It’s been sometime since Ukraine was in and out of world headline and what’s more ominous, it is all in the context of global confrontation between two largest nuclear powers in the world. Some may say: what do we care we have our problems here in the USA. May be, but glancing at historic precedence, it does not look good. Soon some young jobless US enlisted grunts may start dying there while not having slightest idea what this desperate land is all about. We heard this before in so many ways. But this time, as Commander-in-Chief would put it some folks (millions) may be dying in the US too. And meanwhile WWIII preparations are ongoing and MSM does what it does best, producing silence and pointless chatter.

When Americans went to polls in November 1916 all were joined by political class in total opposition to entering the war in Europe. Six months later, American soldiers, (jobless, poor, desperate) who never cross county line in their lives, were dying in muddy fields of far away France de facto, defending Europe’s disintegrating aristocratic class and global banking system. Nobody would have predicted it !!!!! Except for ruling elite, who solely for purpose of financing upcoming war, in December 23,1913 created  Federal Reserve Banking System, eight months before commencement of WWI in August 1914. There is more. When in September 1st, 1939 nazi Germany invaded Poland and WWII began, except for few sensational reports from the front, Hitler aggression was met in Washington with a yawn. Department of State calmly asserted that it’s just nothing, correctly stating that it will be over in few weeks and that US will stay away from this mess, as a peace-loving nation. In 26 months US soldiers were dying in Pearl Harbor. The same story of non engagement or staying away from trouble got US into trouble in Korea by intervening into Korean revolution and Vietnam where it started from few US advisers to advise French how to restore their colonial rule in Vietnam Cambodia, Laos etc. all allies of US in WWII against Japan. Soon after that body bags started coming home in thousands. Should I go on? I think I made my point that when brutal machine of war it turned on there is no stopping it.

So let’s see, about what this next American war will be. We hear about Ukraine, about Crimea and about Russia and their aggression in Donbas and annexation of parts of sovereign country of Ukraine. But before we are sent to die for it, let’s examine closely what Ukraine actually is.

Ukraine is a state that has been established for a first time in 1992-1993 as a result of disorderly collapse of Soviet Union of Socialistic Republics (USSR). One of republics of USSR was Soviet Socialistic Republic of Ukraine (SSRU) which borders changed several times since its establishment in 1920-ties, including annexation of Crimea from Russia in 1954 under the unilateral decree from Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. The SSRU never have separate identity from Soviet Union within area of international law and conducting sovereign foreign policies despite being granted separate membership in UN (also Belarus SSR was granted the status but Baltic and other republics did not). Only western boundaries of SSRU approached internationally recognized borders of Soviet Union. What’s worth to note is that so-called western Ukrainian border zone was administered militarily directly from Moscow since it was heavily militarized area. The other internal borders of Ukrainian SSR with Russian SSR and Belarus SSR, Moldova SSR were arbitrarily set by Moscow as internal administrative lines often changed by administrative decrees never by referenda. In the Soviet Union there was not much difference between Russian SSR and Ukrainian SSR as far as laws and everyday living including jobs, schools, officially promoted culture therefore Soviet leadership did not really pay any attention to internal administrative borders especially since they adopted program of complete integration, “sovietization”, and absolute unity within soviet realm. The purely administrative northern and eastern boundaries, which have never been (nor could have been) internationally recognized before 1991 do not reflect any national, ethnic, cultural, political, language divisions existing throughout Ukrainian SSR which population was and is now inhomogeneous due to unique historical processes.

These historical processes mentioned above occurring within Ukraine resulted in situation that significant national/ethnic groups such as Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Russians, Jews, Tatars etc. settled in the borderline area called Ukraine throughout centuries.

Careful reader would think that I must have omitted Ukrainians from the list of national/ethnic groups settled in the borderline area but it is not so. If Ukrainians were not among settlers and there were only few native inhabitants of Ukraine borderline areas so how Ukrainians came to be?

Let’s get back little over thousand years, when medieval states were being established in Europe, a division line (or rather border area) between eastern and Western Europe was forming along mostly religious lines of Western Roman Christianity (Roman Catholic) and Eastern Byzantine Christianity (Eastern Orthodox). The word “Ukraine” was used back then as referring to vast borderlands between Kingdom of Poland and Kingdom of Hungary on western side of borderland and Mongols, Tatars and later Kiev Russia and Muscovite Russia on the eastern side of borderland. The borderline area of Ukraine was a place resembling no-mans land. Due to continuing conflicts between east and west taking place, Ukraine borderline area was changing hands and rarely was under strict control of either side for prolonged periods of time.

Originally Ukraine area was populated very sparsely mostly due to lack of secured settlement sites within natural topography. The land of “steppes” as it was called was easily exposed to military raids from either side during summer time with no significant natural barriers such as mountains or dense forests for protection. Longer periods during which Ukraine was being dominated and controlled by one side or another brought waves of settlers from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia and others such as Jews and Tatars etc. claiming the land awarded by respective governments but mainly attracted by excellent soil and “free” trading opportunities. These national/ethnic groups, formed what contemporaries would call Ukrainian, inhabitant of borderland with loyalties either undeclared or varying by nationality/ethnicity/religion. These Ukrainians mostly preserved language of their origin sometimes with modifications reflecting local specifics. Generally Ukraine was referred to as land of lawlessness or changing loyalties to whoever (west or east) was in stronger military position at given time which often lead to local conflicts.

There was also small political component of the Ukraine population namely political refugees from east as well from west. To simply state these refugees were anti-Russian Russians, anti-Polish Poles, anti-Hungarian Hungarians etc. or refugees fleeing any kind of persecutions.

Perhaps, descendants of these small groups of warring “ anti” people may have centuries later provided foundation for Ukrainian strive for independence represented by modern Ukrainian nationalism instigated and developed by Austro-Hungarian imperial secret services in late XIX century in order to breed political conflicts among ethnic minorities and having only marginal support among Greek Catholics in small region of Galicia, north-eastern part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, about 20% of current territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalism is a strange political creature and has no broad support among Ukrainian people because of their social affinity, language and cultural ties to eastern neighbor.

In summary there are practically no ethnic/native Ukrainians in Ukraine now and never been any. Virtually all Ukrainians are settlers or refugees from neighboring countries including mostly from Russia. Idea of pure Ukrainian and/or slogans such as Ukraine for Ukrainians, that lay foundation for Ukrainian fascism/nationalism as defined by D. Doncow, is nothing but utter nonsense and serves only as brutal and ruthless tool employed to defeat and destroy any moderate political opponents in a way not dissimilar to Nazi tactics.

In view of these facts one may clearly see that the strive we are witnessing in Ukraine is an internal struggle between mostly ethnic Russians on both sides divided along the lines of west-instigated religious affiliations and political divisions in the country where no boundaries have been settled through treaties and peace agreements*. In this situation we cannot even talk about territorial integrity of Ukraine or Russia because those issues were never settled. Hence, there could be no talk about annexations especially in context of extra-constitutional means Kiev fascist regime came to power and therefore, does not represent whole population of Ukraine at all.

It is a civil war fueled by western and local oligarch strategic interest to disassociate Ukraine from centuries old bonds with Russia. It is similar to American civil war when brother fought against brother to defend wealth and power of American oligarchs. The results of the struggle of people of Ukraine will decide faith of Ukraine as an independent nation in Europe. This is their job alone. We should let Ukrainian people decide their future in peaceful, democratic ways if possible but never act to fuel conflict through escalation of tension between east and west and never allow even one American soldier to die for Ukraine, which is yet to be born. Unfortunately, it has already happened.

*Note that there is no binding border TREATY between Russia and Ukraine at this point. The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances (1994) was a political act related to nuclear proliferation and therefore not legally binding in terms of international law. Which means that it is in force as long as all parties of the agreement politically support it. Even threat of reintroducing nuclear weapons to Ukraine, which Kiev government already expressed would be enough for Russia to unilaterally remove her guaranties for territorial integrity of Ukraine.






  1. I hesitated to add this comment as a supplement to the my post. However, since already passed more than a year from tragic events of 2014 that led to emerging of first, after WWII, openly fascist Ukrainian state and as a consequence of it all out war in Eastern Ukraine, I decided to add some information about US direct involvement in the Ukrainian crisis and war crimes perpetrated there, actions that threaten geopolitical stability of the world.

    Despite willful ignorance of MSM, there is no secret that brutal war is raging in Eastern Ukraine region of Donbas as we speak despite many cease fire agreements and hence it is our duty not to forget war atrocities that were and are mostly committed by Ukrainian Army, US trained National Guard, US, UK run private contactors and openly Nazi para-military groups such as Right Sector, financed and independently controlled by Ukrainian oligarchs including Ukrainian president himself, spreading terror among Donbas population and beyond.

    What is most disturbing, but unfortunately has ample of historical examples, is fact of EU and US direct involvement and substantial control of inner workings of fascist Ukrainian government by high ranking EU and US officials including White House, DoS and CIA bought and paid for using Billions of US taxpayers’ dollars with no, oversight or accountability.

    From 2014 “appointment” of Ukrainian PM by Mrs. V. Nuland, as documented by leaked phone conversation, to insane push for economic austerity in the country already in the severe depression, under conditions of war, as championed by US corporate bosses and IMF, to manipulation of cabinet ministers in 2015.

    Below there is a document showing how US senator interferes with affairs of fascist Ukrainian government, instructs Ukrainian PM of so-called independent state about desirable personnel assignments to government positions, expressing his concerns and wholehearted support for the fascist regime.

    After horrifying events of last 12 months of the war there is a testament that was left by many thousands of dead and injured victims of this war, civilians, women and children and soldiers on both sides. It is a testament of absurdity and irrationality of any war, a testament of absolute imperative for peace in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, a testimony of hopelessness and helplessness of violence as a tool of resolving and settling anything at all.

    Here, as a testimony to the world, there is seven minutes of horrible truth about Donbas war and what US military/materiel support went for in eastern Ukraine. Every American should know this awful human truth, no need for translation.





    Story of Ukrainian War in Lugansk region [in Russian]; Also 21+

    Political developments that lead to MH17 tragedy and western lies about who was responsible. Must watch.


  2. Thanks Joe, your writing is brilliant, and shows great and deep understanding. I just wonder, though your English is very good, it seems you may not be a native speaker, in fact, maybe Russian, since you do not always put article “a” or “the” in front of some words. Russian, da?:) Anyway, I read your analysis of Japan and now of Ukraine, which appear to be highly factual and realistic. Not pretty, but as Morpheus said, ” I didn’t say it would be easy,…I only said it would be the truth.”


    • Thank you for your good words. I want readers to see my writing through their own lens of real life experience and individual moral values as an intimate confession of a human being to another.

      However, just to satisfy your curiosity: no I am not Russian and for most grammar issues I could conveniently blame deficiency of proofreading software but I won’t since they are mostly due to my chaotic creative writing process, endless revisions and absence of professional editor.


  3. What’s so sad about the war in Ukraine is that it was completely avoidable and has been caused almost entirely by the machinations of outside powers giving their support to ultra-nationalist forces who would never on their own and by democratic means have achieved power. Likewise, it’s prolongation has been due to those same supporters and their refusal to force Ukraine’s government to come to the negotiating table, which they could easily have done and can still. All those deaths have been unnecessary and more unnecessary deaths will occur as long as this conflict is prolonged.

    One hopes that the European Union will grow tired of being used by the neocons in the USA as puppets in the proxy war being waged between the Russia Federation and United States of America because when that happens this war will probably come to a speedy conclusion.


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