them in eyes of public opinion within perogatives of its authority.

Whether or not it would go that far at minimum it could be November 2016 media event where Americans can voice they vision of America instead of sheeple fest in MSM and could influence official voting pattern as well.

The only choice we have today is absolute boycott of elections as 150 millions of true American patriots are already doing and election after election vastly outnumbering electoral zombies of the American Oligarch Party in their inhumane march into poling/feeding stations to get their rotten meat of illusory safety of known unknowns and in the process to validate murder and mayhem done in our names.

For those who still think they can organize and win “their” official election. Here is a gem.

The fallacy of this sort of democracy is nowhere better illustrated than in case of Italy where for over 30 years after WWII Italian communist party alone or communist/socialist coalition WON EVERY SINGLE NATIONAL ELECTION and was NEVER DESIGNATED BY THE PRESIDENT OF ITALIAN REPUBLIC TO FORM A GOVERNMENT  resulting in continuous political and economic crises and 39 minority governments all under watchful eye of American protectors of democracy and US navy.

There is no sense of denying it, we’re dealing here with autocratic system disguised as democratic chaos, fake uncertainty or illusion of chance and propaganda of opportunity for all with no even sliver of a chance for any change we could believe in.

We need to remember that, according to principle of current electoral system, when we go to polls and sign in our name on the list of voters we tacitly agreed to approve and recognize candidates that officially are declared “winners”, no matter how dangerous to our country or our livelihood they are or how much we hate their guts, making us complicit in the crimes committed by such originated government in our names. That’s their insidious game of dirtying our hands.

Idea of political boycott and alternative political process is the only viable idea to express our political views that are absent from official candidates’ agendas and from the ballots. Let’s not be afraid, it was already successfully done in the past. It works.

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