RISE OF SOCIAL MACHINES: A Postscript on the Matrix of Control. Part Two.

The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots [machines].

Erich Fromm [1900-1980].

Future is already here.


The Matrix of Control (MOC) essay was posted on this blog in summer 2015 as a logical continuation of most of my previous essays that were dealing with false notions of social reality hidden under lies, deception and innuendoes, fantastic constructs of unbelievability, concealed behind fog of unreason furthered by Rousseauesque romanticism of totalitarian chaos, a fake notion of new existential determinism of our life paths.

But there is no existential determinism in our lives, at least not the way we think there is, but different individualized reality covered up by massive programmatic obfuscation of what we are led to believe about society we live in.

The Postscript on the Matrix of Control, Part Two, [the Postscript] attempts to ask an intriguing question of how and why last ten thousands years of human social development along so-called “civilizational” path chosen by ruling elites [as I posited in the Postscript, Part One] resulted in such a hyper abstraction of society itself.

This abstraction seemingly detaches or loosens a human society from physical bounds of reality of natural environment or even unties us from reality of fundamental human connections, and creates multi-layered illusions of social reality in which we dwell.

Moreover, in addition to devouring life-sustaining ecosystem and natural resources, social abstraction dehumanizes us into a kind of “machinic society of control and subordination” to the “virtues” of human and environmental destruction in a process that could be called a “Rise of Social Machines”.

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